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A Sibling’s Debut, Is It the Name? Or Talent?

Be it Hollywood or Korea, celebrity tends to run in the family, but is it because of their celebrity connection or is it because of their talent?

A famous brother or sister may spell success for some of these sibling debuts.

Recently, JYJ Micky Yoochun‘s younger brother Park Yoo-hwan has started on the MBC drama “Sparkling,” but it is just one instance in a long line of family ties getting the OK to debut.

In 2009, the debut of MBLAQ brought two sibling debuts: 2NE1‘s Dara‘s younger brother Thunder and actress Go Eun-ah‘s younger brother Mir. The year before that, SS501 member Kim Hyung-joon‘s younger brother Kim Kibum debuted with U-KISS. Also that year, JYJ‘s Xiah Junsu‘s older brother Kim Jun-ho debuted as a singer in China. Not to mention the hot sister-brother acting team of Ha Ji-won and Jeon Tae-soo, amongst many more.

But, there is an ongoing debate whether it’s the talent or the connection getting them the big chance in the spotlight. Turns out, it’s a little bit of both.

Entertainment managers say that having a family connection does give the entertainment company more incentive to debut the sibling, because (1) there is already some inherent popularity that is tied with the already famous sibling, and (2) under the hope that siblings are alike in some ways, the zeal for success is also the key to success. From pre-debut training, management can get a hint if this quality “runs in the family.” Also, something like singing talent or love of acting can come from the environment and how the person is raised, and for siblings, usually they are raised alike.

As for the talent, fans say that you can see for yourselves that many times, the newly debuted sibling has comparable talent to sibling who debuted first.

Regardless, for celebrity hopefuls, it sure is great having celebrity family.


77 Comments on “A Sibling’s Debut, Is It the Name? Or Talent?”

  1. dan says:

    trust me. talent is one thing that is definitely lacking.

  2. EggAndCressSandwich says:

    Well it cannot be talent, because Koreans don’t have any of that. It cannot be the name, because no one outside of Seoul, Saigon and Manila knows who the feck any of these people are.

    What’s the third choice?

    • coliebolie says:

      wow….your racism is really offensive. you must have no life if you go out of your way to see these articles and make negative racist comments

      • EggAndCressSandwich says:

        What’s racist about it? I cannot see anything racist about what I said. So while you’re accusing people of racism, why don’t you explain how it’s racist? or are you just bigoted and go around calling people offensive terms which you don’t understand?

        • bababaa says:

          seeing as you just insulted the whole korean population by saying that all of them have no talent, yeah i would consider that a rasist comment by a bigot.

          • BeansOnToast says:

            That’s just an observation, and if you get offended by observations then you probably shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing.

            Or you could tell me one korean who has talent and hasn’t got their fame through naught but cosmetic surgery?

          • blah says:

            Sausage. Bratwurst. or is it Baicai? Nah, now it’s just a rotten EGG, which actually suits you *much* better.

            You are a nasty little piece of work aren’t you? Listen, you’ve NEVER been to Korea, you DON’T know any Koreans, you’ve NEVER spoken to a Korean. You DON’T know any Korean music apart from the “popular” tunes readily available on the internet, and you DON’T know a thing worth mentioning about Korean history or culture. All you know are what you scavenge from the internet, and even with that you’re doing a shytty job because otherwise you’d have added CHINA, JAPAN, SINGAPORE, and most of the rest of Asia to the list of countries that know who the majority of the older star siblings are.

            Therefore, your “observations” are, in actuality, a regurgitation of incomplete internet fodder on Korea, which you’ve then proceeded to use to pass racist judgement on the entire South Korean ethnic group. Your statement, “Koreans have no talent” reeks of racism and ignorance, and is practically screaming, “Rotten EGG is an ASS”. Don’t make me and others nauseous by trying to pass your statements off as mere “observation”.

            You, in all of your noxious glory, are a xenophobic, racist, dimwitted IMBECILE who lives in a delusional world where the internet suffices as proxy for life, and therefore are incapable of making any obvservation based in reality. You can hate K-pop, but do NOT pass judgement on the entire South Korean population unless you can back it up with more than just a copy and paste action from your favorite anti-Korean website. Hate K-pop all you want, NOBODY cares. But as I said before, and will say again because we made it clear the last time that you don’t really have anything that passes for a brain… EVERYBODY hates a racist xenophobe, and that, my little rotten EGG, is exactly what you are making yourself out to be.

