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Is the U.S. ready for 4Minute?

Seems a bit unexpected but 4Minute is allegedly preparing for an American debut…

According to rumors, during the Billboard Japan Awards, Bill Werde the editorial director of Billboard has been raving about 4Minute claiming “It’s a pity that a group like this is known only in Asia.

What do you think? Does 4Minute have a chance? It will be interesting to see how Americans will respond to them. Not to mention, 2NE1 will be some fierce competition!


61 Comments on “Is the U.S. ready for 4Minute?”

  1. cecie says:

    Well Americas music is all about sexiness and I think 4minute is that way xD

  2. CadburysCreamEgg says:

    0.00000000000000000000000001% chance of getting any attention from the US mainstream. They might get some attention from the filipino nurses and culturally isolated korean-american heritage-leeches though, which makes up about 0.0004% of the US population.

    Good luck with the debut. That’s going to go down like a crack addict.

  3. AKAN says:

    Real question is: Is 4minute ready for the US?
    We don’t do so-so foreign artist. You need talent.

    • peace says:

      yeah…that’s what i was thinking. Are they ready for the US? noooooooooo…. Just look at Wonder Girls. No body knows them, except some little… like little girls…kinda remember their “Nobody”, ’cause they had to listen to it before their beloved JoBo. Now, what are they doing? nothing. I think this is gonna be their future. It was a big opportunity for Girls Generation when WG left for the US and I don’t know which girl group will take this opportunity and get more famous.

  4. nikki says:

    another one….WHY???

  5. Carmen says:

    I like 4minute. But no.

  6. lorni says:

    that’s nice…hope to hear their american album!

    • lorni says:

      but then again…yea…u have to have the talent to make it in america… If u notice, every artist in america has their own unique singing style and fashion that separates them from the rest and makes them an individual that stands out. So people would be like, “hey that person is blah blah blah!” or “‘ haha u dress like this artist” or something like that. And in the music industry, americans want TALENT. But hopefully 4minute makes a good album.

  7. bd2 says:

    Unless one can sing in fluent English (not to mention having the right sound), no.

    Don’t expect any K-pop or any other foreign act from hitting it big in the US (unless it comes from an English speaking country).

    I’d say sound-wise, 2NE1 would have the best shot (aside from maybe some of the indie bands), but it would depend on how well their songs sound in English and how well they could sing them in English.

    • CadburysCreamEgg says:

      2ne1’s songs sound dreadful when they sing in english. The words have no meaning. So i’d expect their imminent failure too.

      When are korean talentless pop groups going to just quit going to USA for a begging sessing?

      • bd2 says:

        Don’t be such a dope; their songs have meaning (well, at least the ones that I like), but chances are, won’t sound as good if translated into English.

        It’s like taking a French song and translating it into English; more often than not, the wording and sentence structure flow gets all messed up.

      • bd2 says:

        And their songs have a lot more meaning than the typical top 40 crap that is on US radio these days.

        I mean, c’mon – Lady Gaga and Kei$ha – lol!

  8. in young says:

    hmm. i like 4 minute as a group and certain members. but i feel like they havent done much in korea and now – japan yet to be ready for the US or anything. instead of making half assed attempts at trying to break into the various markets, they shld step up their korean promotions first and then japan and then wherever. they are just quite mediocrely successful even in their own country.

  9. Lee says:

    Well i dont think they are ready yet, im not hating or anything.
    the run devil run by snsd group did that, and the american has already saying that
    they copied it, from kesha, which is not true, they bought it from her.
    And one thing, for sure, the people in the US is gonna find everything bad to say things about
    them. Except the asian people living there.

    Im a fan of 4minute, just saying, i will feel proud or support them if they do sing
    in the US.

  10. Patrick says:

    Hyuna’s first sentence from Hot Issue says it all. “Are you weady?” and the answer is, no they’re not. And also have to change that name first to 4Minute(s)

  11. Grace says:

    This is almost funny.

    I have to laugh at all the Asian artists trying to reach the US market. I mean…if Utada Hikaru, BoA, and Wonder Girls haven’t made it, why on earth would 4minute stand a chance? I love 4minute, but they are *not* as talented as BoA.

    There are simply way too many problems associated with translating Asian culture into American culture. For one, a huge consideration when it comes to a music artist is (sadly) how physically attractive he or she is. In this area, Asian female artists are luckier than male ones: there are more American men attracted to Asian females, than American women attracted to Asian males.

    But there are tons of other things. Language barriers aside (and language is a HUGE deal), the cultural barriers are difficult to overcome. In interviews, for instance, who has the upper hand with charming audiences? Obviously homegrown American artists.

