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Son Yejin Transforms into Spring Goddess

Son Yejin definitely fits the “bejeweled” image for her recent O Hui endorsement.

The “Personal Taste” actress finds her bejeweled side and for O Hui’s spring makeup with the O Hui Watercolor Radiance line.

O Hui stated that they were inspired by Renoir‘s works of art, and in turn, transformed Son Yejin into a spring goddess. With vibrant colors and O Hui’s Tri-shield Lipstick (with sun protection), O Hui hopes to be giving women all they need to get out and enjoy the spring weather like spring princesses.

Netizens are all over these pictures saying, “As expected, Son Yejin’s modeling is flawless,” and “Her goddess-like looks sure are something.”


23 Comments on “Son Yejin Transforms into Spring Goddess”

  1. honey says:

    mm shes working it!

  2. CadburysCreamEgg says:

    Don’t know who she is. Has she had her jawline shaved? eyes done? nose done?

  3. iceprincess says:

    Her nose is different from the one in Personal Taste.

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I love the makeup~

  5. L224 says:

    Shes sooo pretty!

  6. Marian From Thailand says:

    Pretty Unni
    like like like Son Ye Jin

  7. Park Gae In says:

    you’re always beautiful in my eyes…

  8. sugar says:

    she’s beautiful

  9. sugar says:

    son ye jin and lee min ho are perfectly match hope there are more movies or series coming up for the two… such a good chemistry, both!

  10. sugar from philippines says:

    when will you visit the philippines son ye jin? i love your acting so natural.. more power, mwaah!

  11. PuiS says:

    She is very beautiful& gorgeous, I’ve seen her in ” A Moment To Remember ” . Super talent actress in my eyes.

  12. crookedangel27 says:

    She’s very pretty!

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