            • blah says:

              Also, the fact that Korea has been able to juxtapose vocals – visuals – dance skills to sweep the Asian pop scene is in itself an example of formidable “talent.” In the area of pop, I don’t see talent as being limited to just “vocals”, but rather to the entire package of visuals, vocals, and entertainment. And who cares if K-pop singers look pretty because of plastic surgery? That doesn’t change the fact that they look pretty, nor does it change the fact that the majority of pop entertainers from any given country have undergone plastic surgery. This is the same whether it’s in Korea, Europe, or elsewhere.

              Brown Eyed Soul, Kim Bum Soo, Davichi, GaIn, Gummy, Lyn, December, SG Wannabe, Korean Indie Rock bands (Yozoh, Lucite Tokki, Bell Epoque, to name a few), and there are just so many more Korean artists that are so very talented. If you’re into the B-boy scene (e.g. break dancing), Korea’s got amazing dance teams that have won championships world wide. If you really are open to discovering the GOOD as well as the bad of Korea, then take the time to actually seek out and listen to the Korean artists that are not just in K-pop, and you’ll see for yourself that Korea does have talent.

              • BeansOnToast says:

                You’re judging me because all I know is the façade of korea that I’ve been shown to date.

                To be honest, I’ve been to Korea, and even the ruins of Balhae. So, you can think what you want about my historical knowledge and travellings but I think you’d be surprised how wrong you are.

                Are you sure you don’t work for VANK?

              • blah says:

                NO, I’m judging you because you KNOW that it’s a FACADE, and yet you persist in insisting that it is NOT a facade but the whole entirety of South Korea. THAT is why I’m judging YOU. If you want me to stop, than you stop judging South Korea on a facade and actually take the time to find out beauty and the strengths that lie beneath.

                • Cassull says:

                  lol blah, u mad bro?

                • CadburysCreamEgg says:

                  “Blah blah blah, I’m from USA and I really want to live in USA but before I move to USA and abandon my culture, I’m going to pretend that I’m really proud of my culture and my culture is really great and then I’ll abandon it because it’s really shyte and then move to USA and become a citizen of a place where people are obese and shoot each other”

                  Fact facts blah, we know your story already. Don’t be proud of a place you’re going to abandon.

                • blah says:

                  @Cassel – Just at racist xenophobes who repeat the same hateful things over and over again!

                  @Cadbury ROTTEN Egg – You obviously know that I’ve ripped you apart logically, and so you resort to repeating the SAME OLD racist one-liners YET again.. sigh, you are so predictable it’s actually quite funny… but once again you fulfill your master calling in life as an imbecile CLOWN.

                  I’ll repeat AGAIN something I’ve said before, but will doubtless have to repeat again in the future: I AM NOT FROM THE USA, I am 100% born, raised, & educated in KOREA and currently live here. Yes, I’ve visited the USA during a couple of my summers, and yes I do have family members who live there. But I LOVE South Korea and this is my home. AND don’t get your dirty nasty panties all in a bunch because I can speak better ENGLISH than you. You are a pathetic LOSER and it’s fun watching you succumb to your racist xenophobic mania whenever anybody has got you cornered! And get over it already, the USA will be more powerful than your bland little STATE. So just accept it and move on with your life.

                • CadburysCreamEgg says:

                  “Blah blah blah, I’m korean, and like all koreans my family all abandoned korea to live in USA and I spent all my summers there because I hate korea and I want to live in USA blah blah blah”

                  Seriously, if Korea is so awesome like you suggest, then why do koreans spend every waking hour trying to get out of there and get to the USA? Even your pop stars are desperate to go there? Do koreans do anything else?

                  There’s nothing racist about that, it’s just an observation based on real Koreans.

              • blah says:

                Sigh, how many times do I have to repeat myself to you? Is your memory really that short? Do you really like acting the part of the dimwit?

                Are there Koreans who want, and do, go to America? Yes. BUT there are many more Koreans who want and CHOOSe to stay in Korea, and by doing so have made it the economic and cultural powerhouse that it is today in Asia.

                Why do Koreans want to go to America? Some want to go because they want a better life, and America has been known and been proven to be since its inception as the land of opportunity. That’s the reason why the original British colonists immigrated to America, why the rest of the Europeans followed, as did the Hispanics, and the Asians (eg. Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, SE Asians) followed suit.

