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IU and Corinne Bailey Rae will perform together!

British Singer/songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae will have ….

IU open her March 10th concert in AX Korea. The Grammy award nominee’s first performance in Korea was at the 2010 Jisan Valley Rock Festival. The March show will be Corinne’s first solo show. 17-year-old IU views the British star as her role model. She also stated the following about her upcoming performance:

“I’m happy and honored to be able to have the opportunity to stand next to her on stage at this concert, which is different from seeing her from the crowd as a fan”

What does Corinne think about IU?

“It’s incredible that her voice is so soulful even though she’s young…I definitely have to meet her myself.”

You can see this Korea meets England show at AX-Korea on March 10th at 8:30 p.m. More details can be found on the Interpark Website.

Source: The Korea Times


73 Comments on “IU and Corinne Bailey Rae will perform together!”

  1. dan says:


    do korean “singers” really think they can actually sing? 99% of them truly suck and have no skills whatsoever.

    • charlene says:

      and that 1% includes IU . I could bet on that.

    • Kim says:

      I would have to disagree. As an A. A. I find Korean singers to be closer to American style singer and they actually sing really well. I don’t know who you listen to but Fly to the Sky, Big Mama, TVXQ (the entire group), Kangta, Big Bang, Yoon MiRae (or T) and her husband Tiger JK, to name a few are just awesome! I find Japanese musicians ( as much as I like them) sing more off key and lack skills. But I still listen to them because it is different. Just listen to any Johnny’s boys or Ayumi Hamasaki or Morning Masume and you will see the difference.

      • BaiCai says:

        You’re an american, therefore your ear-canals are probably too full of fat and burger grease to hear anything.

        Besides Yoon MiRae is an american, so why do you use her as an example? In fact, so is Tiger JK, another american.

        Your examples are fail.

        • Kim says:

          Wow- very mature to call some one fat just because they give their opinion. I just said I disagreed. I didn’t attack the person who started this. You must be a pimply faced 12 yr old with no friends so all you do is post negative remarks on the computer.

          • BaiCai says:

            It’s okay, you probably live in an ethnic enclave in USA where you don’t see many non-asians. We forgive you.

            • Kim says:

              Again- your maturity impresses me to no end. You don’t have to be a certain race to enjoy music nor do you have to be a certain race to show ignorance. So to leave it at that, this is my last post. Have fun in your sad life making fun of other people who don’t think or look like you.

              • BaiCai says:

                It’s fine. I know how you all dislike white people.

              • blah says:

                Nope, just dislike xenophobic racist ones such as what YOU are making yourself out to be.

                As I said before, and will repeat again, because repetition is the ONLY thing that will get through that “uggles” head of yours:

                If it LOOKS likes a ROACH, walks like a ROACH, and smells like a ROACH.. it’s a ROACH… and YOU, my soggy little bai cai about to be imported to 10 Korean fisty farmers, are a ROACH. Get your own website, troll all your want with your anti-Korean anti-American anti-Anthing remarks, and stop wasting all of our time with your idiocy.

                • BaiCai says:

                  “hi, i’m a South Korean called Blah and because I’m South Korean I really really love USA, so much that I dislike anyone who doesn’t love USA as much as I do. I want to move to USA straight away, and i studied american english my whole life”

                  Why do you promote Korean culture when you think it’s so shyte and want to move to the states at the first opportunity?

              • ara says:

                Horraaayy to Kim!

  2. ouna says:

    you are very wrong koreans can sing and have many skills hitting the high notes its the west who need their vioces to be retouched by a machine to sound like they do.and it is pretty noisy. what a pitty to hear people who can’t sing try . some korean singers have great vioces .

    • charlene says:

      I’d say korean produces more good composers than singers ( i mean the real ones –
      with great voices) Let’s be realistic, the percentage is really low , 1 % is an exaggeration, i’d say 10 to 15 out of 100 korean singers are pretty decent. the remaining are purely cuteness, instrumentally backed-up , so-so-singer-cover-it-with-simple-dancce-steps, or just good-looking-trying-to-become-a-singer-but-should-be-a-model-with-promoters-who-just want-to-earn-money. Kinda-stuff.
      Western produces both. Try to check your data. google it and you’ll see the results.

