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5Dolls Reveal Their “Lip Stains” MV + Concept Photos

Did we forget to mention Jay Park stars in the MV?

With CO-ED School currently on winter break, Core Contents Media has revealed its 1st  sub group 5dolls.

5dolls is composed of all 4 female members of CO-ED (Hye Won, Soo Mi, Hyo Young, Chan Mi) and its newest female classmate Eunkyo.


Hye Won

Soo Mi

Hyo Young

Chan Mi

Unlike CO-ED that is composed of males and females, with its all female cast, 5dolls will be showing off a more feminine  side of its members.

Check out the MV  for “Lip Stains” featuring Jay Park below



19 Comments on “5Dolls Reveal Their “Lip Stains” MV + Concept Photos”

  1. BeansOnToast says:

    It’s amazing how koreans love anyone American. Even that american who told them that they were all terrible and korea was awful. They love him too.

    • Star_king says:

      It’s not really that amazing. SOUTH korea should love america/n’s, becuase when south korea was forming america was the its biggest helper ( which is why you see so much ameican influence in the country) ( wana blame some one, blame america for being so damn help when it’s in debt). please note south korea hasn’t even been an official country for a 100 years yet.
      If south korea is to unsightly for you please drag your sights to north korea, they my be more to your liking. 😀
      Have a very F*Cked up Day. And F^ck you very much for your time.

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Who was that call from???? I’m curious…
    Jay looks soooo hot, he’s so good at dancing. I love his new hairstyle too.
    Chanmi looks like a guy when she doesn’t have much makeup on…
    Why aren’t the other members shown in the MV?

  3. GRRRR !!!!! says:

    the main girl and the other one is soooo not pretty. jay must be pretend its jessica or yoona or yuri.
    poor jay.
    the song pretty catchy.

  4. GRRRR !!!!! says:

    the last vid looks like haru haru from bigbang

  5. BeansOnToast says:

    Haha.. more utterly utterly terrible crap from Korea borrowing the tune from 1990s house/techno. Utterly hilarious and shameless.

    At least the moon faces and short legs are originally korean.

    • blah says:

      Moon faces and short legs are originally Korean? HA, only in your delusional world. You don’t know any Koreans, you’ve never been to Korea, and you’ve never talked to a Korean. Yet you repeat all of these generalizations about Koreans (quite obviously ripped from an Anti-Korean website), like it’s your personal mantra. You need a life, better yet instead of spewing vapid racist comments start yanking that BEANY of yours around whenever you’re self-esteem dips precariously low.

      • CadburysCreamEgg says:

        Let’s be fair, the main reason for plastic surgery in korea is to get away from moon faces, little piercing american-loving eyes and those short legs that they have.

        .. oh and the small boobs.

  6. Star_king says:

    Eunkyo should come find me so I can marry her. She is so Cute. WE could breed some beatiful babies no lie. 😀 EunKyo oppa is hwaiting. ❤

  7. pandao. says:

    they look okay. but very natural looking 🙂

  8. Anh says:

    That Chan Mi girl needs thinner eyebrows. And the rest look pretty average. :/

  9. arya says:

    jay look so fresh and cute… hehehe…
    miss him so much…. =D

  10. […] showing off their “Lip Stains” in their debut single last week, CO-ED‘s all female sub unit 5Dolls has unleashed their 1st mini […]

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