                Second, America is a recognized super power with incredible global spheres of influence in academics, politics, economics, etc. As I said before, many Koreans AND many many other citizens from many many other countries such as those in EUROPE, Asia, and the rest of the world, want to take advantage of what America has to offer. Therefore, if given the opportunity, they choose to attend the elite American colleges and bring back what they learn to their respective countries to help make their homelands more powerful and productive than they are today.

                Because of America’s incredible global influence in the area of music and entertainment, Korean artists are of course going to want to be a part of that. And it’s not just Korean artists, but artists from all over the world who want their talent to be recognized by America. It’s as simple as that.

                You yourself said that you don’t know everything about Korea, and that all you know to date is the facade of Korea that you have been able to find on the internet. Yet you use this limited information to make racist generalizations and judgement about the entire South Korean population.

                You say you’ve been to Korea, but if you have then you would definitely know that Koreans love their country, and if given a choice between being able to live comfortably in Korea or America, the vast majority would choose Korea. You would also have known that while Koreans recognize America for the super power that she is, and want to take advantage of what America has to offer, many Koreans don’t have a lot of love to spare for America or Americans.

                All of your comments thus far lead me to believe that you have hardly any true knowledge of Koreans, and instead are relying on partial information that you scavenge from the internet as the basis for making prejudiced assumptions about the Korean population as a whole… which is really making you look like a complete xenophobe and a racist ASS.

                • CadburysCreamEgg says:

                  Sorry, we couldn’t hear you over the sound of you brown-nosing americans.

                • blah says:

                  no, you couldn’t hear because you’re slipping even further into your delusional world where you sausage is bigger than the American’s and Korean women will give you a second look.

    • heythere says:

      I find this offensive.
      I’m a 14 korean girl, and I’m a good dancer, and I’ve never taken dance lessons in my life.

      No one knows their name?
      What about Bi, or Wondergirls? They’ve been in the US frequently.

      Then where do you live that you’re on this site, bashing people with far more talent than you.

      Before you start discriminating you should check if you’re even comparable to them, they have ambition, you have hate.

      • BeansOnToast says:

        I respect your self-confidence, however, innate ability is typically judged by peer review.

        Americans don’t know who rain or wondergirls are, sorry to tell you but the only people who know them are the filipino nurses, the americans living in USA who refuse to admit they’re american and spend all their days trying to be korean, and the overseas chinese who know nothing about china and end up trying to be korean. They’re not known in the mainstream at all.

        • Mirgoin says:

          Dude who gives a shyt what the US thinks? The US seems to think that the world revolves around them? Granted that the US is still the world’s dominant power but it’s already losing its steam to its peers like China.

          As far as the entertainment industry concerned, there’s 2-2.5 f*cking people in East Asia if these Koreans can tap into as much of the East Asian market, they’d be a success. They’ve done well in places like Japan, Taiwan etc… but China holds the key even though it doesn’t make the most money.

          My point is, if it taps into China and extract as much revenue from it, then with 2-2.5 bil of the world’s market, who gives a crap about the 0.3bil market of the US. Sure the US market is worth a lot more than any individual market, but the sheer volume of the Asian market will mean that in the end the overall Asian market will surpass the US.

          In conclusion, screw the US music market for all I care.

          • CadburysCreamEgg says:

            It’s not just about money, they go there to get recognition from their colonial owners.

            They don’t even like chinese, because chinese look better than them even without the plastic surgery. This really pysses them off.

            • ashleeeigh says:

              Actually I’m a Chinese American and to be honest, I find that I know a lot more good looking Koreans than good looking Chinese. Also, even though plastic surgery is prevalent in Korea, the same can be said about Americans (Heidi Montag, ring a bell?). And it’s a fact that Sandara Park has not gotten any surgery done–all natural dude. Don’t be too jealous. Oh, and colonial owners? Do you not know your history? Like seriously, what are you talking about? Don’t make sh*t up please.

              • CadburysCreamEgg says:

                Ah, an american heritage-leech. I think I mentioned american psuedo-chinese heritage leeches who hate chinese culture and love everything korean in another thread. People like you are super common in USA, there is another one in here called superjunior who rejects anything american at all. It’s no wonder there are no asians in pop in the USA when you reject your own american culture so much.

