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Kahi reveals her upcoming solo album cover

After School’s leader, Kahi has revealed her upcoming solo album cover which is set to release on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th)!

The album is called ‘Kahi: The first mini album – Come back, bad youand if her songs are as good as her album cover, we can anticipate a successful solo debut.

What do you think, are you looking forward to a solo debut by an After School member?


14 Comments on “Kahi reveals her upcoming solo album cover”

  1. HUH? says:

    What’s with all the groups forming sub-groups and trying to go solo when they clearly need to focus on their group as a whole.

  2. dan says:

    she thinks waay too highly of herself. she thinks she’s all that and the hottest thing ever to hit the music scene. she’s an ugly stuck up bitch and really needs to wake up and face reality.

  3. suju4eva says:

    KAHI!!!!! really hope she’ll have a great n successful solo debut….totally loves u!

  4. ara says:

    Kahi’s incredible. she probably too old for korean entertainers (in girl groups segment that sing and dance), but she’s definitely cool.
    good luck then.

  5. mira :) says:

    Congrats to her and Good luck ! 🙂
    i hope her solo album will success !

  6. riki says:

    yes yes!!! cant wait! love gahi. she is like a better singing/dancing hyori. and her rapping is SICK! GAHI GAHI GAHI GAHI GAHI

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