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Nich-khun explains CF Kiss Scene

Would you like it if your pretend husband called this work?

After fans ranted and raved about Nich-khun‘s so-called cheating on Victoria in his newest CF, the singer tweeted the following messages:

“For those of you who are complaining about the CF, I want you all to understand that it’s just work….no I’m not mad or anything~ I just want the people who love me to understand my position that’s all!”

Sure, I understand. If my husband (pretend or not) called this JUST work, I wouldn’t let him come home anymore. It’s JUST home,right? Honestly,Victoria and Hottests could have a hard time believing his logic.

What do you think about his CF?

Sources: @Khunnie0624 and TheChoucreme (Youtube)


35 Comments on “Nich-khun explains CF Kiss Scene”

  1. BaiCai says:

    I think this is like pouring petrol onto the fire of lunacy that is the delusional worship of Korean people by South East Asians. They appear to be cognitively deficient and unable to understand when something is corporate propaganda or reality.

    I’m guessing that this is through some kind of opt-in lobotomisation where ‘marriages’ between unsuited entertainment facades make perfect sense to them, even though it contradicts almost every genetic imperative in a woman’s mind.

  2. peace & love for jay! says:

    Hmm, he shouldn’t explain in the first place. I’m sure most fans are just teasing him. Now it creates more fan wars and finger pointing each other. I’m not even Khuntorian or Hottest but it makes me feel upset reading most international fans saying that Khuntorians/ Hottests (mostly Khuntorians) are crazy fans and hallucinating. Some of the words are too harsh, rude and nasty.

    I agree that pretend or not, he should try to behave appropriately. Then again, I agree that he needs to fulfil his work obligation. That leads it my point that he doesn’t need to explain anything!

    • BaiCai says:

      Maybe if we provide them with lethal weaponry they’ll all destroy one another, the world population will dip and the IQ of the world will go up significantly.

  3. poheijo says:

    what’s wrong with that kiss? it’s beautiful…and it only proves that Nichkun knows how to kiss…and can be an actor…if I’m the wife…I won’t mind my husband kissing for work…because I knew before I married him that he’s a CF actor and kissing is part of the JOB!!!!!

    • BaiCai says:

      *slap* *slap* he’s doesn’t have a wife you complete imbecile. it’s just a delusion you are having. *slap* *slap*

  4. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    geez those fans r friggin crazy. it was only a kiss.

  5. Ghettoe says:

    I don’t even see how this is news.

  6. Huuh says:

    it is just work!! as an actor who has to kiss in a movie!!! people don’t be narrow minded please!! Let’s just congratulate him for his CF… is cool to do a so beautiful and poetry CF.


  7. nikiiLOVE♥ says:

    i’m not too happy abt it, but i bet nichkhun had
    troubles with shooting this cf. so it is his job to sell.

    victoria unni understands. ^x^

  8. bummiie says:

    ehh maybe one should mention that khuntoria is just an entertainment show?
    whether they have true feelings for each other or not the fans don’t have the right to blame nichkhun cause it’s his work. when he wasn’t “married” to victoria he had to do this anyway and the fans would have loved this. victoria might be jealous and it’s her right because she is in some kind of relationship with him but the fans not cause for them actually khuntoria is just entertaining and what’s going on between them is their privacy

    • BaiCai says:

      She’s not in a relationship with him you knob. These girls are pimped off by the entertainment companies to CEOs not to other slave-dancers in bands.

      If they were going to have a real relationship they would follow asian social norms and go for the rich and powerful suitor and not the ladyboyish pop slave.

      • Stijlistik says:

        You can’t deem Asians as people who only go for the “rich and powerful”. Supposedly your screen name is BaiCai, I assume that you are Asian? Or are you some person from another race trying to defame Asians?

        • EggandCressSandwich says:

          I see you never lived in asia then.

          • Stijlistik says:

            Sorry, I am Asian but I don’t go for the wealthy. If you deem all Asians as people who only go for people who have big pockets and big power, then can I say that all American women are sluts who have sex all day with multiple partners? Or can I say that all Indians stink of curry smell?
            Come on, that is a totally biased way of saying

        • snooki says:

          Asians do only go for the rich or powerful. Last summer I was in asia for a month. And I’ve never heard people talk about money so much. All they talk about is dollars, euros, gold, houseprices, landprices etc. It’s like they don’t have any other interests. I’m a very calculative person, but even to me asians are too superficial.

          • Stijlistik says:

            Well maybe I am the odd one out? How can you assume that Asians go for the “rich and powerful” just because they talk about dollars and cents? Try to know Asian relationships first before you come to a conclusion.

            • EggAndCressSandwich says:

              Seriously, you need to go to Korea sometime, where it’s just full of women complaining about how men won’t date them because they’re not rich or powerful enough. Then go to china and you’ll find men complaining that women won’t date them because they’re not rich and powerful enough.

              The orient especially is ‘all about the benjamins’, and dating is mainly on how powerful or rich they are. That’s why real-asians are so concerned and that’s why these pop-starlets are more likely to be dating a CEO’s son, than some awkward bandmember slave who has no money and no power.

              I guess you’re one of those fake wannabe-asians in USA whose parents abandoned asia for a life in fatland, because you seem to know nothing about what real asians do.

            • snooki says:

              Conclusion: You’re obviously not an asian, or you have never been to asia.

              Notice the etcetera. That means that the list is not complete. They also talk about how smart the women are who can get a rich and powerful husband. About women who make smart choices when they marry a fugly rich guy instead of a handsome poor guy etc.

              • EggAndCressSandwich says:

                You’re correct. Their entire culture is built around poor ordinary looking girls taking a risk by getting plastic surgery in order to catch the eyes of a rich and powerful chaebol heir. The idea of them marrying some guy who is slavishly working for an entertainment company on a 12 year contract is quite frankly laughable.

                That’s why they usually end up married to people outside of the entertainment industry. But you get one of these imbeciles to admit that and you’re a better man than I am.

  9. Jing says:

    Give those kpop guys a break.. You don’t own is work.. Fans these days are really going overboard..

  10. HUH? says:

    OMG! They’re NOT a real couple they only play one on TV. And it IS work! And WhoTheFcuk cares!!???!!??

    Sometimes these celebs just gotta nip it in the bud and set these idiotic delusional fans straight.

  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Nickhun, you’re so hot…. omg…

  12. evalyn says:

    People were just teasing him. But he got all defensive. What’s there to hide? meh.

  13. RoxyIsFerox says:

    What’s wrong with that kiss? And who cares if Khun has GF in real life? Also, somebody should realize that Khun and Vic are in ‘fake marriage’… man!

  14. ghettoe says:

    Heck yes my husband should do it cause Goodness knows it’s his money I’m spending. Save my own, spend his, when divorce comes you’re not the one that’s broke! Ha Ha
    ps. I am not married but we’ve seen it happen.

  15. star says:

    totally nothing. is just a soft touch. -_-” crazy fans…

  16. honu says:

    Wake up people – it’s only a CF. He gotta make some money somehow. Besides what he do is up to him – just remember that his marriage is also a farce. If you were given a chance to do something like this – would you do it for the money or exposure? Gotta make a living anyway you can in today’s world economic crisis.

  17. Shereen says:

    Why People Like To Make An Issue For This One…Helloooo…It Only a Reality Show Ok….

  18. walastek says:

    All I can say is…lucky girl !
    I wonder how many takes it took them for the kissing scene?

  19. […] Sources: @Khunnie0624 and TheChoucreme (Youtube) [Via source] […]

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