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Big Bang Reveals Mini Album Track List + Concept Photos

Who needs to hire a composer & lyricist, when you’ve got G-Dragon!

Officially announcing Big Bang‘s comeback date,  YG Entertainment has released its 1st set of concept photos.

From G-Dragon, Seungri, and even Taeyang each of the members are sporting new or modified hair styles from their previous looks.

Despite our earlier report, YG Entertainment has offically declared Big Bang will NOT be promoting 6 songs.

And if you think its gonna be 3 songs, your still wrong! In fact Big Bang will only promote one song titled “Tonight”.

YG Entertainment explained that in order to make the song as popular as Big Bang‘s previous hits, the group has decided not follow in the steps 2NE1‘s promotion strategy.

Check out the tracklist below:

01. Intro (Thank You & You)

Lyrics: G-Dragon
Composed by: G-Dragon, Choice 37
Arrangement: Choice 37


02. Hands Up
Lyrics: G-Dragon
Composed by: G-Dragon, E. Knock
Arrangement: E. Knock
Additional Rap written by: T.O.P

*03. Tonight (Title Track)
Lyrics: G-Dragon
Composed by: G-Dragon, E. Knock
Arrangement: Choi Pil Gang

04. Somebody to Love
Lyrics: G-Dragon
Composed by: G-Dragon, Ham Seung Chun, Kang Ook Gin
Arrangement: Ham Seung Chun, Kang Ook Gin
Additional Rap written by: T.O.P

05. What is Right
Lyrics: G-Dragon
Composed by: G-Dragon, D.J Murf, Peejay
Arrangement: D.J Murf, Peejay
Additional Rap written by: T.O.P

06. Cafe
Lyrics: G-Dragon
Composed by: G-Dragon, D.J Murf, Peejay
Arrangement: D.J Murf, Peejay
Additional Rap written by: T.O.P

When G-Dragon said he was writing their album, I guess he wasn’t lying!

For now you’ll be happy to know that 2 of the songs, Hands Up and Somebody to Love have previously been released in Japan, so you can listen to them below

Hands Up

YG Entertainment isn’t done just yet as  starting February 21st, Naver will release new comeback photos of Big Bang.


55 Comments on “Big Bang Reveals Mini Album Track List + Concept Photos”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    This is awesome~

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  3. BIG BANG'S FAN says:

    YEAH!!! BIG BANG FIGHTING!!! 😀 😀 😀

  4. dan says:

    big bang sucks. bunch of guys aspiring to be black.

    • AngelDelight says:

      I think this lot are actually going to black themselves up like minstrels in an attempt to complete the job.

    • Sarah says:

      … Your comment seems…like you. YOU sucks. I’m not a fan of Big Bang but what you said make me feel so…ungry about stupidity and narrow minded of people who think that they know all the things in the world. Just be smart one day, and give us argument to explain your opinion. Open you eyes and don’t be so…..narcissic ? Megalomanic ?

      “La force des autres fait souvent défaut au plus faible” 🙂

      ( Sorry for my bad english, I’m not really good haha~ )

      Note : Be Honest or Shut up. Thanks.

      • Grapes says:

        You clearly don’t know what narcissism is, or megalomania. Any other words you want to say which you don’t know the meaning of?

        • Sarah says:

          If you don’t know what I’m talking about just don’t comment it please. I know what I said but I don’t know if you understand it. Don’t ask question like this to seems “intelligent”.

          I can’t explain more my minded because of my limited english.

          …Probably it’s too much philosophic for you ?
          Reply if you want but it’s my last answer, no time for “putain de boulet qui prennent les gens de haut”


          • Omellete says:

            @dan: i don’t know anything about narcissism or megalomania..
            but what i know is, do not say sth sucks just because you *think* the sucks..
            but, even though you’ve listened and they still sucks, you can’t just say :”they suck”.
            just sit nicely and shut up, coz you’re so annoying..

    • danufukup says:

      dan stop making multiple accounts and think your cool.

      if you think your so talented go post up a youtube vid of your talents ok?

      or you can go fuk yourself.

      • WHYSOSERIOUS says:

        Guys, I think Dan is intentionally leaving these hurtful comments to amuse himself with most of your moronic retorts, and I must say it is pretty amusing.


