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Teen Top’s Passport Photos

show Ricky has big ears. How about the rest of them?

Usually, the passport photo isn’t always the most flattering, but Teen Top (L. Joe) decided to show their fans some “Supa Luv” by posting Changjo, Chunji, Neil, and Ricky‘s passport photos via twitter (@TEEN_TOP). However, the crafty poster begged fans to keep the passport photo leak a secret from the Teen Top members. I wonder how that’s going…

What do you think of the passport revelation?




Will the sneaky twitter poster post the rest of Teen Top members? Stay tuned!


11 Comments on “Teen Top’s Passport Photos”

  1. Lili says:

    is the 4th picture really L.Joe ??

  2. crazyunnie says:

    Chunji and niel are so fricken CUTE!

  3. lian95 says:

    Last picture is Chang Jo not L.Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • eris2 says:

      thanks for the correctivo-ness (correction on demand… like tivo). it’s hard to be a teen top specialist, but supa luv is quite good. i’m sure they’ll get more popularity in no time.

  4. dan says:

    they look feminine and gay. that seems to be the style these days for those ‘girls’.

    • EggAndCressSandwich says:

      Gosh, you’re not wrong. This is an example of ‘dude looks like a laaady’. I’m sure they’re popular in the Phils though, they love ladyboys there.

  5. dan says:

    they look feminine and gay

  6. vatey says:

    oh..they look natural but i like Neil’s photo: )

  7. theblackcat1236 says:

    Lol, if they were girls they would be really ugly girls, just saying. I mean, well, it doesn’t get more direct than that.

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