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Sol-bi is thin once again!

On February 10, 2011, Kim Su-ro uploaded two pictures of his costar Sol-bi on his twitter.

He wrote a caption stating, “Sol-bi‘s skinniness! ^^ Please love and support Sol-bi♥” In the picture, Sol-bi is wearing a black t-shirt, looking thinner than before. It seems that the boxing training she has been receiving for her role in the play (“Lee Gi-dong Gymnasium“) caused her to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Many netizens are happy to see Sol-bi look pretty and healthy, since she is one of those celebrities who always struggled with drastic fluctuations in weight.

Do you think Sol-bi looks better than before?


10 Comments on “Sol-bi is thin once again!”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Yes, she does look pretty… She was struggling a bit during WGM…

  2. . says:

    how much she weights ?

  3. BeansOnToast says:

    I’m getting the impression that popseoul is a propaganda aggregation service. The basic premise is that this forum is full of indovietmalaypinays who, aside from being willing to take a bullet for koreans, worship koreans. They all hang about saying how wonderful their k-gods are and mindlessly defend the honour of koreans, before that of their own culture. Popseoul simply just feeds them the propaganda produced by the entertainment companies in an efficient one-place-gets-all manner, regardless of it’s predictability or think veil of reality.

    Hence we get ‘Kim Jong Il feels ill today, *insert picture of kim* feel sorry for kim jong, and go buy his records in your nearest Saigon or Manila music shop’.

    I’m surprised they don’t have the intellect to see they’re being duped.. interesting though.

  4. Winnie says:

    r u forgetting what site you’re on? We dont need all your rediculous lies & accusations here. So why dont you get lost! Just because we like to watch and listen to korean movies & music, doesnt mean we are what you claim. So what then, are the rest of the world who watches & listens to everything American? Why dont you go somewhere else & take your hating & nastiness elsewhere, you poor self-loathing, ignorant, rude (bleep)! No one wants you here.

  5. Neo says:

    With or without the weight, Sol-bi is still pretty 🙂

  6. forpeace says:

    I just love sol-bi then and now

  7. pammiej85 says:

    Hasn’t she learned to love herself yet? Isn’t being superficial what led to her tons of PS?

  8. crysalide says:

    I really loved her in WGM. She really did loose herself after the weight gain and Plastic surgery.

    She’s already promise her new comp that she wont do any PS again. I’m hoping with her new image, she could shine again either in acting & singing.

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