            • blah says:

              Rotten EGG all over this comment thread, definitely nasty and reeeeeking of idiocy and racism. You are a psychotic imbecile of a Brit who really needs to expand your repertoire of insults. How many times do you have to repeat “America is Korea’s colonial owner” before you start feeling better about yourself?

              America WAS, at various points in history, both Korea’s biggest betrayer and also Korea’s biggest ally, but America was, and never will be, Korea’s owner. Now don’t spout any OPCON nonsesense at me when you don’t even understand how OPCON works between Korea and America. I already shredded your argument in a previous comment thread and I don’t want to repeat myself yet AGAIN to you. Not that repetition seems to help, after all you don’t have anything that passes for a brain.

              If you are going to respond to my comment, please write coherently, none of that “blah blah blah”-ing which only serves to reinforce the fact that you are slipping even further into your delusional reality. Also, in your reply, please write something ORIGINAL for a change. I’ve already heard, and shredded, your boring repertoire revolving around Korean immigration, suicide, plastic surgery, supposed love for Americans, and America’s supposed defacto ownership of Koreans. Come up with something ORIGINAL for a change. OR BETTER YET, why don’t you take my earlier advice and actually try to take the time to learn in depth about Korea instead of just getting all your information from internet K-pop sites, and crack the tiny facade of Korea that you know to date.

              • CadburysCreamEgg says:

                You’re just upset because Europeans don’t find your ‘american accented’ Korean women attractive, and for that we understand your anger and frustration.

              • blah says:

                Don’t speak for all Europeans, they wouldn’t appreciate having such a dimwit imbecile like yourself making such a claim. And trust me, I couldn’t care LESS whether you find Korean women attractive. We ALL know, however, that you’re still not over that one Korean girl with teeny weeny eyes and sausage legs who kept you for a time as her “biyatch” but then decided to go with a Frenchman instead. Get over it.

        • ashleeeigh says:

          Before you said that no one outside of those three cities, Seoul and whatever else you listed, know about Korean stars, but now you are admitting that some Americans do know about them? Good job contradicting yourself. Also, from what you’re saying, it seems you are American? So, unless you’re calling yourself an overseas Chinese, a Filipino nurse, or an American who’s trying to be Korean, then aren’t there also other Americans that know about Korean stars and music then? Oh and I’m an American born Chinese who has absolutely no desire to be Korean but still acknowledges the talent that Korean stars have. Well, there goes that statement. Guess it wasn’t true, as is everything else you are saying.

          • CadburysCreamEgg says:

            No, you’re an American heritage-leech. Your meat and mind is American, but because of parental insecurity you spend most of your time trying to resemble someone from outside of your american tribe. The mainstream american tribe realise you’ve rejected them, and react to this by reject you. You typically end up isolated from the mainstream, leeching onto a culture your parents abandoned for reasons only known to them. The tribe members of the leeched culture reject you because you abandoned them, equal and opposite reactions. You end up blaming the mainstream US tribe for being racist and talk of things like ‘bamboo ceilings’ but you chose to reject them, so you basically end up culturally isolated in a bed of your own making, ranting on about how frustrating life is in USA and why heritage leeches never get on the tv.

            It’s no wonder you then turn to Korean culture in an attempt to resolve your identification issues.

    • Momo13 says:

      Okay im sorry thats just messes up! Your being racist because your saying crap like “Well it cannot be talent, because Koreans don’t have any of that.” THAT IS RACIST TO KOREANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Honesty IM sure one of these koreans your saying have no talent have more talent in one finger than you have in your ENTIRE BODY!!!!!! Im full white i have no part of me that is korean and i LOVE listening to Korean music compared to some of the music here in the US! Because when they rap its about love not sex, drugs, or money, and they dont make money of off stuttering and saying words people can hardly understand even though its there own language!

      If your following the FACEDE of korea than what would you say if you lived in korea and heard about the US.
      “All they have over there is fried foods and everybody is obese! Why would i go to a place where all their music is big and bad rap guys singing about sex and drugs?” BULL CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thats what alot of people would say about our music! And sometimes its very true! If the situation was backwards you could very easily say that the only talent american singers have is to spout nonsense into a microphone, give it a good beat, and make people think its music! I state again….

