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BIG BANG Lands In Sin City

With Big Bang‘s comeback coming closer and closer at the end of this month, YG Entertainment is sparing no expenses on the group, as photos have surfaced of the members in America!

The reason? Why to film their MV!

Big Bang who’s music is known for its American influence will be filming in America, in order to create  a MV that uses foriegn scenes as the background, with a rumored sky high budget.

In the meantime, members T.O.P & Seungri appeared on Sunday’s Inkigayo sporting their original black hair color, while G-Dragon is currently rumored to have gone back to his platinum blonde hair.

Daesung wasn’t spotted with the group, but that may be due to his busy schedule filming for his upcoming drama.

Keep your eyes peeled for the boys!!

Source: Sports Hankook


32 Comments on “BIG BANG Lands In Sin City”

  1. Hi-d says:

    I can’t wait till the boys come back!! They are such a great group and their songs are all are so good! Haha good thing thier hair colors are back to normal 🙂

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  3. dan says:

    another sad example of koreans infatuated with anything and everything american. there isn’t one decent song from small bang

  4. suju4eva says:

    Big Bang have lots of good songs…but somehow, starting from Beautiful Hangover, their MVs have lots of well…sorts of American stuff…

  5. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    big bang is in las vegas? watch out 4 those crazy ass people. hope this video is a success.

  6. Justine says:

    Out of all the members, TaeYang seems the most “masculine”…then you see pictures like these and the ones from NY just recently with him using these little “manbags”. Although this one doesn’t seem all that bad being that its just a fancy schmancy luggage (or at least appears to be). I’m wondering if its all HIM or its a sponser thing.

    • ILuvBunnies says:

      It’s Japanese style…like the pointy shoes with heels. Don’t blame Koreans, they’re real men. LOL Blame Japan.

      • EggAndCressSandwich says:

        koreans are real men? Is that why they dress like ladyboys and look massively effeminate?

        • QWERTYUIOP says:

          Yes, koreans are real men. That’s why they dress like ladyboys and look massively effeminate. You seem to have problem with that. I certainly hope it doesn’t have anything to do with indovietmalaypinays WORSHIPPING these kind of idols.

  7. BaiCai says:

    Off they go to see their American owners to beg for some recognition.

    • ouna says:

      is being like americans that bad ? they make the best music . should be like the best to be the best . americans are the most successful and their music reachs the whole world they have a system that make hits and works ;they hit the jackpot every time if big bang is looking for recognition from americans it is just because they want to be the best . moving forward is the answer.

      • EggAndCressSandwich says:

        Best music? Hmm.. lady gaga, so awesome *sarcasm*

        Look, just because you love americans doesn’t mean they make the best music, and just because koreans worship americans doesn’t mean every korean group should be flying around USA begging for Americans to notice them. It’s all a bit sad really.

        I love how you think fatland produces the best ‘music’, presumably of all genres and types. You’re awesomely funny.

        • ouna says:

          i am not generalizing for all generes and types not all american music is good enough to be heard some are full of crap not worth to be heard ( i agree with you regarding lady gaga and others ) but the recognition i am talking about is the respect given from acheiving musician to another for making good music . if the music is good you don’t need to beg to be noticed . you just have to show your good work and you will be noticed and big bang do have some very good work that i personnally like.i like you describing america as the fatland that is so true

        • ouna says:

          i am not generalizing for all generes and types not all ameican music can be heard or worth to be heard ( i agree with on lady gaga and others ) but the recognition i am talking about is the respect given from an achieving musician to another . if your work is good you don’t need to beg to be noticed . you just show your good work and you will earn the recognition deserved. big bang has very good music that i personally like and maybe they are showing their work to americans nothing sad about that . i like that you called america the fatland that is so true

        • ouna says:

          hey ! why did my comment appear twice ??
          i was disconnected so i wrote it again i thought that my comment wasn’t posted .

  8. ara says:

    filming an mv in US ? i started to think about Anyband’s cf for Samsung Anycall in Brazil… that’s a real good cf with good concepts and total cool story and scenes…. that will be a good precedent.

    i hope big bang will do great too. not just scenes involving everything american but more like using the set itself for a further detailed and well planned scenario.

    • truesay says:

      Yes, I agree. I hope the video will really use the setting for the purposes of a good storyline or else there will be a good load of bashing to occur for them really begging for that American kudos =_=

  9. jasmine says:

    Big Bang all the waaaaayyy! ^^

  10. KwonHaBin says:

    BigBang!!!!!!!! i’m waiting for BigBang!!!!!!!!!!please comeback to VIPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED BIGBANG!!!!

  11. miley says:

    Yeah…….Big Bang is coming…Next I want 2PM. The best K-Pop groups

  12. Lorni says:

    Hellsya!!! BIG BANG!!!!

  13. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


    But where’s Sin City?

    • ara says:

      according to wikipedia :

      Sin City is an urban area (a city or part of) that caters to various vices.

      i only know LA as the famous sin city. but it appear to be many sin city out there, regarding its meaning as above.

      so perhaps the proper question about this article is probably, “which sin city have they landed on?”

      back again, i’m guessing it’s LA.

      • EggAndCressSandwich says:

        They’re talking about Vegas, No? Which is a bit strange considering it’s not really very sinful, it’s just full of gambling and strip joints, which is like any city around the world, or native american area. Macau is sin city too?

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        so, since a sin city is an urban city, New york city is a sin city, right???

        ahhh i’m confused…

  14. NanNa says:

    oh. Big bang

  15. johnny says:

    this is a clip of an American dancing to GD and TOP – KNock out

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