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Wheesung Will Enter the Military

Singer Wheesung (29) plans on entering the military this coming December.

The man with the powerful vocals plans on entering active service as he attained the 1st level ranking in his military interview.

News of Wheesung leaving the entertainment scene for at least a year and a half is disappointing to fans, as his vocal skills usually brings the right amount of impressive singing to any music show.

Currently, Wheesung is recording for his album to be released in March.

The vocal guide-turned-singer Wheesung had his debut with his first album “Like a Movie” in 2002, with the title song, “An Dwae Na Yo.” His latest song “I Even Thought of Marriage,” hit number 1 on music charts.

We’ll sure miss the talent that Wheesung brings to the Kpop world, so sure to be safe and come back healthy!


9 Comments on “Wheesung Will Enter the Military”

  1. dan says:

    OHHH NO. Military service for a celebrity.

    Time for the military to remodel a big office. Go buy a nice big desk and comfortable chair, also maybe a small bed so he can take a nap while pretending to serve in the military from the comforts of a desk job in the city. Mon-Fri 11AM-2PM. Korea thanks you for your military service. The only time this idiot will wear a military uniform is for photos.

    Special treatment of celebs in the korean military is a fucking joke.

    • CadburysCreamEgg says:

      He might be in KATUSA where he gets to sit at an American desk, rather than a ROK desk, and hang about looking american (which koreans love) and then go home at night.

      Being in the military as a Celeb is so tough.

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    NOOOO!!! I’ll miss your awesome singing!!! 😦

    • dan says:

      singing? is that what he was doing on stage? I would have never guessed.

      • CadburysCreamEgg says:

        Maybe she’ll miss his ‘belching’ then.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          No, i said singing.

          • CadburysCreamEgg says:

            same thing.

            • Gawbuhks says:

              lmao all these ppl talking shit.

              I wouldn’t argue with Dan since special treatment is ridiculous, but as for CadburysCreamEgg, you have nowhere near the level of talent or success that he does. Seeing as how you spend your time talking shit on the internet, you probably aren’t a successful person at all.

              So smh, what a loser. You can make fun of him as much as you want but someone who has been regarded as a legend can only have their reputation stained so much by an insect.

  3. Hana says:

    Some of you guys are complete haters. I’d like to see you get up on stage and sing like he does, so shut the fuck up. He’s considered a legend in Korea. Respect your ‘sunbaes’.

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