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5Dolls Are “5 Charming Girls” In Their Debut Album

After showing off their “Lip Stains” in their debut single last week, CO-ED‘s all female sub unit 5Dolls has unleashed their 1st mini album.

Their other main track “Your Words” MV has also been released and as you guessed it, Jay Park stars in it!

Check out “Your Words” + 5Dolls debut album below:

Your Words


Good For You

Wait Right There

5dolls will debut on M!Countdown this Thursday, and begin promotions for both “Lip Stains” & “Your Words.”

What do you think 5Doll‘s album?


18 Comments on “5Dolls Are “5 Charming Girls” In Their Debut Album”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Sooo… i don’t get it… Did Chanmi die in the MV?
    Will someone plz explain to me what the MV is about?

    Whoa…. look at Jay’s varsity jacket!! It has his name on it!
    aaahhh so cool~

    • Margarine says:

      She drank too much soju and fell over.

    • jnyarcalas says:

      She has acute leukemia, that’s what the doctor said, and that it had spread a lot. it is hard to overcome, but she is enduring it quite well. it’s not because she drank.
      In the beginning, where Jay Park is already at the hospitol, well he already knew, that’s why she said to “Don’ tell anyone after graduation.”
      that’s why he was taking care of her and everything.
      You can go on youtube and they already of the MV with eng subs. :3

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        oh…. that’s really sad…
        I didn’t understand it cuz i couldn’t hear what the doctor was saying because of the music…

    • .... says:

      Dont even worry about what the other chick is saying.
      But yea i think she died. she has some kind of disease
      And jay only saw her as a friend~the 2 girls are both

      • Toast says:

        I think she drank too much soju, and the doctor said she’s got an acute addiction to Hite Lemon, and then afterwards Jay Park tried to get her to like Budweiser because he thinks it’s American like he is, but then she drank lots of Maekguli and fell over.

        Then she just lay there in the gutter in a heap.

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    And why did Chanmi say, “Don’t tell anyone until the graduation”
    I couldn’t understand cuz the doctor said something @ 0:17, but i couldn’t here it becuz of da music!! he was saying something about Chanmi’s problem…

    • Margarine says:

      Is this YET ANOTHER insinuation that you’re Korean, and not American? Because we already know you’re american and this is just beginning to look a bit pathetic.

  3. dan says:

    so instead of a group of talentless guys acting black, it’s now a group of talentless girls acting black and calling themselves singers.

    • AngelDelight says:

      These korean people sure do like acting black. Do they have their own version of Phil Huxtable and Oprah free-whine?

    • bd2 says:

      Yeah, b/c the likes of Vanilla Ice and Ke$ha are any better (in fact they are much, much worse all around).

      And for boneheads like you, “hip hop” is a music style – which is done pretty much every, Asia (Japan does it even more so), Europe, South America and even the Middle East.

  4. ara says:

    “5dolls” name is a bit exaggerating…

    • AngelDelight says:

      They seem to be incapable of doing a song without Jay Park in it. Which doesn’t bode well because he’s a complete talent void.

  5. Nigar says:

    i love their voice their songs are great

  6. Lorni says:

    No comment… I just watched it bc Jay Park was in there hehe…

  7. hyorae says:

    Miss A anyone?

  8. DeeDee says:

    um so this is another BILLIONTH girl group or something?

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