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Who Gets the Most Valentine’s Chocolate?

It’s basically asking “Who’s the most popular?” Who do you think it should be?

An online education site, Seven Edu, visited by hundreds of thousands high schoolers, asked, “Which idol star would get the most chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

In Korea, it’s custom that on Valentine’s Day, girls give boys chocolate or other Valentine’s Day goodies. One month later, on White Day, March 14th, boys give the girl they like chocolate or other presents.

So, particularly, this question is basically asking, “Who is the most popular male idol?” taken from a pool of college-hopeful high schoolers.

From the poll, no. 1 was Hero Jaejoong from JYJ with 39.6%, and no. 2 was Big Bang‘s G-Dragon with 34%.

For Jaejoong, it’s because during performances, he shows that he is highly competent and hardworking, as he is known for focusing on performing and singing.

G-Dragon is chosen for his accomplishments at such a young age and the all the various fields where he succeeds: singing, rapping, composition, fashion, dance, performing, etc.

Do you agree with the result? Who do you think would get the most Valentine’s chocolate?


13 Comments on “Who Gets the Most Valentine’s Chocolate?”

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  2. 2ne1Fan says:

    I’ll give it to Yongbae

  3. Ai says:

    you rock beibi!!kekekekekeke…

  4. NaBie says:

    I still prefer Kim Hyun Joong. ♥

  5. AngelDelight says:

    That dude on the right looks like a fashion disaster, and why’s he done his hair to look like a black dude?

    • mizzy says:

      the dude you’re talking about is G-D.the most talented and hardworker in Korean entertainment industry

      • AngelDelight says:

        Why does he look like he’s wearing his grandmother’s clothing and made his hair all matted like a black person then?

        Does he think he’s black?

        • alzey says:

          he does have his wtf moments with his fasion sense but he carries it very well i think. And his enormous talent makes up for it so yeah

          • AngelDelight says:

            Can you tell me one of his talents? because he doesn’t write his own music, do his own styling, do his own PR, do his own videos, do any of his lyrics, etc.

            You mean his talent is just standing on the stage? good for him, standing is a great talent to have.

            • ==+++== says:

              he has written some of the songs of big bang and if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all, Nobody needs you negativity, get a life.

  6. Desiree says:

    Of course, JeJung my love is the most popular 🙂

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    If I were to give them a valentines present, I would give both of them a present
    I can’t choose between the two, cuz i like both!!^^

  8. sinbb2011 says:

    Yeah for GD!!

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