    As for musical style…this is just hard to describe. If you want to make it in the US, you have to have your own style. Except it can’t be too different. I don’t know where KPop falls (although the failures of previous artists suggest that KPop is too different), but I do know that the dancing that’s so popular in Asia? It’s not as big a deal in the US.

    Anyways, the end conclusion: 4minute won’t make it. They shouldn’t even try.

    For some reason, Asian actors and actresses seem more successful in the US than Asian singers. I believe that the best shot for a future Asian superstar is an extremely beautiful female, preferably someone who speaks English fluently and has lived in the US, who is also a fantastic actress and incredibly talented singer. (Yes, that’s pretty much impossible.) After first making it as a Hollywood star, she can launch a music career in the States, and she should stand a pretty good chance.

    • AiHaRa Hate says:

      quiet….just give them ur support…enough no need to talk so much….

    • CadburysCreamEgg says:

      I agree with some of what you said. However, there are very few cross-over acts from movies to music in the USA, unless you include will smith who has his bland-rap or jack black who has his rock group.

      Mainstream USA is basically puritanical, and so taking some effeminate guys or female infantilist group there is just going to fail. Unable to speak american or english is fail. Even Utada is American and cannot break their market. However, Shakira was able to some extent, as was Celine Dion who speaks French.

      • bd2 says:

        Eh, all the “effeminate” boybands like Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, 98 Degrees, etc. made it big in the US, not to mention others like Justin Bieber and Zac Efron – and most of these boybands didn’t hit the gym like many of the K-pop boy bands do.

        Really need to be able to sing influent, unaccented English to crossover (such as Ricky Martin) and to conduct interviews/promote in fluent English; otherwise, will be delegated to being a one-hit wonder like A-ha.

        • Feck_U says:

          ^ But the thing is those American boybands still looks alot more mascauline than the Kpop boybands…Heck even Justin Beiber looks like he could sprout a chest hair if he stood next to JaeJoong lol…

  12. SouthKoreanDream says:

    I think 2NE1 has a better chance making it in the US than 4minute, but if hyuna were to come out on her own in the US I think she could make it! Her change music video and performances were amazing! She could do well. As for 4minute together? I think they need more practice, but I still love them:)

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      Yeah, Hyuna is great and all but her english sucks. no offense.
      But i do think 2NE1 has a better chance.

      • CadburysCreamEgg says:

        2ne1 would fail in the USA. They offer nothing to mainstream USA.

        • Michellee says:


        • bd2 says:


          Lady Gaga and Ke$ha’s music is superficial and crap compared to 2NE1’s and they made it big in the US.

          Give me a break 2NE1’s stuff is better than half the crap that is one American Top 40 these days.

          Korean indie bands like Sugar Donut have a good sound, but again, the whole English thing.

          • Feck_U says:

            ^ Lady Gaga as much as she has sold out is still a legitimate, talented artist…Look her up on youtube when she was a Jazz, Indie singer before she got famous. She has so much talent that she used it to sell herself out. Kinda sad but at the same time she kinda had to.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          I think you would fail in everything.

  13. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I like 4minute and i think they have great music, but going to the US is a big NO.
    Because of their english… Have u heard them sing in english?! It really sucks and you can’t understand it! I don’t think they are ever ready…
    And there’s no one who sings or talks fluently in english of the members

  14. Simon says:

    They’re my favorite band out there. I’d love to see them do well overseas, but I’m not sure how well received they’d be by Western audiences.

    Still, 4Minute is awesome.

  15. stayinkorea says:

    omg! Hyuna as a solo?? are you kidding me? all she’s got going is that dance she does over n over thinking she’s this badass dancer.

    As mediocre the WonderGirls, BoA, se7en are they never made it here in the US and they are all pretty much considered veterans in the korean music industry.

  16. FAILFAILFAIL says:

    4minute + USA = FAIL!

    Question: Why hasn’t ‘Korea’s highest paid kpop singer’ ever debut outside of Korea or rather the USA… Anyone??

  17. popseoul bad! says:


    I hate this website so much..



  18. CLM says:

    No Just dont do it. Stay in Korea and be at the top.

  19. maggie says:

    Kpop needs to stay in Korea and focus on actual real talent, if any. Don’t they realize why so many korean americans are flooding Korea’s entertainment industry??? It’s because they can’t make it in their own country….the country they were born and raised in.

    • CadburysCreamEgg says:

      Korean-americans flood the Korean entertainment industry because korean people like to see Americans on the tv and dream about themselves or their children abandoning Korea for a life in USA. It’s that simple.

      • bd2 says:

        Uhh, no.