      • BaiCai says:

        Look, if you can tell me one decent Korean singer, then I’ll laugh. Because there was another thread with some ‘wondergirl’ trying to sing a song and it was abysmal. She was off key and her english was appalling, however the lobotomised indovietpinaymalay masses were all saying how incredible she was….

        I’m guessing you’re incapable of coming up with a single name without it being utter utter nonsense.

        • noi says:

          try to listen k-indie artists, they’re pretty good. i don’t know why, even in my country, the indie songs sound much more refreshing. apart from my biased view, i also thought that the idol’s vocals are plain, wrecked in some parts. the songs are nice, but lacking creativity these days.

          but honestly, “worshiping” k-pop idols is so much fun, and i guess i’d stick with this “worshiping” for a while before moving on with another trend (i previously stick with j-rock trend before gradually lost interest in it :p). haha.

          • lay says:

            woot … i used to listen to j-rock too before i knew k-pop. still do but only those ‘old’ bands like Luna Sea (which is my favourite), X Japan, Pierrot, The Yellow Monkey etc.

        • dkim says:

          Brown eyed soul (Naul), Kim bum soo, Park hyo shin, Big Mama, Horan, Monday kiz, Sweet sorrow, Lee eun mi,… just to name a few…
          Look sir, I used go to Berklee college of music as a vocal principal… and I can tell you that there are more than enough amazing singers in Korea. I dunno what you do for a living that makes you so damn sure you know anything about music in the first place… but I’m sure my credentials surpasses yours…

          • BaiCai says:

            Never heard of it. Is it some shytty private college in USA where fatties take american government soma-du-jour and try to learn something musical through a prosaic haze and end up just jibbering about ‘rediscovering yellow’.

            I doubt your credentials surpass mine, because you probably bought a degree from some online place in USA, as compared to myself who didn’t even study in the states.

            The fact is, Koreans don’t have musical talent.

          • blah says:

            @dkim – You’re credentials far surpass BaiCai. He’s a prissy-footed horsey mouthed Brit with a psychotic need to prove he’s got a bigger Sausage / Bratwurst than Americans, but really all he ends up doing is making a total ass of himself with his ignorance. He also does not know a thing about Korean culture, and plays this off by acting the culture leech to anything anti-Korean. That’s how he rediscovered HIS yellow. Oh, and it’s hilarious watching him try to talk “American”, all the while harping on about how wretched everything is that’s even remotely part of “fat-land”. This guy needs serious help, so just do what I do and let him rant and rave all he wants until you’ve reached your sick quota, and then rip him apart and enjoy watching him get all manic as he tries to write what passes for an intelligent retort spouting racist, xenophobic anti-Korea / anti-American one-liners. He’s my personal clown, but I’ll share him with you if you need a laugh! 🙂

        • charlene says:

          here’s the thing. singers are at their best based on their own genre.
          the quality of the voice and how the singer expresses what the song
          conveys , that’s what makes a piece perfect. Of course , on their own
          native tongue, otherwise , fluency makes a difference in the performance
          try to listen Kim bum soo ,k. will , youha or IU ( to name
          a few). i’ve encountered few more decent korean artists. korean
          names are just not that easy to remember, same with the spelling

          I don’t know what genre you appreciate more. I asked because
          if you’re into a specific type, you might get bias to certain artist.
          it affects the appreciation.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Hanguk News, Kristy. Kristy said: IU and Corinne Bailey Rae will perform together! […]

  4. BaiCai says:

    Well Koreans don’t even know where Britainland is. They think it’s some casino in Vegas..

    … besides they won’t understand what Corinne is saying, because she doesn’t even speak american gangland english like Koreans do.

    Forget the talent in Korea, they don’t have any.

    • truesay says:

      Oh my god, you are hilarious. BalCal you are my hero!!!

      • BaiCai says:

        I’m just like the magical sitar from the moulin rouge.

        • ara says:

          “sitar” ?

          • BaiCai says:

            It’s an instrument from a place outside of the USA. You might read about it in a book, if you can read, or know what a book is.

