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T-ara’s Hyo-min is Depressed

Is it time to start worrying?

T-ara member Hyo-min posted on her Cyworld minihomepage a profound, one-question diary entry, “Should I be gone?

How ever, the Korean is especially vague, “없어… 질까? (eobseojilkka?)” question can also mean, “Should it be gone?” or “Should it (she/he) disappear?” In the end, we can only tell that Hyomin is asking if someone or something should no longer be in existance. But, fans are worried that Hyo-min is referring to herself disappearing. Netizens are speculating that this is a sign of Hyo-min’s depression over comments that have been floating around since a certain incident involving a male idol superstar.

For the SBS program “Idol King,” Hyo-min participated in a water game with Big Bang‘s Seung-ri. Throughout the course of the game, Hyo-min mistakenly remarked, “He’s weird,” and, “He’s small,” using informal speech, though she is considered to be in a hoobae group. (Though, in Hyo-min’s defense, she is a year older than Seung-ri, which many Koreans believe would give her the right to use informal speech to her dongsaeng.)

Obviously Big Bang fans were outraged, and started net-attacking her with their own nasty remarks across various internet outlets, pointing out the 3-year difference in their debuts.

Hyo-min fans came to her defense, saying, “Hyo-min was just saying those things in order to make the program more enjoyable. She meant no ill feelings by it.”

Yet still, enraged fans aren’t letting Hyo-min off just yet. Even now, fans are daily posting new criticisms and threats.

It’s probably time for management to keep a close watch on Hyo-min and make sure that this undeserved situation doesn’t drive her into depression. Also, the fans need to understand the difference between a broadcast and real life.

If anything, Hyo-min’s honest and raw but simple question has brought to light the ugliness that is crazy fanaticism.

Don’t you think the fans overreacted?


15 Comments on “T-ara’s Hyo-min is Depressed”

  1. EggAndCressSandwich says:

    I think the fans should be neutered and forced to go outside into the direct sunlight and then provided with hobbies to which they can apply themselves.

  2. jamain says:


  3. food love says:

    its only a small thing. must they be like this? they so over-overreacted!

  4. 2ne1Fan says:

    Why are they bothering about her even Seungri is not mad.

  5. Richard says:

    definitely… the fans are overreacting I would like to see them be in their shoes and see how that goes for them. The best thing about being a singer is fame and representing what they do and love. So putting them together like that t.v show brings out the fans anticipation on what will be entertaining for them. Tv shows is one thing real life issues is another. We are all not perfect so small remarks of what Hyo-min said shouldn’t be taken to the heart plus it was posted on t.v and it was meant to be shown other wise the t.v editor (sorry don’t know there title of occupation) would of edit it out! They both are alive and no one was hurt so let it go it’s not serious but angry fans would do so much to make it serious. Chill out.

    Hyo-min if you somehow have the chance to read this for every one person who gives negative feeling a million more will bring warmth. Fighting!

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  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Omg… Hyomin’s tweet is starting to worry me…
    By the way, i already knew this like, 2 days ago… Please post articles on time..

    • BeansOnToast says:

      Can you just go to Allkpoop and spend more time with your american friends who equally hate the fact that they’re actually american? Then we’d have a holiday from your incessant ‘this is late/i’m so pretty’ comment macro/spamming.

  8. dsas says:

    she’s fake… apparently her face is too.

  9. I believe that they’re doing too much. she doesn’ t deserve this type of treatment!

  10. zhia_aala says:

    it’s seungri responsible to clear thing up…..he should told his fan not to be so stuck-up, snoobish and brainless!!!! do we need to start 2011 with a commit suicide like 2010?
    hyomin may look loud mouth, but she’s talented….I loves seungri and hyomin…they really do well in the entertainment world…..please stop the stupid thing!!!!!

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