      BULL BULL BULL BULL BULL BULL CRAAAAAAPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And now us people here who are giving our OPINIONS (free speech dude!) your calling “dimwits” and “Just at racist xenophobes ” and all this crap your saying is offensive to ever korean person who reads it and there self confidence sinks just one notch lower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh and PS. You just got chewed the hell out of by a freaking 13 year old girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jenni says:

    connections duh.

  4. YunhoFan says:

    Thank you for a great article!

  5. FINALBOSS says:


    You’re always going to have an easier go if you know somebody in the field. This applies to EVERYTHING.

  6. Flick says:

    If you are GOOD LOOKING & have PLASTIC that is all that counts,the others things(talents,voices,good acting,etc) doesn’t import!!!

    • ashleeeigh says:

      Good looking definitely goes a long way but so does talent. There are a lot of people who are good looking and who can pay to make themselves good looking, but it’s a lot harder to buy yourself talent. And your good looks won’t get you that far…ultimately it’s the talent and personality that win people and their respect.

  7. Enee says:

    They are mixed up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Someone please list their names in order. PLEASE!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Could someone please list the guys in the picture’s names in order? PLEASE!!!

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I think Park Yoo Hwan is cute~

  11. sujufan says:


  12. Ivory Upthegrove says:

    Well I am very sorry for this American coming on this web that I love so much and bashing anyone. Korea and Koreans are the most gifted and beautiful people on the face of the earth. I would say everyone I have heard sing that is Korean has a beautiful bell tone voice and American singers suck big time. All they have are teenagers singing. I am related to Roger Sherman who signed the Declaration of Independence and helped write it. He fought for the equality of all humans. He passed this on. Americans like this person are very mistaken and see the world through a “we are best mentality.” America is good but Korea is too! Please forgive the stupidity that this person has shone you and know there are Americans that love Korea and Koreans. I still cry for Park Young Ha and his beautiful voice. I am one with all mankind in spirit. I love this website and everyone that posts here.

    • Cassull says:

      Cool story bro.

    • pammiej85 says:

      Umm…I don’t like racism either but I also don’t worship Koreans like you…..

    • CadburysCreamEgg says:

      “Korea and Koreans are the most gifted and beautiful people on the face of the earth.”


    • ashleeeigh says:

      Are you just writing this bullsh*t on purpose b/c you think it’s funny or b/c you are trying to make Americans who like Kpop look bad? Cause yeah, you succeeded on the latter although I think anyone with any sort of intelligence won’t take you seriously. Oh and P.S. if you really meant all that, I’m so sorry…lol

      • CadburysCreamEgg says:

        Americans who like K-pop are normally reacting to a physical obesity issue, where they are trying to combat their own perceived obesity by ‘breeding’ with a skinny korean guy in order to have children who are within normal tolerance levels.

        It’s mainly subconscious so they don’t actually know they are doing it.

      • blah says:

        Americans who like K-pop like it for the same reason that they like U.K. pop, J-pop, C-pop. Just stop with your racist and anti-Korean comments, or just admit that you are a racist prick who hates Koreans and then we can really let the rotten EGG bashing begin.

        • CadburysCreamEgg says:

          Look, i’m sorry but European guys just don’t find your women attractive and that’s why we don’t marry them. We don’t like the attitude, the surgical scars, the big moon face or the little legs Just get over it and stop crying about it all.

        • blah says:

          HAHAHAHA~~ man, you are definitely a clown.

          Listen, I have no problem with you playing the non-grata spokesmen for all European males. It’s your delusional world, and you can control what mates with what. I’m actually glad you don’t like Korean women, and since 99.99999% of Korean women won’t even give you a second look, it works both ways! Just don’t take out your anger on all Korean women because that specific one with itty witty bitty eyes and sausage leggs wouldn’t give you the time of day.

          Attitude, moon face and short little legs? puhahha, yet another testament to the fact that, with the exception of itty bitty sausage legs, you don’t know any Koreans, have never met a Korean in person, and have really deep issues with your self-esteem.

          You don’t like Korean women? trust me, I’m DEFINITELY over that little factoid, but your continued references to this subject makes it pretty clear that YOU are not.

          • CadburysCreamEgg says:

            You want to keep crying about that fact europeans don’t find korean women attractive or do you want to just man up and admit that they’re really f**king annoying and look like they fell into the plastic surgery machine and came out the wrong pipe.

