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Hyun Bin Prepares for Service

Hyun Bin (29) will be entering the Korean Marine Corps this year and as that time approaches, he shared some of his feelings in an interview with My Daily.

In the February 11th interview, Hyun Bin said, “Even at my military interview, I’m always hearing, ‘You’ll be the oldest there, is it alright?’ The division is really worried about me as far as physical strength.” Hyun Bin is planning on joining the Marine Corps, thought to be the toughest in the Korean military.

At most, Hyun Bin could be as must as 10  years older than other service men. Regardless, Hyun Bin was still accepted into the Marine Corps. Because of that, many are calling the talented actor, “the oldest marine acceptee.”

On entering the marines, Hyun Bin says, “I have no regrets. But, we’ll have to wait until after I enter service to see if I do have regrets.”

As most Korean men tend to enter the military in their early twenties, Hyun Bin isn’t worried about the difference. Instead, he thinks this is his time to enter the military.

“Of course, we’ll have to see 2 years later, but after going and coming out of the military, I think I’ll change a lot.” Hyun Bin seems to be preparing a lot for his new military life. “Up until now, I have had a lot of conversations with other actors who have gone and come back from the military, and I can feel what it was like. I really want to experience that first hand.”

“I have to wait and see, but I think I’ll have a lot more time in there. Since my debut, I’ve had a busy lifestyle with no time to think. It seems like this is a chance to have some time to think about things.”

On March 7th, Hyun Bin will be attending the Berlin Film Festival. Even at this time, the actor has a full schedule right up until he leaves for service.

On this subject, Hyun Bin expressed his disappointment”After finishing filming for [“Secret Garden“] I really wanted to go on a vacation to a warm place, but I can’t even do something like that.”

Hyun Bin will be appearing in two films being released this coming March. Co-starring Chinese actress Tang Wei, “Late Autumn” (만추) will be released on March 17th. And, “I Love You, I Love You Not” (사랑한다. 사랑하지 않는다) co-starring Lim Soo-jung will be opening on March 3rd.


24 Comments on “Hyun Bin Prepares for Service”

  1. GRRRR !!!!! says:


  2. Kasey says:

    wow..I wish him the best of luck…I truly respect him a lot for taking a big step no matter where he is he will be great. Its to bad he has such a busy schedule. What a change it will be for him to go straight into service after being so busy, but at least he gets a taste of what military life will yeah he is prepared.

    • dan says:

      Working at a desk job a few hours a day in the city doesn’t exactly expose this loser to “a taste of military life”. Celebs “serving” in the military is all for show and publicity which you obviously fell for.

  3. dan says:

    OHHH NO. Military service for a celebrity.
    Time for the military to remodel a big office. Go buy a nice big desk and comfortable chair, also maybe a small bed so he can take a nap while pretending to serve in the military from the comforts of a desk job in the city. Mon-Fri 11AM-2PM. Korea thanks you for your military service. The only time this idiot will wear a military uniform is for photos.

    Special treatment of celebs in the korean military is a fucking joke.

  4. johyn says:

    Sam Shik is the best!!!

  5. […] Original Source:…es-for-service/ […]

  6. RCB says:

    Always love you! Fighthing! Take care always and have good health while in the military.

  7. crazyMAL says:

    i love him on secret garden haha!

    aegyo oppa ❤

  8. lovebinnie says:

    So, does it mean he’s still can meet shk at night during military service? Aaaww I’m so relieved…

  9. aghie says:

    ..i hope its true…he broke up to his gf…tell you frankly we don’t see any chemestry about this ..two..hope you come back soon…safe…and mind clear…pls when you came back…look for miss stunwoman..hehehe…she so right for you…

  10. […] narration has even inspired the actor to want to go to Africa. In line with his brave decision to join the Marines, Hyun Bin revealed of one African culture, “There was a festival where they choose the most […]

  11. waeda says:

    love him in secret garden…ive been addicting for him!!OMO!!,,2 years?? come back n look for ur stuntwoman~!!ARASO!! 😀

  12. melanie says:

    really like hyun bin in secret garden, he’s a great actor….
    Love when he sang on secret garden

  13. I’m one of your greatest fans. I’m so happy for the success of your show Secret Garden, with your co-star, Ha Ji Won; Too bad you had to leave showbiz for the meantime because of military service. I wish you more power and success, and do continue to make your fans go crazy with you and your upcoming projects. =) Stay handsome. Have a healthy life. Ok? 🙂 By the way, I’ll still wait for your upcoming more projects and I’ll assure you, I’ll support it 100%. Ha ha ha.

  14. Oppa. I’m so happy for you! =) Secret Garden was a big hit! It was on HOT SPOT! 🙂 Saranghaeyo!

  15. Oppa, you deserved to be loved. What you need is a stunt woman. :3 Go for Ha Ji Won. You both have the good chemistry and you look good together! “)))

  16. yhanni kim says:


  17. HatersGoAway says:

    Ftw. Why do u guys need to judge a Person w/o even knowing him personally? Are u insecure jealous Or envy? Lawl he’s too popular , talented and well educated to argue with you guys. Learn your Place. And limit your moves.

  18. marites ramos says:

    your TVseries “Secret Garden” is now airing here in the Philippines…and I really like your show…wish to have a part2..:-)..more power!!!

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