            • ara says:

              you really meant it as a “sitar” ? whoa.. i never knew moulin rouge has a sitar before… all i know is that they have a star….

              there must’ve been many improvements is burlesque industry…

              could you explain to me what a sitar shape like? does it a string instruments… or brass instruments.. or wooden … because you’re kind of right. i don’t know what a book is…. *sigh*

      • Qsn says:

        I dont think BaiCai is funny
        I think he is a piece of shit
        Actually, a ton of shit

    • blah says:

      Korea has talent, you just wouldn’t be able to recognize it since you lack anything that passes for a brain in that massive space between your ears. And magical sitar? HA, only in your delusional world, my soggy little bai cai… where your sausage … or is it Bratwurst? is bigger than any body else’s!

      For someone who doesn’t know any Koreans, who’ve never spoken to any Korean, and who’s never actually visited Korea, you are really willing to make a complete ass of yourself with all of your racist generalizations and failed attempts at humour.

      • BaiCai says:

        They’re not racist or generalisations. They’re just observations, I don’t make Koreans go out and have plastic surgery, but I do observe that they have been and had it.

        Blah, haven’t you moved to USA yet? You’re korean and it’s about that time that you move there.

      • blah says:

        hey, I never said Koreans don’t get plastic surgery… they do, and so do the Japanese, and Chinese, and SE Asians, and Europeans, and Americans, etc… I just don’t see the point in YOU pointing out something that’s a seemingly pervasive obsession in just about every major country outside of Korea.

        As for moving to the USA, trust me I’m tempted but there are way too many Brits living there…. If they are anything like you, I’d probably end up shooting myself (in true American style). And that would be horrible since it would leave you free to rants and rave to your heart’s content, and we can’t have that, now can we!

        • BaiCai says:

          Well, considering we did invent the USA, I’m kind of surprised there are so few of us of us there.

          FYI. We invented HK too… we didn’t invent Geomundo, because we got bored of the locals and left.

        • blah says:

          and I should care about this because? Good for the Brits for not raping yet another Asian country, and thank God for the Koreans locals that they didn’t have to chance the encounter with a Brit who is just like you! That would have been truly and terrifyingly mind-numbingly horrible.

          • BaiCai says:

            Better than with the USA who currently run Taiwan and South Korea, after totally raping the Phils, Viet, Indo. The americans only let you have democracy in the late 90s if I’m correct.

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Never heard of Corinne Bailey Rae….

    i actually like IU, she has a very soft, young voice.
    But then when she sings the high notes, she seems like her voice is going to crack, but her voice actually doesn’t crack…

    • BaiCai says:

      Of course you’ve never heard of her. You’re an American who spends every waking hour trying to be Korean, so you’d never have the opportunity to learn.

      Do you never think all you’re going to so is alienate yourself totally from the central part of the USA tribe leading to hardships in later life?

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        That Corinne Bailey Rae person is British, so i wouldn’t know her
        I mean, i do know famous american artists, but not all of them

        and i don’t try, because i’m already korean.

        • BaiCai says:

          Most normal Americans would know her, seems even real Koreans know of her.

          Seems you just reject everything American and don’t want to be from USA. Being an American disgusts you. It’s pretty tragic as the result is predictable… pseudo-cultural isolation.

    • noi says:

      you never? but she’s pretty famous… you might know her song, “put your records on”. the one the chipmunks remake. hehe.

      ah. so she’s british. i thought she was a “different” american singer this whole time.

      • ara says:

        that last statement is really funny. seriously, thanks.

      • BaiCai says:

        Britainland is outside of your sphere of knowledge, so I understand your ignorance.

        I’m surprised you were even able to spell British, to be honest.

        • blah says:

          Wow, I’m surprised YOU know how to spell ignorance… MORE surprised at the fact that YOU of all weiners would dare to call somebody ELSE ignorant!

          • BaiCai says:

            Are you in VANK? You sound like one of those VANK imbeciles who the South Korean government pays to go around the internet bullying people into thinking Korea matters.

