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Shin Se-kyung for SOUP

Shin Se-kyung, an actress known for her role in the hit MBC sitcom “Highkick through the Roof“, recently shot a photo spread for the clothing brand, SOUP.

She showed off her lovely and romantic side in the photo spread. Maybe it’s because she’s in love and dating Jong-hyun from SHINee, but she looks even more beautiful than usual. However, her poses look stiff and her expressions seem more sad than happy.

Shin Se-kyung is currently filming “Blue Salt” alongside veteran actor, Song Gang-ho. She has also been cast in the blockbuster movie “Living in Heaven” alongside Rain. “Living in Heaven” is a remake of “The Red Scarf“, a movie from 1964.

It’s going to be a busy year for Shin Se-kyung. Are you excited to see her in her upcoming works?


13 Comments on “Shin Se-kyung for SOUP”

  1. PK says:

    SO BORING! In all the pics has the same facial expression!

    • TinnedTuna says:

      I cannot even see any soup in the pictures, not even a bowl of cream-of-tomato or some mushroom with some buttered french bread.

      It’s a bit of a let-down that we just have to look at another average looking korean who cannot smile because of the botox, and wearing massive heels because her legs are so short.

  2. avxcv says:

    not loving the outfits- they make her look short

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I love the clothes, they are very pretty. So is Shin Se Kyung.
    i’ve always liked SOUP’s clothes. They have cute clothes there

  4. I don’t like the model post. Better if she will act like in normal living style

  5. ara says:

    stiff poses, indeed.
    cute face and black and white dress, indeed.

    imho, this could be better with her doing something like reading a classic book, playing the piano, talking on the old fashioned phone… or even holding an umbrella and carry a bag like as if she’s going out (or just came from) somewhere.

  6. Nara says:

    Wow she’s pretty 🙂

  7. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    guess they cant do a good job her face looks exactly the same in all the pics except for the 1st one her head is tilted to the side some.

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