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Eric will hold a fan meeting this month!

On February…..

20th, Eric Mun plans to have his “Hello Again” fan meeting in Yonsei University’s main auditorium. During the event,he will talk about his upcoming coast guard inspired drama “Poseidon” and the actor/singer has gifts prepared for his fans.

The birthday themed fan meeting (Eric‘s birthday is on February 16th), was already a hit in tickets sales. 1,700 tickets were sold in 10 minutes.

Fans, Shinhwa members (who are discharged from the miltary), and Teen Top can look forward to a fun-filled evening with the former boy band member. After he appeared in their MV, Teen Top is invited, right?   I hope Music Daddy Eric will not leave out the singing babies.

Will you attend his fan meeting?

Sources: Mkstartoday and Nate


7 Comments on “Eric will hold a fan meeting this month!”

  1. 2ne1Fan says:

    Yeah..happy to c him back.

    I want to hear Shinhwa singing soon on stage

  2. dan says:

    discharged from the military? haha. i’m sure his fellow members can step away from their military service desk job in the city. they’re probably only a few minutes away anyways.

    • AngelDelight says:

      I think he’s probably been kicking back, feet on the table for a 18 months. I read in another farticle that some other Super Junior american guy, gave up his american residence permit and is going to have to sit behind a desk because he has a crippled leg and is not able to do full military duty….

      … he can sure as hell jump about on a stage and do 1980s breakdancing though. Koreans are f****ing hilarious when it comes to giving their ex-american Idols no army duty.

  3. MyFavorite2 says:

    i want to go
    i’m still a big fan of Shinhwa although there’re many idol group younger

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