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Girls Generation: Airport Fashion

The Girls Generation girls were spotted in arriving at Gimpo Airport in Seoul this morning. Netizens are all over their “airport style.”

As a celebrity, even when flying, style overcomes comfort, because people will take notice. For Tiffany, Sooyoung, Taeyeon, and Jessica of Girls Generation, the fans definitely took note.

Tiffany, pictured above, was spotted in bright red kitten heels. Not really “in style” in Korea, fans are split over the red heels choice, but in the end, they all agree Tiffany looks pretty anyway. I’m wondering what our POPSEOULers think of the patterned leggings… What do you think?

Sooyoung looks ready to go on a date in the city or head to the office, in more mature fashion choices, Sooyoung fits her age well. As the tallest member, netizens are commenting, “Sooyoung’s legs really are beautiful.” Maybe this photo is funny, but does something look off with her nose? Is it just me?

Taeyeon just got back from activities in Japan this morning, but she already looks ready for spring. The raincoat is bound to be a big item this spring in Korea, and this look is fit for the next season… In the end, Taeyeon’s overall look lets you know she went on a trip, which is one of the essential elements of travel fashion.

Jessica, sporting a big Mulberry bag, looks plenty warm in her big oversized jacket. With her hair tied neatly back, it feels like Jessica was the only one in comfortable travel gear, besides those super tall heels.

What do you think of Girls Generation’s airport fashion? What do you think are the airport fashion essentials?


57 Comments on “Girls Generation: Airport Fashion”

  1. minniemings says:

    i think sooyoung’s got the best airport fashion and taeyeon just looks so pretty with the hairstyle~ ^^
    tiffany, i’m sorry, that looked horrible D:

  2. AEIOU says:

    I want YOONA!!

    • SuperJuniorLover666666666 says:

      Why would you want a no talent person for?! i think any of the others in SNSD is better.. she’s just plain! like any girls on the streets.

      • murr says:

        Having talent does not only determine what someone likes in a significant other.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          Wait, I NEVER said that!! That was another person!!
          Some person made an account with nine 6’s in it trying to be me!! But that’s not me!! My name has ten 6’s!!

          I actually like Yoona. I think she is pretty in a natural way.
          If you heard her sing, she’s actually pretty good. Well, not as good as Taeyeon, but she’s still good.

          • AiHaRa Hate says:

            superjuniorlover6666666666@ i know that is not u (another clone of u)
            hhahaha~ becoz i’ve been this site for 5 months, i think…..and i kno u wont comment something bad~ hahahah

            • jhang says:

              i just watch them when they got here in japan….and these is what i can say…this girls is not a very talented one…but anyways…they can sing and dance…so, keep it up and plz…improve Girls Generation….!!!!better luck next time…

  3. Excuse me says:

    Hmm, Korea has lots of Mulberry’s replicas. Just look into eBay.

  4. HAHAHA says:

    all of them are super HORRIBLE except for Soo Young.

  5. CadburysCreamEgg says:

    am I the only one who couldn’t give a flying fock?

    • blah says:

      If you really didn’t give a “flying fock” then you wouldn’t be here, because to NOT give a “flying fock” would mean that you don’t care either way, that you have no good feelings BUT no bad feelings either. Just apathy. BUT because you obviously care, one way or the other, you are here leaving statements that practically scream, “CAD is an ASS.”

      • CadburysCreamEgg says:

        Look, Mr VANK, You’re just angry because you cannot find a Chinese second-wife, because Chinese women don’t want to be punched in the face. This anger is exacerbated by the fact that European men don’t find Korean women attractive. This contradicts all you were told in School by nationalistic teachers. So instead you’re going to have to marry your sister off to an american, like all the other korean families.

        This causes you to spend all your free time in USA defending your culture which everyone seems to want to abandon, except for the vietnamese and filipinas who worship you.

      • blah says:

        hahaha, wow, I’ve seen CAD finally come undone.
        I live in Korea, get over it and accept the fact that a Korean actually has better ENGLISH than you.

        And you’re little bed-time stories are pretty interesting. Tell me, did you make all of this up by yourself? I’m sure your anti-Korean tribal worms will be very proud of you, and perhaps with the addition of just a little more of your rabid anti-Korean racist one-liners, they’ll eventually accept you back in to their clan. Good luck!

        • CadburysCreamEgg says:

          Just so you know, I speak english, and you speak american.

        • blah says:

          and just so YOU know, sarcasm is sarcasm, regardless of whether it’s in English or “American”.

          • CadburysCreamEgg says:

            Just so you know, American’s don’t know sarcasm.

            You wannabe-americans are funny.

            • queenbqty says:

              You are the proof that pasty English white boys, don’t know ANYTHING!
              Are you still mad about the Revolutionary War? Get over it! We won, Einstein!

              • AngelDelight says:

                No, still mad about how you americans paid the IRA, an international terrorist organisation to kill innocent British people, supposedly your allies.

                It’s ironic that the australian report said IRA-style IEDs are mainly now being used to kill american soldiers in Afghanistan. Have a fun St-Patricks day though, top of the morning.

                But that’s just what americans are, spineless and backstabbing little shytes who cannot be trusted with a pair of shoes.

