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Fans Say G.NA IS Sexy

Even if singer G.NA doesn’t embrace the sexy concept, fans are certain that she is sexy.

G.NA is probably lucky in the Korean entertainment biz: she doesn’t have to do a “sexy concept” in order to be sexy.

After news spread that G.NA turned down a “too sexy” concept instead to be comfortable in her body, fans replied by saying, “G.NA is naturally sexy anyway.”

Do you think G.NA is doing just fine without the “concept”?


17 Comments on “Fans Say G.NA IS Sexy”

  1. EggAndCressSandwich says:

    Can someone explain to me what this article is about? I’ve read it a few times and it still seems to make no sense.

    • nooneatall says:

      I am pretty sure the second shot in the second image sums it up. She doesn’t need to show off skin to be sexy because she is naturally very well endowed.

      Her latest song is catchy btw.

  2. dan says:

    something about an overrated talentless singer which the mindless koreans idolize.

    • EggAndCressSandwich says:

      Don’t forget the mindless indovietmalaypinays, they’d idolise anything vaguely Korean. I suspect if you wrote ‘Korean’ on some soiled underpants they would probably idolise those too.

      • QWERTYUIOP says:

        Why would we want to do such things? We may idolize Koreans idol very much but that doesn’t give you the right to say so.
        You have a shallow way of thinking, and seriously, you need to do something about it.

        And FYI, we are sure we aren’t blinded away by their weakness points.

        • BeansOnToast says:

          “We may idolize Koreans idol very much but that doesn’t give you the right to say so.”
          Thanks for admitting the truth. In addition it gives me every right to say so, that’s why freedom of speech exists.

      • itisme says:

        you have no right to insult those “indovietmalaypinays” that you call mindless. I dont think their whole race would “idolise anything vaguely Korean”, that’s ridiculous!
        tens or hundreds may but most of them dont cause for sure they got better things to do…

    • Hannah says:

      Why do these trolls keep coming here. Literally wasting hours and hours of their daily lives. To come to this particular site and write the same bullshit over and over? Not even that, many K pop stars may seem talentless due to their restricting choice of songs or dance, but most of them DO have singing talent or dance talent. They certainly work their asses off which I think is a fact that go widely unnoticed. Besides this, G.Na actually has a wonderful and natural singing ability. This guys obviously just so fucked up in the head that he can’t see how pathetic it is to literally be publishing goddamn essays here everyday. I mean does is have no life? No job? No girlfriend? No friends? I don’t even like k pop that much. I’m just sick of the fucking racism. No one told you to notice Korea jackass. But thanks for stimulating the Korean economy all your life by raising awareness of its entertainment industry and buying many of the wonderful products we manufacture. How does it feel handing all that money over to a country you find so mindless?

  3. cbc says:

    She definitely has one of the best bod in the kpop industry. She can be sexy without trying.

  4. AiHaRa Hate says: is normal….not sexy…only her dance and outfits make her look sexy….u all must kno that

  5. G.Na says:

    her boobs are big. not usual of korean skinny girls.

  6. Sweetsmilez says:

    She ish verly pretty!!!!!..^~*

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