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SHINee shocks the fashion world at the “Late Autumn” Premiere!

SME‘s CEO Lee Soo-man,SHINee’s Tae-min, Min-ho and Key, “Athena” actor  Kim Min-jong, and many other notable celebrities were in attendance at the VIP “Late Autumn” movie premiere at the CGV Yongsan IMAX on February 11th.

SHINee members’ Tae-min,Key, and Min-ho stole the red carpet show with their heart-stopping style. The 1980s and ’90s made a comeback through Min-ho’s MC Hammer pants and Key’s ’90s boy band look. The baby member seemed to channel the same time zone with Key…..with a futuristic flair. I think his space- ship awaited him!  VIPs had a direct knee-eyed view of the teen dancer.

What do you think of their VIP premiere styles? Are they fashion forward or backward?

Late Autumn” will be released in theaters on February 17th.

Sources: Osen,TV Daily,Newsen and Nate


27 Comments on “SHINee shocks the fashion world at the “Late Autumn” Premiere!”

  1. pat says:


  2. Super junior ^_^ Soul says:

    Shinee .. U r the Bast !!!!
    I hope that u be come Fames like my Boys sper junior !!!!!
    See you .. Aja Aja Fingthing !!!!!!

  3. dan says:

    i heard there are guys in asian countries that pay extra for girly gay boys.

  4. sandy says:

    bahhhhha omg get the fashion police this is a fashion crime that boy looks like he is wearing his pjs

  5. Orangekitty says:

    Looks comfy :}}

  6. Rosemary says:

    hate it. doesn’t flatter them at all.

  7. benny says:

    I mean its different but its not really shocking.

  8. pandao. says:

    uhmmm, …

  9. Sara says:

    The 90’s are soooo coming back.

  10. nikki says:

    only in Korea…

  11. 2ne1Fan says:

    Looks funny…another Lady Gaga adventure

  12. MousePeace says:

    It’s really normal for fashion. I like Minho’s style, not Taemin’s pant and but for Key this is too normal for him ^^

  13. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I sorta like it. Especially minho! He looks really handsome!!
    Taemin’s pants are insteresting….
    Whoa, Lee Soo Man is really short…

  14. IMyMeMy says:

    One thing that made me laugh so much…is that…Lee Taemin…the Baby…has ‘Fuck Off’ on the palm of the girl in is t-Shirt…hahaha not innocent after all..

  15. queenbqty says:

    Strange clothes. The clear plastic has got to go, that just looks weird.

  16. drainon says:

    Whichever country, there is always bound to be some weird fashion. And sometimes the fashion becomes a big hit, who knows. *shrugs*

  17. Mandy says:

    I like Minho’s and Key’s style. I don’t love it, but they look good (ok, to me they look good in everything). Taemin….lolz you look cute, but I would cover your knees. Either way Saranghe Oppas ~

  18. stephanie says:

    love the way these boys dress..!!!! ggrrr….
    overflowing Charisma!!! 🙂

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