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Kim Hyun Joong’s album is closer than expected

Leader of SS501 and ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ actor, Kim Hyun-joong may be releasing his solo album as soon as May!

According to the actor’s agency, Kim Hyun-joong has selected songs for his album and we can expect a variety of different styles from ballads to pop songs.

Kim Hyun-joong will be the fourth member of SS501 to be a solo singer. Are you looking forward to his solo album?


28 Comments on “Kim Hyun Joong’s album is closer than expected”

  1. k-popfollower says:

    Yeah I guess…. But I still miss SS501 😦

  2. Yuyu says:

    Cool! Can’t wait

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    that pic of KHJ is hot…. omg…

  4. ara says:

    don’t know. but sure the picture is good. looks like a candid shot, but perfectly planned.

  5. GLAMOROUS SKY says:

    cant wait for Kim Hyun Joong~~~

  6. I’m really excited on his new upcoming album, hope I can buy here in the Phils., I miss HyunJoong so much its been 2 months since PK, finally his back again, keep on fighting Oppa we will always here to support you, good luck on your 1st album as solo, I know it will break a leg around Asia and the world, saranghae….xoxo!!!

    • BaiCai says:

      If you’re in the Phils, you’ll probably spend all your education money on his music.. and then your family will sit around telling you to go looking for a K-farmer to marry.

      Enjoy, and keep up the learning to speak korean.

      • olive pelagio says:

        He’s popular here in the Phils. after BOF….. I love Kim Hyun Joong! He’s sooooo cute especially his adorable smile! I hope they include Phils. when he launch his solo album soon…can’t wait to grab my own copy!

  7. daracanela says:

    This is the only album I’m really looking foward to hear!, Can’t wait for it to be release so exited!!!

  8. Khjfanatic says:

    Yehey, looking forward to his solo album. I hope he plays his guitar while his singing. Or either play the piano while singing that would be cool

  9. Kasey says:

    Hell yeah, what kind of question is that, we have been waiting for far to long. Love him.. He looks great..Can’t wait for it to come out…

  10. Definitely Min's says:

    Can’t wait till the album is released ^^!!!!!!!!! Love ya as always Leader ah!!! May is the good time to release an album ^^especcially May 1st ,right???
    For sure his album will be a Big Hit^^ Ur dance steps are charismatic and cool ,too!!!

  11. jin says:

    can’t wait

  12. grace says:

    Leader, we’re looking forward to it
    But I want to say that we, Triple S, prefer SS501’s album more than Solo’s..
    But yeah at least solo albums can be a little fulfilled of our Missing Feeling of SS501 😦

  13. crazyMAL says:

    Yeah Leader’ cant wait for you upcoming album. But ne, they’re right we prefer more than your solo albums instead we’re looking for your group album and also your comeback. We really really miss you SS501~ oppas’ ❤ jeungmal saranghae ❤ hope there's new another project for khj to ease our eagerness. It would really be good if we'll see each of them on drama just for this time ~! ❤ ❤ ❤

  14. atweeg says:

    Just can’t wait for Kim Hyun Joong’s solo album, the one and only artist I like!!!

  15. samjoong501 says:

    yeah….fighting leader hyun joong oppa

  16. […] Kim Hyun-joong might be the fourth member of SS501 to be a solo singer. Are you searching forward to his solo album? [Via source] […]

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