          • blah says:

            nope, just going around the internet making sure YOU aren’t bullying others and forcing YOUR nasty soggy little bai cai self down people’s throats…

            • BaiCai says:

              Definitely in VANK. Are you a Korean Farmer looking to Import an S.E. Asian bride who thinks you’re just like in the dramas?

            • blah says:

              nope, but I’d love to import YOU and toss you to a bunch of fisty Korean farmers who’d love to show you a thing or two about how fisty a Korean farmer can get with a prissy-footed horsey mouthed Brit.. 🙂 Open wide my soggy little Bai Cai…

              • BaiCai says:

                I’m sure they get all the practise they need from beating up their filipina brides, don’t worry about that. They don’t need more practise with me.

  6. dk says:

    I agree with people.most koreans do not have the talent.there are very few.most singers in the past such as shin seung hoon, lee seung chul, etc and more in the past truly do have the capability.most singers these days are achievers through looks..basically all the idols except few.I’m sure most,if any, everyone will agree on this one

    • BaiCai says:


    • blah says:

      dk – sadly, I’d have to agree with you about the K-pop scene… we need to broaden the genre to include all of the many talented Korean singers who aren’t currently mainstream b/c of lack in the “visuals” department.

      • BaiCai says:

        No, you need to fabricate lots of groups made up of plastic surgery victims, send them to the USA to train with some ghetto-fab american with yellow fever who wants to ‘tap-that’ under the applause of the entire country of the Philippines who worship them as gods. Then when they fail in USA because they’re talentless, explain it all away by saying they had a cold or ‘they were ill’.

        That’s what you should do, but make sure you do it again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, ad nauseum.

      • blah says:

        Bai cai, you really are quite a soggy little pak choi aren’t you! I can see your mania running away with you, and trust me, you sound VERY pathetic. If you want to respond to me, write coherently.

        Also, you’re incapable of making any kind of objective observation about Korean entertainment because…. well, you don’t know ANYTHING about it apart from what you scavenge on the internet. Oh, and also because you live in a delusional little world where your “American” is just as gang-land ghetto as the best of them, and you’ve actually got more than 1 brain cell in that empty space between your ears.

        • BaiCai says:

          You tell me one place in USA which isn’t gang-land ghetto, or some kind of ethnic gated community and I’ll show you a unicorn.

        • blah says:

          sorry, but your unicorns only exist in your delusional world, a rather pathetic xenophobic racist one of which I don’t want any part.

          Also, of what point would it be to point out any kind of location within the USA that truly reflects its melting pot status of heterogeneous cultures? You’ve obviously never been, so it would be like trying to describe the moon to a blind man. But go on thinking what you want about America, it’s your right to make a complete ASS of yourself if you want to with your ethnic stereotypes of anything and everything that resides outside of your teeny tiny weeny sphere of influence.

          • BaiCai says:

            USA isn’t a melting pot, unless it’s a melting pot full of rocks. Multiculturalism in the USA involves everyone living in ghettos and having running battles with anyone outside their perceived race.

            Sorry for offending your dream of you american owners though, as a south korean that must really offend you and defend them, as you’re doing now.

  7. ara says:

    if Corinne Rae really thinks the way she say it (instead of just being polite), then good luck for both. Won’t say i’m looking forward for it. But if Rae is in, then it must be something worth to listen to.

  8. ryn says:

    really, i think iu is one of those who can sing better from korea.

    and idols are idols – most can sing (like normal people) but not very outstanding. to me, 90% of the kpop artists are about good looks plus some skills, thats all. recently (or not very recently too), they are meant not to be great singers, just something like performers so that the entertainment companies can earn money from those fans who think that they are gods.

    as for real singers or idols who really can sing, well, they sing. though they may be not as good as the “overseas” or “american/european singers”. i do agree that they have more talent than the korean singers do, though.

    personally, i like both, since kpop is supposed to be performings and the voice from singers like corinne rae is very refreshing.

  9. arya says:

    IU is really a good singer… she has a beautiful voice and she’s really cute… i really want have a sister like her.. hehehe =P

  10. eatyourkimchi says:

    I can’t imagine what this is going to turn out like. Hmm…

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