        It’s b/c the opportunities for Korean-Americans (much less Asian-Americans) to make it in the entertainment industry in the US is very, very limited – unless one is OK just taking stereotypical bit parts.

        There are more opportunities for English speaking whites from other countries (Australia, Canada, England, South Africa, etc.) in the US entertainment industry than there are for non-black minorities.

        Daniel Henney refused numerous roles from Hollywood b/c they were the typical stereotypical crap; it’s the same reason why Takeshi Kaneshiro has refused all the parts he gets offered from Hollywood.

        • AngelDelight says:

          Face facts, because there is no socio-political entity into which hyphenated-americans can place themselves, they can go one of two ways. Asian-americans go away from the mainstream american tribe and spend so much time trying to be asian, and no time being american that it’s not unsurprising they get rejected by the mainstream american masses. This translates into no faces on screens.

          The only option left for them is to go back to the country which their parents abandoned for a quick beg for some heritage and fame. Fortunately South Korea is still an american colony who deify their american owners and so they’re far more accepting of hyphenated-americans who are talentless but want to be on tv.

          The reason the whites from outside USA get on the tv is mainly due to acting ability, and also they don’t spend their time rejecting US culture and actually seem to make a small effort to fit in, which is totally the opposite for non-black (asian) americans.

          It’s their own fault that they get rejected, so don’t cry for them.

  20. […] What do you believe? Does 4Minute have a opportunity? It’ll be fascinating to see how Americans will respond to them. Not to mention, 2NE1 will probably be some fierce competition! [Via source] […]

  21. Michellee says:

    Seriously, dont bother comparing 4Minute to 2NE1.

  22. blanznist says:

    I was supportive of BoA since she had a 12 year legacy of dominance of all of Asia, but this is getting silly even BoA didn’t make it what makes you think WG and now 4minute is gonna make it? America is the Korean dream I know and to have the american marriage etc etc but musically, hope.. only the typical Asian American communties and mostly the west coast will take notice and few east coast towns and NYC.

    But really how many more Japanese or debuting?..none! After Utada they smart cause its tough…besides how about a Crystal Kay debut she is the Monica over there in Japan, and she’s fluent in English but to bad she won’t consider.

    • CadburysCreamEgg says:

      That’s because japanese have the sense not even to bother trying. They sell more than enough anime and manga to USA and know not to bother with the music, which is just culturally mismatched.

      Gwen did have the harajuku girls, however.

  23. LaiLa Teuk says:

    They took no3 in most kpop girls band are popoularty in the U.S 🙂 so yeah they can do it caus they have a talent … even in Arab special Saudi Arabia they popular 🙂

    1 2 3 4 minute go go go ……

  24. cookie says:

    y is it tht every korean artist wants to come to america! They arent going to do a good job look at the wonder girls geez idk what they r even doing in my personal opinion really utada probably the only asian artist people would probaby kno. they should stay in korea n be idols there

  25. Lorena Fago says:

    Useful to me. niouwhgfd

  26. MommaMantha says:

    I think it could work!! Here in the midwest there are alot of people I know who are obsessed with anything Asian! And they’re popular there so they have top be talented, I personally love them.

  27. yaya says:

    i think 4minute will be able to get attention here in the us. to be honest, their songs are better than the crap that they play here… no offense, but it sounds the same, all of it, no music here in america is unique, they have the same styles…thats y we should have at least some asian srtists come here nad put some sense into american aritsts…you guys should listen to how 4minute speaks english now, they might not be fluent, but they keep getting better :))

    go 4minute!

  28. Jolly T. says:

    Most Americans don’t have enough brain to learn/understand/appreaciate other language. So no!, do not send 4Minute yet to the US. Half of their brains are filled with a huge American EGO that think they are the best country and best people in the world. Also a lot of them discriminates asians. Specially the uneducated ones… Some americans would live in another foreign country for 10 years and will leave that country not learning the language.. how dumb is that???

  29. Jolly T. says:

    Also, KPOP singers should not strive to learn English so that they would be successful to America.. Let Americans appreciate your language by itself. Every language is beautiful.. I used to listen to American music since I was a kid. But now perhaps.. 70% of the time I listen to Kpop songs and sometimes listening to some Modern American music just makes me want to sleep (though, I still listen to my favorite artists and american Rock music.. but those were the Artist that I like in the Past and NOT the present ones). Why? Because modern American music doesn’t have this Modern Soul that Kpop has..

    4minute are sexy/pretty/cute/beautiful and I respect and support them as a Fan.

  30. Jolly T. says:

    To open-minded Americans.. cheers to you!

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