            At least americans will marry them, eh?

          • blah says:

            Sorry, I’m not losing any tears over the fact that YOU don’t want to marry them.

            But please, don’t cry over the fact that I don’t take anything YOU say seriously, because you are in incapable of rational, objective “observation” of any kind. If you were, then you’d never make half of the idiotic statements you’ve made thus far on this forum. “FACT.”

            • CadburysCreamEgg says:

              I’m not crying.. I find it hilarious to watch your country finding new ways to go to USA to beg for them to show interest in you.

            • blah says:

              What’s hilarious is how you repeat the same anti-Korean insults over and over and over again, as if by saying them some number of magical times they’ll become true.

              You yourself said that all you know of Korea is a facade constructed from internet searches and a “trip” to Korea (most likely as part of a layover to another country). If you know that it’s nothing but a facade, then stop making yourself look like such an ignorant ass by trying to pass obviously racist and ignorant statements off as “observations”, and from even making them in the first place.

              Or are you simply saying all of this for shock value? If you are, you’re not succeeding, unless you count shocking people with your rabid xenophobic idiocy.

              • CadburysCreamEgg says:

                Have you seen the breathless scenery Balhae? Have you stood in the shadow of Mt Baitou/Paekdu? You assume too much.

                Besides, you haven’t even told us what you deem to be racist? If you’re talking about widespread plastic surgery? That’s not racist. If you’re talking about rounded facial features, diminutive limbs and single eyelids? That’s as racist as saying my skin is white and I have blue eyes. The fact is, you’re just offended by reality, and Koreans should be proud of what they are.

                You seem to be more a part of the problem than the solution, which is probably why you spend every possible opportunity with your Korea-abandoning family in USA, trying to intellectualise-away the fact that they left Korea because they simply thought it was a shyte place to be.

                But keep it up, it’s interesting to watch you do it.

              • blah says:

                You are definitely the king of all imbeciles.

                We have been talking about South Korea this entire time, and here you are waxing poetic on me about locations which are not even IN South Korea.

                Are you really stupid enough to not know that Paekdo Mountain is NOT in South Korea, but is in NORTH Korea?
                And YES, I actually have been to Paekdo.

                If you are saying this to prove you know something about Korean history before the time when Korea was divided, save your breath because it’s obvious that what little you do know was garnered from internet web surfing and from a fleeting touristy trip through several countries that obviously did NOT include SOUTH Korea.

                And HOW MANY TIMES do I have to repeat myself to you? I never denied that Koreans like plastic surgery, if anything in a previous comment thread I actually agreed with the original poster that Korea needed to tone down this beauty obsession. What I DID say to YOU was to stop making it sound like only Koreans engage in this, when in fact the majority of Asians and many other Western counterparts do this as well.

                You need to get out of your delusional world a little more, because you are hearing voices that are telling you I said things which I obviously did not. If you could read, you’d have gotten that from our comment thread here and from previous discussions.

                And I don’t know how many times I have to repeat this to you as well: Some Koreans like America and go there because yes, for them life in Korea is shytty. BUT the majority choose to stay and live in Korea, and that is why Korea is the economic and cultural powerhouse it is today in Asia.

                And do you really like making a complete ASS of yourself with your assumptions? You obviously are a sucker for pain. Given what a greasy and nasty little British wad of slime you are, I really don’t want you to know ANYTHING about my family. Suffice it to say that you are one sad sad sad little reject who obviously suffers from self-esteem issues and tries ardently to be the best anti-Korean culture leach possible, in order to gain as much love from your fellow tribesmen of anti-Korean worms and therefore make up for your tribe’s ex-communication of you.

                And you want to know how I define RACISM? I define it as the unfounded and unverified negative generalizations made about an entire country solely because of that country’s ethnicity.
                Straight from your horsey Brit mouth, you made that statement that you don’t know anything about South Korea but the facade that you’ve constructed. Yet you go and make insulting and false generalizations about the entire Korean population such as:

                “Koreans have no talent”

                “Koreans love Suicide”

                “Koreans love Americans”

                “All Koreans want to live in America”

                And more of these outrageous statements.

