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Why did G.NA turn down a sexy concept?

Ironically, singer G.NA felt embarrassed by her D cup bra size to take on a sexy concept for her comeback.

The singer can laugh and joke about this now, but she said “I wanted to hide them out of embarrassment. I was known for always wearing black clothing, and it was difficult to dress myself.”

G.NA replied “I’m thankful towards my mother. I lost about 3.5 kg for my comeback, and I was originally a DD-cup, but they shrunk down to Ds.”

G.NA definitely has the body image to pull off a sexy concept, but she chose an appropriate image that she is happy with it. Now if only a few other stars could be as modest.. do any singers come to mind?


25 Comments on “Why did G.NA turn down a sexy concept?”

  1. jhyjgvkgkffgvbjh says:

    love her<3

  2. freakish says:

    i’d be happy to have even half of what she s got~ lucky girl -.-

  3. Kttn says:

    Huh, is that G.NA in the pic above? The one spoken about in this article? That pic certainly does not look like she has a D-cup, more like a B…? :s

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I already knew this from a long time ago… from allkpop.
    Why post this now?

    • lukewarm.oasis says:

      Why read the news again and then post a comment saying that you are already aware of this information? Convoluted, don’t you think?

      • BaiCai says:

        It’s part of her act to reject anything american and embrace anything korean whilst being in USA and not in Korea. It’s some kinds of defence mechanism.

        Just put up with it.

  5. ara says:

    she doesn’t look like G-Na…. that’s just too sweet like snsd. love about her being modest tough. comfort goes first before image.

  6. Gs23 says:

    I like her but she really doesn’t look like a D cup, maybe a C or B, but not D cup :l

  7. HUH?? says:

    For someone who’s “embarrassed” about her chest, she sure talks about them alot. Even if she’s not the one to bring up the subject, why keep answering?? Just excuse the question and… Move on!

    She does appear to have a nice body but I have to agree with others about her cup size, They look more like C-cups. Not hating nor am I jealous. I have some myself haha….
    One thing about her though, her face seems a bit off. Check her nose, it’s lopsided-nostrils. In her tv interviews and photos of her looking straight at the camera shows it. There’s just something off about her face.

  8. nikki says:

    Yeah all her photos and interviews focus on her chest area. Just look at her pic above, it’s main point are her…BOOBS!!

    A sexy concept may not be what she wants but her boob size is what’s getting her noticed. Any talent comes secondary….we are talking about Korea don’t forget lol

  9. NaBie says:

    Boobs here, boobs there. It’s nothing new.
    But why has her face another color than her body..?

    • BaiCai says:

      All the attention is because she’s korean and she’s got boobs. She even had a full meal last night.

      Most koreans are really flat and look like the anorexia model Isabella Caro who died because she was nearly as thin as SNSD.

  10. addika says:

    awww i know how she feels! i too am a D! having big boobies is not fun at all.

  11. LG says:

    It really does not seem to D is like a B or C, but I think it depends on the texture of the body of the inhabitants of a country, such as height, may be the average height of 1.80 or + and other 1.65 or + country and clothing is done according to that.

    MMM …. Do not lose that’s my point of view, what do you think?

  12. suigintou says:

    D size? really? it doesn’t seems like that -_-“

  13. aidan says:

    those are D? seriously? they don’t look big..

  14. ILuvBunnies says:

    Those don’t look like D to me, either. But she could be wearing a minimizer. I don’t envy girls w/ big boobs either. It’s tough when ppl pay too much attention to your chest.

  15. […] G.NA certainly has the body image to pull off a sexy idea, but she chose an suitable image that she is happy with it. Now if only a couple of other stars could be as modest.. do any singers come to mind? [Via source] […]

  16. Lys says:

    Be happy with you have! Ofcourse she talks about it alot, jealous and suspicious girls question about it so much. I think she’s modest. Be hapoy with the genes you have, and don’t feel so insecure.

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