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Xiah Junsu Has a Small Face

“It’s so small it seems like it could disappear.”

At least, that’s what netizens are saying about this family photo of JYJ member Xiah Junsu with his mother and older brother (singer) Kim Jun-ho on vacation at Jeju Island. The singer posted these photos on his personal Twitter account (@0101xiahtic) earlier today.

Many Koreans believe a small face looks good in pictures and video, and the two brothers seem to be blessed with tiny faces.

Currently, Xiah Junsu is busy with the musical “Tears of Heaven.”


7 Comments on “Xiah Junsu Has a Small Face”

  1. shafa says:

    oppa fighting!~

  2. HAIZAH says:

    the bros are so identical.

  3. comet says:

    Perhaps he should change to a hairstyle that shows off his forehead. With a small face, he shouldn’t have his hair covering half his face.

  4. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    aawwww! they r so pretty.

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    They look very similar

  6. CadburysCreamEgg says:

    you know what they say about ladyboy-men with small faces?

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