                Also, nothing wrong with single lids and rounded facial features, but where the hell are you getting your information to justify that part of the statement “Diminutive limbs”? The average height of Koreans is actually on par with that of the British, so are you saying that the British also have diminutive limbs? It is exactly this type of copy & paste action you use as the basis of all your ethnic judgements and generalizations, without even bothering to verify the facts, that makes me judge YOU in turn as a racist imbecile dimwit who is incabable of making any kind of objective and accurate observation about reality.

                • CadburysCreamEgg says:

                  Seriously, ‘before korea was divided?’ when in history wasn’t Korea divided? During the invasion of Gaya? Three Kingdom’s period? Proto Three kingdoms? The current two kingdoms period?

                  I’m glad you agree that Koreans like to move to USA.

                  Finally, the difference between British ‘wad’s of slime’ and British ‘horsey mouthed pricks’ as you affectionate refer to us, is that if we were short we’d accept it and be able to sleep at night under the full knowledge of our talents, rather than koreans who would stay awake at night manically calling their family plastic surgeon ordering some beastly leg-lengthening surgery just because they cannot deal with their own genetics.

                  Your hatred of Europeans is already quite acute I see. But that’s fine because everyone knows americans train their koreans to hate europeans.

              • blah says:

                If you can’t read, why bother trying to respond to me.

                FIRST: The majority of Koreans don’t want to go to Korea. Simple as that, now accept this fact #1 and move on.

                Second, a wad of slime is YOU. As is the owner of a certain horsey Brit Mouth. You have no talent to speak of (other than copying and pasting from the internet), whether you can sleep soundly at night I wouldn’t know.

                The unmodified height of Koreans are on par with the Brits. Accept this fact #2, and MOVE ON with your life.

                I don’t hate Europeans. I also think European women are quite sexy, and I feel sorry for you that you’ll never be able to actually date one. What I DO hate are xenophobic racists such as yourself. Accept this fact #3 and bury your ugly little head back into your delusional world.

                You’re a sad sad little reject with obvious memory problems, I really hope that we won’t have to discuss any of the aforementioned “facts” again because it’s really getting quite boring having to repeat myself ad nauseam.

                • CadburysCreamEgg says:

                  This is utterly baseless. We can make an initial assumption that there is a certain number of Koreans who want to go to USA but do not get there. The constraints are that USA doesn’t allow all the people who want to go to USA into USA. They are likely allow approximately 10% of those who apply. So we know that of the number of koreans who want to go to USA, approximately 10% got into USA.

                  How many South Koreans are there? Population of ROK is 50’000’000. people.

                  How many South Koreans got into USA? Well the korean-american population is over 4’500’000.

                  so if we divide the proportion of Koreans who got to USA by the population of Korea we will have a close idea of the percentage of Koreans who wanted to go to USA, i.e. multiply the figure in USA by 10.

                  4’500’000 x 10 = 45’000’000 South Koreans ‘want’ to go to the USA.

                  so somewherein the region of 5 – 3 million koreans don’t want to go to the USA

                • CadburysCreamEgg says:

                  Oh, so you think I never dated european women? Haha, okay.

              • blah says:

                I’ll hand it to you, you have managed to shock me once again with your idiocy. Are you really… I mean are you REALLY… this stupid?

                You’ve neglected the most important element that should have been the basis for your calculations of any population growth, and that was a certain little thing called TIME!!

                The 4,500,000 Koreans living in America NOW does not mean that 4,500,000 Koreans all decided to mass immigrate at the same time from Korea on a given year when the ROK population was 50,000,000. So that totally rips your “calculation” to pieces, you dimwit of all dimwits. In addition, of the 4,500,000, more than half are second generation children born to their first generation parents. So that rips your logic even more to shreds, and shows once again what a COMPLETE ASS you are. And also verifies the fact that you only have a black, gaping, massive hole between your ears. Another reason why European women would never date you. They prefer men who can actually think.

                • CadburysCreamEgg says:

                  You’re just angry that I showed simplistically how Koreans all want to move to USA, which dispels your myth-mongering about koreans not wanting to go there, even though you spend all the time possible in USA and away from Korea, which you supposedly love but don’t.

                  Time? People don’t instantaneously just move to USA, and time will not exaggerate the number by much, because birth rate would be comparable for both the fake-koreans in USA and the real-koreans in Korea. The proportional growth rate is the same, the same proportion of Koreans trying to get into USA would have been comparatively the same proportion as now.

                  Sorry to break it to you, Mr Bad-at-maths.