        • ouna says:

          DAn is just saying provocative stuff to make respond in that negative way just don’t lower yourself to his level however he is entitled to his opinion alone .don’t get draged along into his negativety . he is so hateful and full of empty anger with no grounds or explanation from where he is coming from . he is unstable

  5. Hi-d says:

    Yayyy!! My boys are back! All of them look hot but I thunk top should go back to black hair and daesung should go back to orangish brown hair… But can’t wait till the comeback! :DDD

  6. ara says:

    whoa. i don’t really like this concept…. -_-” it’s like they’re trying to look more mature, but ended up confused….

    hope the song is great though…

  7. Dior Adict 2 says:

    yeah…….im hearing only good new.
    Big Bang is back, JYJ wins over SM … want to hear 2PM…

    3 best K-pop group hotties >_<

  8. Princess says:

    빅뱅오빠들 화이팅!
    아자 아자!! ㅋㅋㅋ

  9. Flip4Flip says:

    Oh look, it’s the cast of “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” and I think I can see Liberace on the right there, and elton john next to him.

    These gay men do dress quite flamboyantly don’t they.

  10. bLue_gurL_03 says:

    wow.. I didn’t recognized daesung..he looks good in black hair.. i love it!!!..kyaahhh..and of course gd looks good in every hairstyle he does..^_^

  11. Nara says:

    WOW Daesung is totally an ulzzang ❤

  12. Lesley says:

    I feel that GD looked like Geun Suk(don’t know whether i spell correctly or not)…Is it somebody feel same like me???I think no…haha

  13. GRAY says:

    yeah!!!!! the BIGBANG boys is back i can’t wait for their comeback performance…. yeah!!!!!! BIGBANG FIGHTING,…… BIGBANG saranghae…..

  14. mrs moon says:

    Can taeyang change his hair already? wit dat face, y not trying a new one.

  15. Lorni says:

    Funny how they always make TOP look like the player type guy. lol

  16. Kaybee says:

    Just love the boys…

  17. FunnyBigbangRiddle says:

    The top picture reminds me of a riddle. How do 5 guys cross a river that is full of dick eating piranha fish, when all they have is one glass bottle to cover their privates and the river is too wide to throw the bottle across to the other side. Once you figure it out, then look at the faces of each member Taeyang seems to enjoy it the most. Wow the name BigBang really fits the group. LOL

  18. Hyung says:

    Most of these comments confuse me. How does an electro-pop style with elements of rap and R&B in a boy band, make them ‘black’? This is more 80s style electro-pop than Dr. Dre. I doubt any of you are even old enough to remember what real rap/R&B sounded like in the beginning of the genre. So far, BIG BANG, 2PM, TVXQ and the like have it down better than the so called bands today who claim to know the genre just because they happen to have black skin.

    Why waste your time commenting if you have nothing remotely constructive to say? If you can compose, write and perform something better, I dare you to try.

    • Toast says:

      Your weak attempt at intellectualising away the fact that this group is trying to be black is amazing.

      They couldn’t be trying to look more black if they all had plates of fried chicken and rice’n’peas.

  19. shikal says:

    OMG i cant believe what people are saying about big bang, they rock. i lve them and their new songs are amazing. fighting Big Bang 🙂

  20. shikal says:

    OMG i lve their new songs. Big Bang fighting 🙂

  21. ghettoe says:

    For the sake of Taeyang and Daesung, I must show Big Bang some love. I honestly don’t care much for the rest of the members. I find T.O.P to be cute but it will be a long time before I feel inclined to listen to his rap. I sometimes fast forward his parts just so I don’t have to cringe at them. G-dragon isn’t any better in that area. Seungri is amusing but still doesn’t catch up to the other two.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing what they will bring out. I hope GD and T.O.P improve. Honestly, they both claim they’ve been interested in rap for a long time and one of GD’s influences is apparently Wu-tang but so rarely do I see him experiment with this genre or even attempt to change his style. Always the same banal crap that you find these days. I don’t even want to become an artist but when I’m by myself I find myself experimenting with different rap styles just for fun. Frankly, I hope to not see them rap in Engrish*. It’s bodering on the edge of decent in Korean but in Tell me Goodbye T.O.P just about killed that whole song and it is one of their best songs! The only one I could stomach was Haru Haru.

  22. OOOOOKAY!!! says:

    i am going to faint. i have been waiting for them for like forever.

  23. party~ says:

    YAy,bigbang is back~they’re the best~i dont like top’s outfit,he looks old~other 4 look nice~

  24. lovebigbang says:

    á,kute hit cỡ,đỡ hem nổi

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  27. gdswannabelover says:

    i just died……….omg
    daesung looks so hot!!!!
    gd is blonde!!! 🙂
    and taeyang and top and suengri look awesome too of course!


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  29. sollover.. says:

    u…….Daesung looks different….

  30. umi najida says:

    luv u BIG BANG!
    ❤ ❤

  31. joyce says:

    yayyyy i love them im syill getting use to silver hair i like long black hair on him best gdragons blonde! again i just love big bang yayy the boys are back

  32. younaha says:

    love u big bang .. see u soon …, ❤

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