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IU is in the recording studio!

Just in case you thought IU was on a “Dream High“break, a photo of recording her upcoming album has surfaced online.

The photo above was uploaded on twitter by Eana Kim. The caption describes IU finishing up a musical recording. The anticipation for her new album is increasing after her previous hit single “Good Day“. The singer and actress is photographed will Lyricist Yu.

The proof is in the tweet! IU will return to the K-pop scene soon in all of her former “Marshmallow” “Nagging” glory!

Are you anticipating her comeback?

Sources: @eanakim and Newsen


19 Comments on “IU is in the recording studio!”

  1. dan says:

    anticipating another round of off key singing fail? NO

    • winterLei says:

      that was uncalled for, can you sing as well as her???

      • Hm? says:

        Just a bitter, jealous douchebag. What more can you ask for? ; [.

        Seriously I love the trolls that are on Popseoul, they are such fools and I just can’t contain the joy I have in seeing them piss all over themselves.

        Please keep feeding the trolls ; ].

      • AngelDelight says:

        You don’t need to be able to sing to know when someone is crap at singing. I cannot sing, and the tramp at the end of the road is crap at singing, I don’t have to sing in order to know this.

        I cannot see the logic, surely you listen to songs with your ears and not your mouth/vocal chords. Maybe you’re just stupid.

        • jk says:

          angel delight’s comment is a good example of an ad hominem fallacy. (if u don’t know what that means look it up)

          • AngelDelight says:

            It’s nothing of the sort. What it is, is a good example of logic, considering we all listen with our ears, not our mouths as was suggested earlier by some retard.

  2. dsas says:

    is dat her bf? hehe

  3. fan says:

    @AngelDelight and other trolls:

    Obviously someone gave IU a recording deal and not you. why? because you cant sing or are unrecognized but more importantly because SOME ONE PROFESSIONAL was of the opinion she could sing. someone who knows what a persons singing ability should be to be a recording artist etc., someone with a degree and experience.

    @Hm? is right…you guys can choke on your jealousy. Popseoul will keep feeding you the good news about what a great artist IU is and you guys will keep shocking on your jealousy.

    • AngelDelight says:

      You think you just told us some information, but it was just opinion based upon assumption. You know nothing about the Korean recording industry.

      You’re clearly uneducated and have little experience in life, so please restrict your utterly vapid comments to just saying ‘I love you bigbango’ or some other dirge.

      I wonder why you folks think people would be jealous of these people? Many are on 30 year slave contracts, get pimped off to CEOs, become despondent after huge amounts of plastic surgery and then fail after a short period and crawl away to the USA.

      it’s only indo-filipino-viet-pinays like you who see this as a step up in the world and imagine people being jealous, while the rest of us think it must be terrible.

      • Trolls says:

        And to what experience do you have in working in the Korean music industry? You are as limited with information as others are on this site and so don’t go spewing off your “utterly vapid comments” as it is clearly hypocritical.

        It’s funny how you bring up “Many are on 30 year slave contracts.” Yeah I recall there being a post here about 최시원 and him defending SM and their contract disputes but is that what you’re basing your argument from? Haha wow. Please why don’t you do everyone a favor and educate yourself before telling someone else to go educate themselves.

        Oh and do please tell of 가수’s that crawled away to America. I’m curious.

  4. fan says:

    ***choking not shocking

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I can’t wait for her comeback! I love her songs

    • AngelDelight says:

      Comeback? Comeback from what? Her entertainment company’s been on twitter 24/7 on her behalf and she’s always on the tv.

      Did she comeback from yesterday?

  6. fan says:

    why are ya’ll even on these sites then and so why do you choose to care and comment on these people if you think they’re such crap? why are you wasting your time then? WHY ARE YOU HERE IF YOU HATE KOREAN ENTERTAINERS?

    • AngelDelight says:

      Why are you even on this site then if you deify koreans? Why don’t you just get back to praying to them and adding to your weird religion where your god is another human being, like back in 1000BC.

      Very progressive of you.

  7. fan says:

    wow. I’m impressed. thats your stupidest answer so far @AngelDelight. at least the other ones made sense. I’m glad to have gotten through to you. Please stop being irresponsible and pushing your ignorance on other people.

    1. I am korean moron
    2. I love all sorts of entertainment: korean, japanese, bollywood…and french choir boys.

    well, goal accomplished, see ya! no need to look here again. I’m gonna go jam to IU.

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