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Dalmatian are upset “lover cops”, while IU didn’t know the story…

Recently, Dalamation released two music videos for their singles That Man Opposed and “Lover Cop“. Teen songtress IU unveiled a teaser for her upcoming comeback track “The Story Only I Didn’t Know“.

Young guys who are unhappy in their relationships,boys from the future,and a girl who tries to figure out the whole story. These are the phrases to describe the latest videos from K-pop’s young stars.

Are the MVs good? You will have to watch to find out. Experience the musical journey of being happy,heartbroken, confused and sorrowful (and I didn’t even explain “Lover Cops“) through the music videos below and above!

Sources: isentermedia and AsianPersuasian (Youtube)


23 Comments on “Dalmatian are upset “lover cops”, while IU didn’t know the story…”

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  2. 7 says:

    It’s not my intention to make a fuss about it but I’m just wodereing why are they’re called “Dalmatian”.

    • AngelDelight says:

      Because some bits of them are black, like their love for fried chicken, love of conflict diamonds and bill cosby happy message sweaters.

      Sadly they missed out in the underpant department.

  3. dan says:

    another group of unskilled guys calling themselves singers and thinking theyr’e black

    • AngelDelight says:

      are they not black? I kept thinking they were because of the way they rapped, danced and acted… but upon further inspection I see that they’re really koreans! Gosh, those koreans sure do love acting black and rapping in everything.

    • danufukup says:

      dan u mexican?

    • melanie says:

      i think it’s stupid to call them unskilled.. all those groups work they’re asses off to make their fans happy..just like me i don’t care that they try to me “black” they are happy that’s all i want and if they have in in acting black they can keep doing it.. just let everyone be

  4. Lorni says:

    I sort of like them…They each got a unique look to them that i find charming! haha

  5. mingqi says:

    I have this crazy love for Dalmatian (and their maknae). They’re not better or worse than other boy groups (okay, the name Dalmatian is a pretty huge minus) but they’ve got loads of charm. There is something about them that is sort of like a throwback to old school boybands.

  6. SE7enLUver says:

    hmm…that one guy from Dalmatians kinda looks like TOP…and about the acting black thing…Im black…so um….wtf….lets just say the closest group in Korea that I think reminds me of Black people is Bigbang and I LOVE THEM!

    • TinnedTuna says:

      Korean women love black guys, Black guys love Korean women… it’s a match made in heaven, and explains why most new babies in Korea are half black.

      Sadly there isn’t a word for commitment in Dr Huxtable’s ‘happy message sweater’ Ebonics and so they’re mainly single mothers.

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    They changed a lot from their debut song.
    Their gloves in Lover Cop remind me of HOT’s Moon Hee Jun’s gloves/claws from iYah!…

    Mostly every boy group that i see these days, has at least one member that has their hair dyed in a color that stands out. Very interesting~^^

  8. .... says:

    Stop hating!!sheesh… i personally know one and hes a pretty cool guy~ ^^

  9. […] music video for IU‘s single “The Story Only I Didn’t Know”  from her “Real +” mini album was released to the public on February […]

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