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Kim Tae-hee’s University Days

In the drama “My Princess,” Kim Tae-hee plays a university student (though she does look a little old for the part). So, what did the ulzzang really look like in her university days? 11 years ago?!

A fresh-faced university-age Kim Tae-hee was featured on the MBC official blog video program “Time.” She is shown discussing with her friends and eating in the student cafeteria at Seoul National University, where she studied fashion.

In the video, the now wildly famous actress said, “Since high school I’ve had the vague idea of doing modeling, and then by chance, I got a pickup.”

What do you think of the real university Kim Tae-hee?


10 Comments on “Kim Tae-hee’s University Days”

  1. jOselyne♥ says:

    she was even pretty in her younger years~!

  2. cbc says:

    She hasn’t really aged. I think she looks the same as her university days.

  3. bummiie says:

    agree ~~ ❤

  4. Wowza says:

    Wow… I can’t believe she’s 30…. 31 next month!

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  6. loveKTH says:

    still as beautiful as the sunset,,,,the prettiest korean actress,,,=)

  7. acy13 says:

    it only proves that she has not done any surgeries.. 🙂 she’s still beautiful..

    • Torch says:

      She’s Korean, of course she’s had surgery. Show me a Korean who hasn’t had surgery on their face, and I’ll show you a unicorn eating a melon.

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