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Mir will “Stay” in the hospital

Following his recent back surgery, the MBLAQ member did not join his group on Mnet’s M!Countdown! today.

Mir’s agency, J-tune, stated this to the press on Feburary 10th:

“…On the 9th, [Mir] received surgery at a hospital in Kangnam and is now recovering…The surgery went well but we have to wait on his condition. …Requiring immediate rest, this also complicates MBLAQ’s current promotionsRight now, we’re not sure how long he has to rest for. His discharge from the hospital depends on his examinations and treatment process, but we wish for him to recover quickly.

How did his band fair without him? Watch the video clip below of MBLAQ perfoming “Stay

Sources: Star News,Osen and UnknownCarrot170 (Youtube)


13 Comments on “Mir will “Stay” in the hospital”

  1. EggAndCressSandwich says:

    Will he stay in hospital? will he really? *snore*

    • dan says:

      you people realize this is all a publicity stunt to win over more mindless fans? he never got surgery. really what idiot requires back surgery after dancing around on stage?

      • EggAndCressSandwich says:

        Yes, I realised and then passed into a coma upon thinking about all the weak-minded S.E. Asians who wouldn’t realise.

  2. 2ne1Fan says:

    So sorry to hear about him. Hope to see him get well soon.

  3. eila says:

    get well soon oppa!!

  4. honey says:

    pls die your ugly.

    • drainon says:

      what the fuck what’s your problem. hating people for no reason. it’s not like they did anything to you to earn your hate right. if you’re irritated at fans then why insult the people who are giving you good music?!

  5. […] Sources: Star News,Osen and UnknownCarrot170 (Youtube) [Via source] […]

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