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Two Hot videos of Dara revealed

2ne1’s member Dara revealed two videos of her. One when she was practicing “Can’t Nobody” song and the other one is well, basically showing off her sexy moves.

Check out the two videos below:

So what did you guys think of Dara’s moves? Sexy, right?


29 Comments on “Two Hot videos of Dara revealed”

  1. Jaime says:

    As thin and petite as she is…she has a nice body. You can tell she’s not “starving” herself to be thin. She’s just naturally petite. Although, it does look like she’s lost some weight from the time she was in the Phil.

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  3. truesay says:

    WELL she can count her steps and keep the beat but she doesn’t seem to have a natural flair for dancing *shrugs*

  4. J-me says:

    She has a cute charm…..Go 2ne1…

  5. maggie says:

    every group has “the face”..and she’s it for 2ne1. love her as well as 2ne1.

  6. DIA says:

    Her shrieks that she thinks are vocals and her flopping around do not count as dancing. Go back the the Phillipines Dara you sucks ass!

    • EggAndCressSandwich says:

      It’s not a bad idea. Filipinos do seem to worship her more than anything, and let’s be fair, the talent level of this Spice Girls tribute act is very low.

      What amazes me is how short their little korean legs are. The shortness of korean legs always amazes me.

      • bd2 says:

        And really, Dara’s keg proportions are pretty avg. (maybe even a little more than avg.).

        You know, most people don’t have the leg proportions of a runway model.

        • CadburysCreamEgg says:

          Average for a korean, which is basically short for everyone else. You can see from the picture that without heels she’d have tiny little legs. Which is quite normal in Korea.

    • asianrules says:


      • EggAndCressSandwich says:

        So you’re saying people who aren’t famous are nothing? Is this why you leech onto the side of famous people, because you consider yourself to be nothing and want to associate yourself in some way with someone who is famous, therefore something? Interesting. Your life must be pretty grim.

        • bd2 says:

          Ehh, no more grim of a life than people who needlessly feel the need to criticize celebs for really nothing.

          Look in the mirror.

          • CadburysCreamEgg says:

            So you’re basically saying you’re nothing, because you’re not a celeb. That’s why you spend your time trying desperately to identify with celebs in some way, like football fans do with footballers.

            It’s all making sense.

  7. okay says:

    She’s so sexy and cute. 😉

  8. honey says:

    i love her!!!!

    shes one of the prettiest korean idols 🙂

    lol who cares if she was taken pic in her bra and undies. atleast she wasnt naked!!! bra and underwear doesnt count as being slutty, its just as if shes on the beach. its 21st century you idiots! bet you guys are not innocent as your comments!

    • EggAndCressSandwich says:

      She was trussed up with a whip like a dominatrix. How is that in any way not slutty? Do you hang about on a beach in leather fetish-wear? Actually, don’t answer that BECAUSE YOU PROBABLY DO!

      Sometimes I cannot believe you people believe the nonsense that comes out of your mouths. The worst part is you do actually believe it.

  9. paulamyka says:

    EggAndCressSandwich why are you so negative..we are her fans so we love matter what people say to her we still support if you cant take that then just shut up..we respect all of your opinions so please respects ours too..okay
    @honey good point….

  10. 2ne1jjang** says:

    Dara n the rest of 2ne1 are amazing!!! dara is so cute, she can sing, rap, act n dance!! n she love to entertain people.. can’t wait for their Japan n America debut! 😀
    though she eats alot she still skinny hehehe.. i think she skinner now then before she debut..

  11. cookie says:

    honestly i dont like dara nemore shes overrated

  12. annie says:

    When she was in the Philippines, she does not dance this well. And now, she is SUPERB!

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