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Gong-yoo and Lee Min-jung are official models for…

Mind Bridge, yet again.

Gong-yoo and Lee Min-jung were the main models for the business casual clothing brand in 2009, and they have renewed their contracts for the this year. They recently took part in the Spring 2011 photo shoot, centered around the theme of “Still Life“. The photos capture the busy lives of professional workers in a city.

Gong-yoo and Lee Min-jung look cute yet professional in pastel-colored cardigans and jackets, completing a truly business casual look. For some of the photos, they even show off a sophisticated couple look with similar colors and styles.

Gong-yoo and Lee Min-jung seem like those people who would look good no matter what they wore, don’t they?


6 Comments on “Gong-yoo and Lee Min-jung are official models for…”

  1. ifat3 says:

    wow i missed my sweet gong yoo – he looks great

  2. jamain says:

    love the clothes

  3. shade says:

    Perfect pair! 🙂

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