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Mir had a back injury and now Lee Joon has vomited…

the members of MBLAQ are decreasing by the day!

Member Lee Joon felt dizzy(and nauseous) and he vomited before MBLAQ‘s scheduled performance on SBS’s Inkigayo on Sunday. What was the reason for his sudden illness?

Joon is suffering from an ear infection of some kind. Specifically, doctors claim he is having trouble with his cochlea. He was sent to the hospital and now the singer is recovering at home. However, he will have to go for a follow-up soon.

What will happen to MBLAQ‘s current album  promotions?

J-tune explained the following to the press:

Lee Joon and Mir have both cancelled their schedules and are recovering at home….For Mir’s case(his back injury), his schedules may depend on his rehabilitation. However, as the doctor said that he must receive rehab treatment, his recovery time may take a bit longer. We hope to make a decision on his return after looking over his development”

The band’s company is still debating about their current schedule. J-tune has not announced any new dates for the current three member group.

POPSEOUL wishes Mir and Lee Joon a speedy recovery.

Source: Newsen


26 Comments on “Mir had a back injury and now Lee Joon has vomited…”

  1. drainon says:

    I hope they get well soon, all the MBLAQ fans must be really sad not being able to see the two of them on stage performing with G.O, Seungho and Cheondung (<3) 😦 Especially Mir since he just went through surgery!

  2. pisey says:

    I wish they better soon. I will pray for them.

  3. beauty.P says:

    poor mir and joon! huhu..T_T
    get well soon!!!

  4. shikal says:

    hope they both get better soon, get well sooooooon, miss MBLAQ 🙂

  5. dan says:

    weak ass little bitches.
    a little scrape and they’re going to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery

    • AngelDelight says:

      What makes you think this ongoing bad-back is going to stop him doing anything useful in his army duty and ensure he has a nice desk job?

      It seems quite convenient, and also Koreans don’t like their idols getting scratched.

      • Listless says:

        Damn dude, at least wait like an hour before replying to yourself with your other name. You make fun of other people, but you’re just making yourself look like a bigger loser (having a conversation with and agreeing with yourself is far from normal…Whatever makes you feel better :-/.)

        • TinnedTuna says:

          ..or this dan fellow isn’t actually me, and I’m just responding to some other guy/girl who is laughing at you faggots while you line up to take bullets for your k-gods.

          One or the other.

          • Listless says:

            Well, you guys are like clockwork with those immediate responses. Nah, you can leave me out of that scenario. I’m just a casual fan. If one of those god like kpop artists were getting shot at, the most I’d do is call the cops…From the distance. 😐

    • danufukup says:

      u fuked up dan u seriously r.

    • Seoul says:

      GET QUTTA HERE DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lorni says:

    Damm…Wat is happening?

  7. AngelDelight says:

    I think he probably vomited so he can pretend he’s got irritable bowel syndrome, and therefore elligible for a desk-job during his military duty at the Korean Army Centre for K-pop Idol Desk Jobs in Seoul. It’s where all the action is at, and it’s right next to the KATUSA office where rich people’s kids are doing sweet F.A.

    Oh to be poor in Korea…. no wonder they all pyss off to the USA.

  8. koreasparkle says:

    get well soon…..
    i’m waiting 4 your comeback….^^

  9. jamain says:

    someone might’ve poisoned them :O

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    hope you get better!
    i hope another member doesn’t get inured or sick..
    By the way, what’s cochlea?

  11. […] M! Countdown!. They performed one of their new singles titled “Again“. Even though Lee Joon was the only member who joined in on the choreography, Mir was there for his walk on role as rapper […]

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