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Brian Joo reveals a Fly to the Sky reunion?

Two members from the famous Kpop band, Fly to the Sky, are reuniting!

Singer Brian Joo tweeted the following message on Febuary 11th,

“Excited for tmrw, it’ll be the first time Hwany[Hwanhee] & I sing together as FlytotheSky after 2 years, but it’ll be a private performance ;(“

Will the two release an album together,or digital single? Are they planning on an upcoming tour? This is big news,…but enough information. Diehard stalkers fans will not know when to plan their next attack fanmeeting! Brian is doing all his followers/fans a favor. To all the “Fly to the Sky” fanatics: be grateful that your favorite celebrity is sharing good news,while keeping you legal.

What do you think about the band reuniting?

Source: @Brianjoomuzik


17 Comments on “Brian Joo reveals a Fly to the Sky reunion?”

  1. J'sie says:

    definitely can’t wait!

    their voices complement each other so well!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by 재스민 and Kristy, BIL. BIL said: Brian Joo reveals a Fly to the Sky reunion?: Two members from the famous Kpop band, Fly to the Sky, are reuniti… […]

  3. shinwook says:

    What do you mean “two members” from FTTS? The last time I checked, there WERE only two members…lol.

  4. Your Fan. says:

    I’m so excited can’t wait .

    Your Fan.

  5. dan says:

    he’s a has been that’s trying to hang onto to any sort of celebrity status. He’s nothing more than a filler for low rate variety shows when they need an extra person.

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    YES YES YES YES YES!!! I remember Fly To The Sky from like, 10 years ago!!
    Aaahhh!! They were so awesome and they still are!!

  7. […] the two will still continue their separate projects. His previous message was a false alarm. FTTS fans may have to wait a little longer to see an actual reunion of their beloved […]

  8. Bao says:

    Are you serious??!!! Are you for real??!! OMG…I have been a FTTS fan since their 2nd album days and I am in Happy Land right now. I can’t stop…I LOOOOVVVEEEE FlytotheSky. They are the only group that I have really ever really spent time “stalking.” hahaha…thanks for the info. I will definitely keep an eye and ear out for them. So glad that they are going to collaborate again.!! I’m so happy right now, no one can ruin it for me..kyah

    • Bao says:

      I just realized…I was too excited. And made something up from what was actually written…lol…I would love for them to collaborate officially again!!! But I’m still happy to have some news about both of them together..!! 🙂

      • abundanttempest says:

        yep it was just to sing at their hyung’s wedding. but i know brian has expressed wanting to put out another album with hwanhee. who knows? maybe something will come about…

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