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Gu Hara’s Second Man: Jung Yong-hwa

Gu Hara was caught getting touchy-touchy with C.N Blue frontman Jung Yong-hwa. But, wasn’t she showing the skinship with 2PM‘s Chansung before?

Kara member Gu Hara must just be a friendly girl, because she was caught having some “intimate” (if a sea of people is intimate) time with Jung Yong-hwa. A fan caught this shot of the doll-like Kara member affectionately placing her hand on the C.N Blue rocker’s chest during the ending of the KBS Gayo Festival.” Oh my. Yet, none of the other idols seem to care.

This is being spread on the internet in response to the recent news of Gu Hara and 2PM Chansung’s affections during the filming of “Idol King” in Pataya.

Netizens are saying, “It’s hard to say, but it looks like these two are close,” and “It’s hard to tell from this capture what’s going on.”

If you feel like exercising your imagination, if you were Gu Hara, would you choose Chansung or Jung Yong-hwa?


39 Comments on “Gu Hara’s Second Man: Jung Yong-hwa”

  1. jinglingjingle says:

    Don’t she know that Yong Hwa belongs to Seo Young? hahah.
    Get your hands off him Hara!

    • jinglingjingle says:

      * Seo Hyun

    • dan says:

      first of all get it through your head that it’s a FAKE marriage.

      second, there are guys and girls all over the world who are just FRIENDS which may on occasion in the example of joking around involve physical contact. does this automatically make them a couple? NO!!! get a life

      • EggAndCressSandwich says:

        I think to online-people, physical contact is just the same as getting married.. and it means you have to marry another mental basket case in a similar slavish 30-year contract as yourself.

        To be fair this is probably all the friendly physical contact they get which doesn’t include sexysexy-time from a CEO.

      • mira :) says:

        @ dan

        yup !
        i totaly agree with u .
        some fans just think too much .

  2. justmega says:

    “Netizens are saying, “It’s hard to say, but it looks like these two are close,” and “It’s hard to tell from this capture what’s going on.”

    So we’ll just jump to conclusions like the shit talking koreans that we are and because we have nothing better to do. One can come to pretty much any conclusion based on these 2 pics. It appears that she is pushing him away or straightarming him.

    Let’s really run with then and say that the guy behind Yong-Hwa in black is blowing sweet nothings into his ear and likewise for the girl in front of Hara doing it to her ear. Then, OMG, Hara is resting her head on that guy’s shoulder. So, now it’s 3 guys. OMG.

    She is an attractive girl and these are horny, young men. What do you expect is going to happen?

    • EggAndCressSandwich says:

      We’d expect some CEO to walk in, punch him in the face and then say, ‘get your hands off my b@tch, she’s my b@tch and I own her, I bought her, do you hear me’. If you want my honest opinion.

  3. jOselyne♥ says:

    i don’t think that their’s something going on… I think that Hara just like skinship, doesn’t she? kekeke

  4. Haru Haru says:

    So she is a liar,before she was talking that she is not that interesting in man.Now you can see it that she like mens the most!!!

    • justmega says:

      You came to that conclusion from these 2 photos?

    • lay says:

      so, i guess she should get herself into a monastery or something so as to prove that she’s not interested in men?? even if she did say that, and later has a change of heart, it’s her business and none of yours or those crazy korean netizens’.

      • BeansOnToast says:

        FYI. A monastery is where guys go to become monks, a nunnery is where girls go to become nuns.

        Besides she’s unlikely to be interested in this guy, because he’s not powerful or rich.

  5. comet says:

    This is how she always behaved around good looking men in Invincible Youth. She’s a natural born flirt.

  6. Kaybee says:

    I’ve see Hara doing that to a lot many people on screen a lot many times before…She seems like an over friendly girl who likes to touching for communicating….
    I tend to observe (not judge) people a lot because of my natural incline and also maybe because I’ve done my Bachelors in Psychology… Hara is a very friendly girl. In one episode of SBS HahaMong Show, Hara was over touchy with MC Mong and I believe MC Mong didn’t like it much….you could actually see him frowning a bit and moving away from Hara…
    I believe it’s her habit…

    • Kaybee says:

      * to touch

    • BeansOnToast says:

      Bachelors in psychology doesn’t make you an expert in observation. If you truly knew anything about psychology you’d know it’s nothing to do with that.

