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Hyun Bin and Tang Wei promote “Late Autumn”…

in winter!

Hyun Bin and Chinese actress Tang Wei may be out of season, but their movie is making headlines!

On Feburary 10th, the two stars made an appearance at the CGV Multiplex Wangsimni in Haengdang-dong Seoul for the press conference of their movie “Late Autumn“.

Late Autumn is about two Asian foreigners(a Korean and Chinese pair) in Seattle,Wasington (USA).The two people,who share dark pasts, have their 3 day love story unfold.

The male lead,Hyun Bin, was ready for spring in his white dress pants and shiny dark blue jacket. Did someone tell him he represented the third season of the day? We have autumn,winter,spring….now,who represented summer?

Tang Wei can be named the Miss Summer! Her deep red evening gown screams Valentine’s Day (Red Day in Korea) with a hint of summer.

Late Autumn” will be released in theaters on Febuary 17th.

Sources: Chosun and Nate


14 Comments on “Hyun Bin and Tang Wei promote “Late Autumn”…”

  1. EggAndCressSandwich says:

    is her right eye bruised? did someone punch her in the eye?

    Why is it all sh1tty korean films are about 2 asians in USA who find each other and then live happily in USA, the korean spiritual home. Why do koreans insist on producing and consuming piles and piles of this utter gash?

    Is this basically because the only dream Koreans have is to move to the USA and marry a Chinese because Chinese look like Koreans want to look after surgery?

    • JJ07 says:

      what would YOU suggest then? are you a director? a producer? a scriptwriter? are you even well known for something you did well?…yeah didn’t think so.

    • rosie says:

      Seriously? You think Koreans really want to look like the Chinese? Then, why is it that the Chinese are flocking to S. Korea for plastic surgery so that they can look more Korean? The Chinese are not what you call a handsome people. I should know. I’m Chinese by descent. I live in Seattle and there was an article about the filming of this movie in the Seattle Times. The only reason the director chose Seattle as its location is the very gloomy feel of the place. That’s it. You can analyze it all you want, but you can’t beat Seattle when it comes to gloominess.

      • CadburysCreamEgg says:

        You’re an american heritage-leech so you wouldn’t know anything about what real chinese people do. Besides everyone knows that overseas not-chinese spend all their time trying to be korean. For your info real-chinese don’t want to look korean. They’re probably josunjuk who go to korea for surgery, but they mainly go to Japan because they know the medical service in Japan is better.

        Considering chinese call koreans ‘big biscuit face’ or ‘big moon face’ makes your comments about real chinese people going to korea for surgery, quite laughable. You clearly have no idea about anything going on in China, so get back to being american.

      • Stan_the_Man says:

        Korean NATURAL (no surgery involved) physical attractiveness on scale of 1-10: 1.4
        Chinese score: 20
        Source of data: physical evidence seen all over the world in observing Koreans and Chinese peeps
        —–Case closed——

  2. hannah kim says:

    why does hyun bin look SO strange to me??? he looked better back in My name is Kim Sam soon!

  3. gongyoofan says:

    I think hyun bin actually gained weight from secret garden. but handsome regardless.
    don’t know about his white tux pants though!

  4. […] actor  Kim Min-jong,and many other notable celebrities were in attendence at the VIP “Late Autumn” movie premiere at the CGV Yongsan IMAX […]

  5. zee power says:

    they look soooooooo cool

  6. letterfromd says:

    I think Tang Wei really gave an endearing and heart breaking performance

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