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[POPSelca] Se7en meets Se7en?

Smooth YG singer, Se7en, uploaded the photo above on his twitter today.

Apparently, mirrors are not enough for this celebrity…he has to see himself in a cardboard cutout too! Se7en shakes hands with himself in his latest selca. It is 7 VS 7 today in the Twitterpshere.

How long do you think he will take to reserve a wax figure? Which one is more handsome…the Real Se7en or the Cardboard Guy? He has a perfect C line!

Source: @OfficialSe7en


13 Comments on “[POPSelca] Se7en meets Se7en?”

  1. daracanela says:

    love how he touches the shoulder of the cardboard figura like really showing apreciation hahaha

  2. peacock says:

    oy, i love 7

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  4. AngelDelight says:

    It’s quite hard to tell which one is the least wooden and which has more talent.

  5. SE7enLUver says:

    Se7en is soooooo cute!

  6. Kaybee says:

    One of the most well rounded talented guy in K-Pop after WheeSung.
    He can SING and DANCE for real and has the total package of looks and mass appeal.
    Can’t help admiring him…To top everything he has a lovely girlfriend…SIGH~

  7. Lorni says:

    the cardboard one’s slightyly taller…the original is just as cute! hmmm….

  8. sarangannyeo says:

    lol yes, you are that famous, se7en XD

  9. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  10. PK says:

    SE7EN: Nice 2 meet U SE7EN!!! JAJAJA!!!

  11. Orange_Fun says:

    He is one of the few artist that i think is actually more talented than Rain. Rain lovers don’t hate me, I love Rain too.

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