      “maybe because I’ve done my Bachelors in Psychology… Hara is a very friendly girl” << you need a bachelors in psychology to know who is friendly or not? You can tell this just from internet-posted photos.

      I doubt you did a psychology degree because you seem to know nothing about what psychology means, and if you did it clearly was a shyte university.

      • Kaybee says:

        Nice play with sentences…
        You are one of those who tend to be critical of others and loiter around online forums for a daily dose of self worth by ridiculing others…LOL.
        It just shows how poor you are.
        Some lonely soul. eh! I pity likes of you!

        “I tend to observe (not judge) people a lot because of my natural incline and also maybe because I’ve done my Bachelors in Psychology…”

        • CadburysCreamEgg says:

          You definitely don’t have any psychological training. That’s all I have to say on the issue.

          You can pity me all you like but I’m not the one online telling lies about my qualifications. (that would be you)

    • snooki says:

      Bachelor in psychology, muahahaha. In america it probably means something. Where I live it does not.

  7. comet says:

    …but did you also notice she doesn’t like other girls doing the very same thing to the guys? That’s not being friendly – that’s being territorial.

  8. Tornado says:

    If I were Yong-hwa, I will pursue Kara’s girl since they are the prettiest girl group in Korea.

  9. ChuuChuu says:

    Gu Hara, I love you. I’m a huge fan. You’re talented and very beautiful.

    But If that is your hand:
    BACK OFF. He is currently taken.

    I hate netizens that are always like OMG YOU HO, GET AWAY FROM -inset idols name here- It’s annoying and rude. But its only annoying and rude when the idol and the girl are both single. If they like each other, LEAVE THEM ALONE, they can be as flirty as they want together. Infact, the more flirtier, the more I like it. It’s cute. I like when single idols are close and flirtatious with each other. It’s refreshing and adorable to watch feelings grow.

    But when an idol has, in this case, a wife, it’s a different story. Fake wife or not, the two are together. And they obviously have real feelings for each other. You’d have to be blind AND deaf to not notice it.

    So for now, I think it’s nessessary for people to get a little ticked off from this.
    Seriously. If thats your hand, then all I have to say is back off. Fake marrige or not, don’t touch him so intimately. Doesn’t matter how close the two of you are, you’re doing something wrong. It makes you look bad and creates an unnessessarily large amount of antis. You know how fans get. You know how antis get. You know how horrible they are. So don’t put yourself in that kind of vunerable situation. I don’t want the next post saying “Gu Hara gets a wave of hate mail ‘leave Yong Hwa alone, he’s Seohyun’s!”
    I really don’t. I’m a fan of yours. So please dont do shit like this.

    • Cassull says:

      At first I thought that what EggAndCress/Beans was writing about fanatical fans was just conjecture, but being clearly manifested before my eyes right here I understand him now.

      • CadburysCreamEgg says:

        The key is to say something full of controversy and the Phils, Viets et al will queue up in order to take a bullet or defend the honour of their korean gods.

        It’s so pathetic it’s hilarious, they couldn’t care about their own culture, not one iota.

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Maybe she likes skinship with others…??

  11. aigoo_0407 says:

    I think HARA should be more careful of her actions…so that it would not cause trouble for everyone…In my opinion HARA seems to be FLIRTY….

    • AiHaRa Hate says:

      woww!!! i also think she’s flirty…..she likes to act cute…but for the truth she looks like an 30 year old woman

  12. wella says:

    i dont like her…

  13. Misa says:

    Yonghwa is handsome but Chansung is better

  14. ANNA says:

    gues hara unni should be spared now…..we should rather ourselves learn 2 respect other person’s privacy….after what yong hwa oppa explained….hara is not a flirt!!that was just a casual action between two friends displayed as a scandal….if we are their real fans,then we should stop responding to such baseless rumors

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