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U-Know Yunho Doesn’t Give Sulli Enough Attention

Sulli feels left out from her other f(x) members because her sunbae U-Know Yunho doesn’t give her enough attention.

Sulli was feeling hurt by the Dong-bang-shin-ki member, because he seemed to have nice words to greet all the other f(x) members but was particularly curt with her.

On the February 10th broadcast of “Happy Together 3“, the f(x) mangnae explained, “U-Know Yunho usually would say to other members rather tender greetings like, ‘Our cute Luna, hi!’ or ‘More and more charming every time I see her, Krystal, hi!’ but to me he would just say, ‘Hi, Sulli,’ in a really blunt way.”

In response, all U-Know Yunho could say was, “I thought that out of all the f(x) members I was closest and talked to most with Sulli, so I didn’t know she ever thought something like that,” and tried to patch things up by saying, “Pretty princess, Sulli, hello?”

Sunbaehoobae relationships are cute, aren’t they?


8 Comments on “U-Know Yunho Doesn’t Give Sulli Enough Attention”

  1. FlyHigh says:

    Maybe she is not his ideal woman! Lol!

  2. 2ne1Fan says:

    Welll well, don’t worry Sulli. There are some hot SM singer like Siwon so don’t worry

  3. cdnpoint says:

    Maybe she doesn’t understand sarcasm.

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    hahaha this is cute~

  5. dsas says:

    he doesn’t see her as a potential girlfriend… or even friend… wow he did a nice cover up so he won’t look like such a dick.

  6. Yuckzz says:

    Hoho~ poor sulli..

  7. “Pretty princess, Sulli, hello?”

    Hehe~ that’s cute ^.^

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