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MBLAQ’s Mir is hospitalized!

The boy band member inflamed an already known back injury, while he filmed an entertainment show.

Mir‘s spinal cord injury pain forced the MBLAQ member to be rushed to the hospital this week. He will have to go through a series of tests to find out how doctors can help him. His belly dancing for recent show taping, only irritated his back even more.

MBLAQ is currently promoting their single “Stay”,however, they may have to continue promotions as a four member band due to Mir‘s health.

POPSEOUL hopes Mir has a speedy recovery

Source: BNT News


23 Comments on “MBLAQ’s Mir is hospitalized!”

  1. dan says:

    be a man and suck it up. Hospital, series of tests for a little back pain? only in korea a singer gets a zit, and it’s a national crisis and front page news.

    • k-popfollower says:

      Your stupid. Do you know how important your spine is… actually how important ANY part of your spine is!!! If you damage your spine enough you could be paralyzed. OMG people like you irk me. That’s all I say.

      • BaiCai says:

        Just a bad back. He just needs some deep-heat and a chiropractor, stay off his legs for a while.

        • mjkrocks says:

          He freakin dances, if he injures his back, that affects his dancing. How do you know if it’s just a back pain? Are you a docter? No. You annoy me.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      but, the spine is a pretty important bone of you’re body.
      if u mess it up really badly, you could end up being paralyzed..

    • :3mir says:

      do you not know how important your spine is? dude, you must be an idiot

    • Nana says:

      Wow thats really rude if you dont care about him then why are you on here back off of him the most important bone in your body is your spin so go shut your mouth and never mess with Mir oppa ever again

    • Fuck you. says:

      You trollin’ or are you seriously that stupid? Back injuries can affect an idol’s overall performance seeing as they have to dance, they have to sing, they have to make appearances on shows like Idol Athletic which require strenuous activity. In other words, Mir’s entire career is in jeopardy if he doesn’t recover well enough/quick enough. And just because I feel like bitching you out further, article’s like these don’t get into the front pages of the news. They’re in magazines and the celebrity section of newspaper.

      tl;dr? It’s not just a ‘little back pain.’ If it was, Mir would be performing with the rest of MBLAQ whether he wanted to or not. Seriously, are you new here or something?

  2. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    ohhh! i hope it doesnt get injured more. 😦

  3. k-popfollower says:

    Oh Mir!!!!~ I hope he gets better. He was on his twitter early early today and he tweeted that he was kind of scared of hospitals!! I really do hope he gets better. 😦
    His tweet:

  4. cass cass says:

    oh ooooooo…spinal cord injury is no joke baby…. u can turn into a vegetable if u’re not careful….my friend has a spinal cord problem…deterioration…she was paralyzed for 2 years…couldn’t feel her legs…this might turn out bad since his a performer….all prayers and speedy recovery Mir. 😦

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    how did he get injured in the spine?
    well, i hope he gets better

  6. mira :) says:

    Ouch , that hurts !
    really worrying news from him .
    aaaa , i hope he will get better soon ! ❤

  7. ILuvBunnies says:

    Pooor Mir baby. I am sorry because he’s obviously pretty badly hurt to be in the hospital…but even worse…what if he can’t move and his noona comes to visit and tries to feel him up again!? He won’t be able to get away. That’s the real tragedy.

  8. ChangexOfxHearts says:

    Poor Mir! I hope he gets better! He must be in some serious pain.D=

  9. Jordin Good says:

    I feel bad for you Mir. I hope you get better. All I care about now is for you to get better and nothing else. I’ll pray for you. ❤

  10. Mia says:

    I know a lot of BBoys that have hurt their back and just like they said, some good heat therapy and they’re better. I dance and I’ve hurt my back a few times. You guys need to chill out. It’s good to support him, but calling people stupid and stuff is uncall for and out of line. I love MBLAQ and support them by buying their merchandise just like anyone else who can afford it, but seriously…just chill out with the name calling and just support him.

  11. nancy says:

    aws. i hope you get well mir.

  12. nancy says:

    and i love you! ❤

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