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Meet Isak’s fitness coach!

“off to more ouchness at the gym….

with my trainer @Ateamkyotae! more ouch to come…done with my workout for today with @Ateamkyotae~”

SM Entertainment talent and former Pops in Seoul VJ, Isak,has been tweeting about her diet and fitness routine for a matter of months now. This week, she introduced her trainer to the Twittersphere by mentioning him. The quotes above are two of her tweets about trainer Shin Kyo-tae. I wonder if extreme tweeting counts as an exercise? If so, Isak has already completed half of her workout before she even hits the gym. Her fingers must be lean and toned by now.

Who needs an actual gym when you can tweet your personal trainer instead!

Sources: @realISAK and @Ateamkyotae


6 Comments on “Meet Isak’s fitness coach!”

  1. EggAndCressSandwich says:


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Hanguk News and Kristy, BIL. BIL said: Meet Isak’s fitness coach!: “off to more ouchness at the gym…. with my trainer @Ateamkyotae! more ouch to come…d… […]

  3. dan says:

    she’s a nobody trying to hang on to any semblance of celebrity status.

    • EggAndCressSandwich says:

      She did lose her job on ari-weLoveYouAmericaAndAmericas-rang TV, possibly the worlds most thinly veiled sauce of propaganda outside that dreadful falun-gong NTV nonsense.

  4. glad she’s gonna lose some weight
    she has becoming fatter and fatter for last yrs

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