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Are Gu Hara and 2PM’s Chansung Dating?!

When you’re acting like that, netizens are definitely going to say something…

And netizens are saying that KARA‘s Gu Hara and 2PM‘s Chansung look close enough to be a couple.

During the filming of SBS Idol King” in Pataya, a fan caught these tender moments of hand holding and face caressing, which is grabbing all the attention on internet portal sites.

A representative from JYP Entertainment explained, “They just became comfortable around each other. Because they were able to have some good conversation during breaks between filming doesn’t mean they’re meeting outside [of official activities].”

Sure, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are dating, but this statement also didn’t necessarily rule out they got a thing for each other.

Do you think Hara/Chansung will be the next hot couple? Good-looking couple, or no way?


37 Comments on “Are Gu Hara and 2PM’s Chansung Dating?!”

  1. suju4eva says:

    dont even care…ha!

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I wouldn’t mind if they are a couple.
    If they are, i think they would look cute together

  3. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    wow got my hopes up for nothing yeah thanx popseoul for breaking my expectations. jerks.jk.

  4. dan says:

    can you say overreacting? these people need to get a life.

    • EggAndCressSandwich says:

      She’s probably crying because some Chaebol CEO’s son dumped her. These chicks aren’t going to go anywhere near dating some ladyboy band slave contractor, because they’re just not in any way powerful, and just a bit poor.

  5. poheijo says:

    that’s ok…at least it proves that he’s not gay…i’m sorry, but i’m always suspicious with these pretty idols boys in kpop….unless they can prove otherwise…:))

  6. 2ne1Fan says:

    I will be happy if they are an item since I’m a fan of 2PM and Kara

    • EggAndCressSandwich says:

      Well, how can they pimp these girls/boys off to highly powerful CEOs if they are dating someone else? That’s why their contract contains a dating ban, so they can be freely pimped off to powerful korean men without fear of anyone getting upset. And let’s be fair, the girls would probably date some guy not in the music industry who isn’t a contract-slave like themselves.

      But you k-slaves wouldn’t be able to see this because your heads are so focked up on drugs.

  7. nadia says:

    meh, couldn’t care less.

    • Lettuce says:

      You are not a lamb, don’t ‘meh’.

      • EggAndCressSandwich says:

        Lambs are sheep, therefore they go ‘baa’ not ‘meh’

        • Lettuce says:

          Thank you for reminding me, I’ve forgotten these since it’s decade since I graduated from pre-school. It would be nice if you can re-educate me more on what you are learning there now.

          • EggAndCressSandwich says:

            Well they speak different languages. In China pigs go ‘gong, gong’ and pigs in anglophone countries say ‘oink’. Ducks in China go ‘ga ga ga’ and in anglophone countries they say ‘quack’. So without telling me which country, I’d not be able to know.

            I don’t know what they say in Korea, because I’m not a GI nor a Filipino wannabe-farm-bride so I don’t understand the korean language.

            • Lettuce says:

              From your speech, I can conclude one similarity we both have — People who idol-worship koreans to the extent any korean is their god, and wishes they look like them when they are obviously not, is getting on our nerves.

              • EggAndCressSandwich says:

                There is a clear agreement on that front. But I don’t find they get on my nerves, they are a quite funny sport. Their psychosis is so ridiculous that it’s funny to laugh at them while they go around trying to be a part of anything korean.

                One person on here thinks she’s a part of YM/YG’s marketing department as some kind of volunteer, it’s absolutely hilarious. They’re basically just suffering from the same issues as football fans, who don’t realise they’re not in a ‘club’ but they’re just a ‘consumer’ and the entertainment companies have created ‘antis’ who are in a rival club, and ‘pros’ who are in the club, and then shepherd these sheep around bleeding them dry of any money they have. I truly find this nonsense utterly amusing.

  8. snooki says:

    Either you sit or you stand. Seriously what is that, are they pooping or peeing? It does not look good.

    • Eel says:

      Neither are you.

      • EggAndCressSandwich says:

        The one on the right is pooping, and the one of the left is peeing and hugging the one pooping. Sadly the one on the left doesn’t know how to pee like a man, so he’s squatting like a chick.

      • snooki says:

        Well there you’re wrong. I am frikkin good looking. Just because you and a lot of other popseoulers don’t, doesn’t mean everyone on popseoul is fugs.

  9. AiHaRa Hate says:

    e….i dun think this 2 match each other….(yucks)
    EggAndCressSandwich @ u soung like a pros…..ur english is good……but u sound like a pros…….
    if u dunno wat a pros stand for! dun ask or reply me…..because if u reply me….u are a real pros then…..always picking a fight ONLINE…….P.R.O.S

    • EggAndCressSandwich says:

      You’re calling me a prostitute? You say I sound like a prostitute? What the hell sort of comment is that?

      • AiHaRa Hate says:

        e….. i didn’t say u are a prostitute WOMAN…..sheesh! think something brighter WOMAN…..they are also other meaning….sheesh u should just get married with that RANDY BUMGARDENER GUY….u 2 have the same in common….only know how to insult ppl 😛 hehe i’m not the indovietmalaypinays( or watever u call that)

  10. […] touchy-touchy with C.N Blue frontman Jung Yong-hwa. But, wasn’t she showing the skinship with 2PM‘s Chansung […]

  11. EggAndCressSandwich says:

    Did we find out if they are pooing or weeing yet?

  12. queenbqty says:

    You go, Hara! Chansung is fine!

  13. lizzy says:

    that’s cute.

  14. theZEUSluv13 says:

    what was this show and episode called?

  15. mira :) says:

    let them be , if this what makes them both happy ,
    they’re human too .
    sometimes i pity idols , its hard for them to date .
    its all about their contract .

  16. kpopLover says:

    FYI! I’m a Malay~ so what if we asian support our asian idols~ They work harder than any other singers I’ve known~ BTW Chansung n Hara is same age friends~ don’t you hold your friends hands~??

    • angel says:

      You ask or what? look like statement…they look nice together. I think not only they do like that. I can see sometimes that is also can be the normal thing for korean idol. So, let’s them stay together. We don’t know what their relationship actually. I like Gu Hara.

  17. lanwookie says:

    haha..who care about them..but are u sure..go hara..changsung?..come you feel changsung is man enough..hahaha tink-tonk!!!

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