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Ricky Kim is a Father!

The Korean American actor,model, and MC has welcomed his new baby…..

girl into the world! On February 10th, the “Athena” actor tweeted the following news:

“Its a GIRL…..a little angel was brought to us at 353pm…thank u all for ur prayers…i love u SJ…The first day as a father♥ This is a day i will never forget^^”

Ricky,who is married to musical actress Ryu Seung-joo, could not hold back his excitement on becoming a new parent.

Congratulations to the proud new parents! Would you love to babysit their precious new bundle of joy?

Source: @Rickykim81


14 Comments on “Ricky Kim is a Father!”

  1. Kasey says:

    Hell you, to get close to a hotty like him why bad he’s taken..hehehe..lucky girl. Congrats to them both.

  2. dan says:

    loser couldn’t make it in america so went to korea where koreans idolize anything american.

    • bd2 says:

      Well, just have a Brit or Aussie accent and one can be a big star in the US.

      And really, he may be a “loser”, but not as big of a one as you (bitter much)?

      • Krikri says:

        It’s true! If not look into Daniel Henney,lol! He didn’t make it in USA and he comeback to Korea,because he is popular thanks to his good look and his acting is mediocre! So people don’t care it he has talent or not,they follow him because of his look!

        • dan says:

          loser daniel has gone back and forth so many times. each time he gets rejected in the US he goes crawling back to korea for an ego boost.

          And you can’t call what he does “acting”. I cringe whenever I see his sorry ass on tv. It’s so bad i feel embarrassed for him.

          • CadburysCreamEgg says:

            To be fair to Daniel ‘i think i’m half british, but really my dad is from ohio’ Henney, It’s hard to act when you’re walking on korean women who are lying underneath your feet begging for you to take them to USA away from the evils of korean society.

        • bd2 says:

          Eh, Henney’s not a good actor to be sure, but he gets offer parts by Hollywood that he rejects – you know, the typical stereotypical ones.

          The last part (in 3 Rivers) was a pretty big one; it’s not his fault the whole medical drama thing was played out.

      • CadburysCreamEgg says:

        Are you saying hugh laurie and nicole kidman cannot act?

        • bd2 says:

          Laurie can act; Kidman is so-so – but that’s not the point.

          Think of all the news reporters/”reality star” figures who have made it big in the US, mostly due to people thinking a British accent sounds classy/sophisticated.

          Also white foreign actors have gotten in demand in the US since Hollywood producers now want to go w/ a more natural look.

          • CadburysCreamEgg says:

            Tell me one news reporter or reality star in the USA who is British?

            I think your issue is more to do with how British actors are brought up.. where regardless of their looks they are mainly educated through stage acting and formal education, as compared to in USA where they’re just plucked off the street for looking ‘aesthetically acceptable’ regardless of their ability.

            That’s why we have British actors like Patrick Steward, Ian McKellan, Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet, et al. And USA really only has Jonny Depp and John Malkovich who have any range in their acting abilities. This is why British people are always portrayed as being evil, because you hate the British because we invented you, and because it’s harder to act a genuinely evil part. USA has some good directors though, such as Terry Giliam and Stanley Kubrick, but then a lot of the modern work has been by Ridley Scott, Danny Boyle.. and the USA representative was James Cameron who just likes to wave an american flag and blow things up.

            The ‘natural look’ is just because British people are accepting of the fact we’re ugly and unique, and we like that uniqueness, because it makes us who we are.

            So it’s just a bit deeper than we sound ‘classy and sophisticated’. (does jason statham sound sophisticated?)

  3. lukewarm.oasis says:

    Honestly, I’ve never heard of him. I had to find information thru google.
    On a random note, that’s an ugly picture of him to use for this article ~

  4. Shire says:

    u can watch him in Dream Team season 2. It doesnt matter wheather he cant make it at US or not. At least he can make it in Korea.

  5. mira :) says:

    congrats to him !

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Wait, he was on Athena??? Where?? I never saw him!! Are you sure??

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