                • queenbqty says:

                  Poor pasty white boy, don’t be mad! Americans don’t need spines we got money, nukes and men with big johnsons.
                  Don’t fret about your numerous shortcomings, you can’t miss what you can’t measure!

                  • Red says:

                    You know what queenbqty, AngelDelight here is the one you’ve praised and welcomed here at POPSEOUL around 2 months ago.
                    Do you remember the ‘Girls’ Generation do Domino’s Pizza’ post?

                    You said, “I like Randy because he is so disagreeable and “mean” as you children whine about. His comments make Popseoul interesting, so leave him alone before he goes away and Popseoul becomes dull and boring and juvenile again.
                    As for snsd, when do they “do” “Domino’s” before or after they “do” the ahjusshi’s? Domino’s pizza in Korea probably smells like a bunch of old men, just like snsd!”

                    Bunc of contradicting psychopaths.
                    Online psychologists should now be a course in faculties, much better, let it be a comulsory and not elective course because I believe ONLINE psychiatrists would come in VERY handy.

                    Now AngelDelight and queenbqty, do you to want to be friends or enemies?

                    Make your decisison quick.

                    Or you’d rather take each others’ hand in marriage?

                • AngelDelight says:

                  You don’t have money. That’s a complete fallacy. One in every 100 people has money and the rest live in some run down ghetto where they cannot afford schools or police.

                  Mad? I don’t think you read the comment. I was saying how american’s sponsorship of international terror was just biting itself in the ass.

                  You don’t miss what you cannot measure. Well clearly you don’t miss love or companionship, because you cannot measure either of those.

                  Shouldn’t you be having a fight in a gas station right now? are you using the internet on your phone while you wait?

            • blah says:

              @queenbqty – you stole the words right out of my mouth. you go girl! 🙂

              • AngelDelight says:

                It’s fun to watch the Korean guy being a pet to his american owner.

                • queenbqty says:

                  Listen, Red, what do you care if me and Randy or whatever name he is using today are friends or enemies? I never said he should go away, he is free to give his opinion or try to insult me if he so chooses. Why are you trying to interfere in our non-relationship? Are you jealous? You are a delusional sone who’s dithering around with me and Randy because you are butthurt about the fact that not everybody likes the terrible plastics. Being that you are delusional, I feel psychiatric help is called for in your case. Randy B is more sensible than you and he’s damn near insane!

  6. HappyLyn says:

    The girls all look gorgeous, fashionitas, & awesome!!!

  7. Gs23 says:

    All of the outfits are bad except sooyoung’s. The rest are… Meh not great.


      if u kno about fashion so much….why dun u give them a call??? tell them that u hate their fashion….OMG!!! wats wrong with u guys??? only kno how to criticize ppl and all

  8. jieun says:

    Whoa, Taeyeon has some stubby legs. even with those mega high heels.

  9. jamain says:

    awesome… i just wish i could afford those types of clothes and go to places where i can actually wear them 😛 lol

    • CadburysCreamEgg says:

      Spend less money on K-pop and less time on K-dramas, spend the money on education and the time on learning, then use that to get a better job, more money and go out more with the money you earn.

      How’s that for an idea?

  10. Dovey says:

    Highheels…I hate those things. I look like a clumsy penguin when I put one on and try to walk in them. And I don’t know how they can stand wearing those all the time…even from and to a plane and airport…

    • OOOOKaaayy! says:

      do u straighten your back when u walk in heels?

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      Well, basically, they live in their high heel shoes.
      They wear it for fashion, they wear it for dancing on stage.
      They wear it to look like they have longer legs, etc.

      If you practice wearing your heels more often, you’ll get used to them and you won’t be clumsy. haha practice makes perfect. right?

      and, they can take off their shoes inside the airplane and they give you free slippers to wear on the plane. So, i don’t think they would actually wear their heels the WHOLE time… ^^

  11. Yikes says:

    I’m neutral about the first 2. But god those last 2 look plain. If that’s what pretty looks like, than I’ve hit the jackpot and I must come to Korea immediately to show my beauty.

  12. theZEUSluv13 says:

    i like Tiffany’s idea of tights and bright shoes. SooYOung’s outfit looked the best!

  13. queenbqty says:

    Its not like they dress themselves, if they did, they would look as bad as they sing and dance.
    They look like their mothers dressed them up. Are they on their way to get more plastic surgery? Does the money sm ent is paying to plant these stupid stories come from the plastic surgery or booty short budget?

  14. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    omg! tiffany stole my normal dark clothes with bright shoes idea she looks friggin hot!!!! even tho the shoes look like she went to a church to shout.

  15. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I like Tiffany’s outfit because the red stands out!
    I also like Sooyoung’s outfit too!
    Go SNSD!

  16. OHMYGOD! says:


  17. 4me Tiffany looks best. She’s gorgeous and it’s rlly hard to pull off these shoes.
    Sooyoung looks fine. Like a normal stylish girl.
    Well, other 2, FAIL

  18. […] Generation has already gained some head nods for their feminine and stylish airport fashion choices. Their recent choices match again, giving a slightly casual, slightly done-up airport […]

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