              • blah says:

                LOL… wow, you’ve slipped even further into your delusional world than I thought.

                I’m not angry, just appalled at what a simpleton you are.

                YOU are the one who made that incredibly stupid “math” example, gibbering on about dividing the entire ROK population by the number of Koreans living in the USA NOW, and then multiplying by 10. HAHAHA, what utter rubbish. You don’t seem to understand that your “logic” would only work if the Koreans DID instantaneously move, all 4,500,000 of them, to America ALL AT ONCE. Which is obviously not the case.

                And fake Koreans? HAHAHA, read carefully moron: Those “fake” second- and third-generation Koreans make up more than half of the 4,500,000 population number YOU pulled up from the internet.

                So it would seem that YOU are slipping, predictably, into your mania AGAIN because I’ve proven what a complete idiot you are.

                Listen, YOU have never visited South Korea for any significant length of time, or have spoken with any Koreans who live here, otherwise you’d not have such a hard time accepting the FACT that the majority of Koreans are quite happy with living in Korea and choose to make their home here.

                How ridiculous is this, a Brit who knows nothing about Korea, insisting that he knows more than a Korean who lives in Korea.

                The majority of Koreans want to stay in Korea, accept this and move on with your sad sorry life.

                • CadburysCreamEgg says:

                  I gave you statistics, but you just want opinion.

                  It’s a fact that the majority of South Koreans want to live in USA, just like you do, and your family who abandoned Korea.

                  You just keep telling yourself that it’s not true, and we’ll all keep laughing while South Koreans fall over themselves in the big fight to get to the USA.

                  Regardless of your biased opinion, statistics suggests that a majority of Koreans want to abandon korea and move to USA. Just accept this and move on….. to USA.

            • blah says:

              NOPE, what you gave me was a sad sad sad little attempt to show that you know some math, but ended up failing miserably. Statistics? HA, I’m sure you’ve got your math teachers rolling in their graves.

              And I love how everytime I’ve got your cornered, you cling to your mistaken belief like it’s some life-boat that will save your from your lunacy. Well, if believing that Koreans all want to move to the USA is what will spare you your sanity, then go for it.. after all, it’s your delusional world, and it’s not use trying to tell a blind man what the world around him actually looks like.

              • CadburysCreamEgg says:

                If koreans don’t want to move to USA, can you explain why 10% of your ex-country folk live there, and the number is increasing rate.

                Is this because they hate living in USA?

              • blah says:

                Wow, if this is what your parents had to go through raising you, I don’t blame them for trying to throw you off the roof.

                Read CAREFULLY:
                MORE than HALF of the 4,500,000 Koreans living in America consist of 2nd and 3rd generation Koreans who were BORN in America to their first generation Korean parents who had immigrated to the USA at various point in the past. That 4,500,000 represents the total Korean population in the USA (first-second-third generation, regardless of WHEN they actually came over to the USA). So that 4,500,000 number is not a good starting point to even begin to try gauging how many South Koreans immigrate to the USA in a given year.

                And facts are facts, the MAJORITY if Koreans want to, and DO, live in Korea. Get OVER it. This is the last time I’m going to try to talk sense to you, if you can’t accept it than do what you have to do to make yourself feel better so you can sleep at nights. IF that means clinging like an obstinate ASS to a mistaken belief, than cling away all you want. It’s your delusional world, you can do with it as you want. Carry ON.

  13. […] Regardless, for celebrity hopefuls, it certain is fantastic having celebrity family. [Via source] […]

  14. lalala says:

    “korea and korean are the most gifted and beautiful people on the face of the earth”?
    the funniest comment i’ve ever read!

  15. tvxqfangirl85 says:

    WTF is up with some of these comments?

    Anyway, I don’t know about the rest but I do know that Yoochun’s little brother Ricky Park trained for six months to be an actor.

    And Junsu’s twin brother Junho debuted in China as Zuno after attending university in China and being trained.

    Of course a portion of their success has been through nepotism.

  16. Milton Fair says:

    Thanks for providing such information. niouwhgfd

  17. Orange_Fun says:

    It is obviously both connections and talent and even looks, when somone already looks like another celebrity they already attract fan of their already famous siblings. Some k pop celebrities have admitted to being chosen based on their looks.

  18. […] of siblings in the spotlight, this time it Rainbow rapper No Eul‘s little sister No […]

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