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Ricky Kim reveals the first photos of his baby girl

They are adorable..but they are not what you expect.

Recently, actor/model (and new father) Ricky Kim posted the following photos and this message on his Twitter:

“….Life starts out so small….and so loving…

My Baby”

Is daughter… daddy’s twin ? We don’t know.

Although, if you know what Ricky‘s feet look like, you can probably see the resemblance.

What do you think of his baby girl’s very first twitter photos?

Source: @RickyKim81


51 Comments on “Ricky Kim reveals the first photos of his baby girl”

  1. shikal says:

    congrats to Ricky and her wife.
    ohhhhhhhhhh sooo sweet, her feet are tiny. 🙂

  2. dan says:

    loser failed in US. but koreans accept anything american

    • AngelDelight says:

      I was going to ask if he was another american loser begging for heritage in korea from the ‘we love anything american’ korean folk.

      You Sir are both a gentleman and a scholar.

      • danufukup says:

        stop using multiple usernames and praising yourself show your talent on a youtube clip ok?

        or eat a plate of shit.

      • KGirl says:

        I’m sorry if this article offends you in some way or another, but would you please move out of the way? I’m trying to enjoy this joyful news with the rest of Ricky Kim’s fans, and the man himself.
        And dan, a scholar? A gentleman? My my, you must have a hard time finding the right adjective to describe such a horrid piece of trash. I would suggest some others like “loser” or “Korean hater” but… I’m sorry, as mentioned above, I’m trying to enjoy this moment. I hope you a have a nice day, and find a tutor, too. One that can teach you how to properly use adjectives.

        • TinnedTuna says:

          It doesn’t offend me, simply it’s presence is laughable. Koreans love Americans more than air, and you as a filipino-viet would take a bullet for any korean, even when someone is saying the truth.

          The fact you are protecting the feelings of your k-gods is equally as laughable.

          Some talentless american loser getting gushed over in Korea, simply because he’s american, and you think he’s the best thing ever. HAHAHA *points*

      • dwilliams says:

        well koreans accepted daniel henney so ricky lee isn’t that far of a stretch.

    • dwilliams says:

      did he ever have a career in the us

      • TinnedTuna says:

        Unlikely, but Korean stars don’t need talent, so the market access restrictions are less. Besides, korean women spend all their evenings watching americans on tv wishing someone would save them from korean society and wisk them away to USA.

    • Brandon Snow says:

      Ricky never tried acting or modeling in the States. He went to college at Kansas State University and when he finished he moved to Korea to teach English. Modeling and Acting agency’s found him, not the other way around. Get your facts straight before you start bashing someone you have never met.

      • piano says:

        Wow, an unemployable american who ended up teaching korean people’s offspring how to speak and act like americans at an overpriced americanisation hagwan. Then he was picked off the street for being american, and made a model for korean people to gush over while he leeches off korea using nothing more than being from USA.

        That never happens… seriously, it never happens in korea. *cough* bollocks *cough*

  3. Lorni says:

    just the feet and tis already so cute!

  4. Steffi says:

    aww that’s just cute hopefully there’ll be more

    • AngelDelight says:

      You spend your time looking at american people’s babies, that’s a bit creepy.

      • mjkrocks says:

        Hey, I’ll tell you something creepy, your face. Even though I haven’t seen it yet it’s written all over your disgusting and unwanted comments.

        • Toast says:

          Well, you’re unlikely to see my face so the power in that is that even the perception of my face which you’ve never seen is creepy.

  5. sweetgirl1990 says:

    He’s probably not showing her face so some magazine offers can come and pay them to have the baby picture revealed. What’s so hard about showing the baby’s full picture? why a leg? and the leg isn’t really baby looking soft either!

    • Ria says:

      ……. OR, he doesn’t want the media to invade his child’s life. If I were a celeb, I would shield my child from people like you too, people who claim to be “sweet” but then turn around and call a newborn baby’s skin rough. WOW, please grow a heart. Also, l hope you’re not *actually* a woman, because all women should know what newborn babies’ foot skin looks like: wrinkly, soft, and precious. May God touch your soul and soften your heart.

      • TinnedTuna says:

        He doesn’t want the media to invade his child’s life??????????????????????


        Are you really that focking stupid, seriously you make me sad that humanity is so dumb.

      • snooki says:

        Yeah sure, because he’s so famous that the paparazzi is lining up in front of his house and everywhere he goes. Uhm not!

    • KGirl says:

      Madam, or whatever gender you may be. I hope you do realize that you have just dissed every newborn baby when you said the leg isn’t baby soft. I’m sure yours was worse, so please. Mind your mouth.

    • kayla says:

      it’s wrinkly cause we start out bald, winkly. toothless and not in control of our bowel movements and we grow old and die the same way. It’s a cycle.

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Aaaww so tiny and cute~

  7. Ria says:

    Adorable! And WOW @ all the hateful comments here. Looks like this site has been taken over by jealous trolls. How can you talk crap on a story about A BABY???! Just because you’re on the internet doesn’t mean you get a free pass to behave like Hitler.

    • TinnedTuna says:

      Jealous of what? Please explain, or if you cannot explain what we’re supposedly jealous of, then just GTFO.

      How did Hitler laugh about american people media-whoring intimate photos of their family on twitter in order to get Koreans to worship them? Which year did he do this in? 1945?

  8. Orange_Fun says:

    Why do you keep talking about Koreans worshiping Americans? if anybody is worshoping anybody, it’s you. You spend so much time on this web site about koreans just bashing them? That is very racist and immature, i would guess you were a 10 year old, but think that would be insulting to all 10 year olds, and by the way I am Amercan not of any Asian descent. I don’t worship anyone, but God.( just in case you got the wrong impression)

    • AngelDelight says:

      Being american you worship Israelis.

      • Orange_Fun says:

        What? You are not even making any sense, but thats okay because I have come to he conclusion that you are just typing up random comments just to see what people will do because you are bored. It’s okay I think I have done that before. But you’ve just become annoying.

        • Toast says:

          I make no sense? Just because Israel runs your politicians through AIPAC who lobby, pay all their fees when they run into power, and give them money for getting senatorial seats, like the one which was for sale in chicago. So you think it makes no sense? I guess you don’t know anything about US politics and democracy for sale.

          That’s why koreans worship americans and americans worship israelis. You just learned something about the world.

          • Orange_Fun says:

            I just learned that you’re a pretentious, racist idiot.

            • Toast says:

              Just because I know how the world works, doesn’t make me a racist or an idiot. If the israelites are so opportunistic as to find a way to control a whole other country, then good for them.

              It doesn’t mean I dislike anyone, as I’m pretty accepting of most things.

      • Whispering says:

        Americans loves israelis,italians,europeans and jewish.

  9. umm says:

    i find these trolls are a source of my amusement. if they were to say something like these over allkpop, they would be banned. Over here, it’s not a problem since i guess popseoul can’t afford to lose viewers. haha

  10. kay says:

    despite the trolls and randoms here, people actually seem more intelligent than the mindless Koreaophiles at allkpop. The racism allkpop is even more low and bred purely from plain ignorance and stupidity.

  11. Kasey says:

    Awww..that’s it, I was hoping for a full glimpse.

  12. Kttn says:

    Awwww, those are some tiny cute baby feet!

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