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J-tune becomes JYP Entertainment!

The JYP Nation has new residents!

MBLAQ, say hello to your new label mates 2-P-M!

JYP Entertainment was the largest shareholder of J-tune in 2010. On February 23rd, they will officially takeover Rain’s musical empire.

J-tune has encounter financial difficulties over the past year,and with Rain joining the military soon, he wanted his former boss to take care of his baby. Director Park Jin-young (JYP) gained control over the business through a meeting of the shareholders vote for mutual alterations(KOSDAQ).

What do you think about the J-tune/JYPE merge?

Source: BNT


60 Comments on “J-tune becomes JYP Entertainment!”

  1. jOselyne♥ says:

    JYPE becomes bigger and bigger! 😀

    • dan says:

      ya a big group of talentless people now becomes an even bigger group of talentless people all led by an idiot.

      • Grapes says:

        He might be an idiot, but he did successfully manipulate lots of the population of a few countries in asia into watching a bland high-school based tv drama populated by talentless drones who happen to work for him. Convincing people to watch infomercials isn’t that easy, dontyaknow.

  2. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    why am i so happy all of a sudden? i believe they will love jyp and the fam.

  3. dan says:

    “Rain joining the military” aka rain goes off to sit at a desk a few days per week.

    • Grapes says:

      Do they even class it as ‘the military’? Surely the Korean government should just own up to it and say ‘the pop-idols go to join the desk jockeys who get to go home in the evening’. At least then there would be some transparency.

  4. wilmer says:

    yay! now just officially add Cube Ent and JYP can rival SM

  5. theZEUSluv13 says:

    really? i dont noe, 2PM and MBLAQ?

    • tksdf says:

      2pm and MBLAQ will not be in the same company J Tune Entertainment already clarified that both companies are two different things…

  6. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      얼굴이 완전떡판이다…

      • AngelDelight says:

        google translate gets a lot of use by you, we see.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          ㅑ ㅠㄷㅅ 해ㅐ힏 ㅅㄱ무니
          oh sorry, oops… accidently typed in korean when i was supposed to type in english…

          anyway, as i was saying, i said, I bet google translate can’t even translate 떡판 cuz it’s not a proper korean word… it’s sorta slang.

          you are so stupid…

          • AngelDelight says:

            You seem desperate to prove you didn’t use google translate, as if it’s going to get you some kind of worship points amongst the indovietmalaypinays, but you’re in USA and american, so they don’t worship you.

  8. benny says:

    thats a very ugly jaket

  9. ara says:

    take over rain’s ?
    he just can’t get enough of it. or probably he only sees fortune in mblaq.

  10. Yunhee says:

    smart move, although I wonder how J.Tune’s stockholders felt. If I were a stockholder, I would be ecstatic because my stock just rose, but if I was a fan, I don’t know if I’d feel that great about the merge. And AngelDelight and grape, get out you attention whores. I said this once and I’ll say it again: it disappoints me that you have to get yourself attention by doing something as petty as trying to offend Koreans in a Korean blog. I’m not mad, just intrigued by what logical explanation you may give for your actions. Please tell me, what is your ultimate purpose here?

    • AngelDelight says:

      They only have one shareholder, JYP.

      And there aren’t any real-koreans in this blog, so how can we offend koreans in this blog? There is the occasional fake-korean from USA, but they’re americans. The rest of the people are indovietmalaypinays and overseas-chinese-hating-being-chinese who just line up to take a bullet for any of their K-gods.

      The ultimate purpose is to laugh at people who deify other humans, because it’s funny to see to what extremes they will go in order to explain their behaviour.

      What’s your purpose here?

      • Orange_Fun says:

        Do you have Korean envy?

        • Toast says:

          Hell no. koreans don’t even want to be korean, and do anything to live in USA. No need to envy a country where the general population wish they were somewhere else.

          • Orange_Fun says:

            You seem to have a lot opinions of different nationalities, but i’m just curious of your nationality. I am not trying to start an argument This is a legit question: What is your nationality?

      • Yunhee says:

        I’m here because I don’t know when new albums of Korean groups come out. And if I did, it’s information like this that I need to understand the mentality behind the songs. I really don’t care what you say about Korean groups or me, but it’s disconcerting to see you cause unrest here. I’m not usually one to make generalized assumptions, but seeing as you do, I think it’s safe for me to do likewise. You seem to be one who actually cares quite deeply about this, for you seem to be making comments and reading all the articles I browse through. You claim the unreal level of respect paid to these celebrities is ridiculously funny. Sure, it’s possible to crack a smile when you see how much these people love celebrities. However, it can be inferred that you intend to target fans of Korean celebrities as subject to your ridicule. Now I may be confusing your with another when I say this, but I believe you’re the one who’s been making the “swim to america” comments. I don’t quite get them in their context – are you saying that these people need to come out from underneath the rock they’ve been living under, or that Korean music is of lesser caliber than American music, or that these people are Korean wannabes and you are a real Korean trying to exemplify what Koreans actually do? Why do you care so much? I’ve given you my reason for opposing you, now you give me your explanation for your tenacity. If you truly think the worshipping of these stars is funny, then commenting would defeat the purpose because you have no one to connect with you (and thus form some bond that will make you feel accepted) on this blog, and you are making the very same fans who you enjoy watching focus their attention on you, which takes away their ability to make “funny” comments. This brings me back to my original point: you crave attention. I crave a good argument, but you don’t seem to be giving me one. Please don’t pull me out of my impartial state to do this. And please don’t lump me into the same category as the subjects of your ridicule; I think I’ve stressed what I am enough already.

        • Toast says:

          If someone craved attention, they’d be on lonelybook filling in their marketing database or twatter self-promoting rather than sitting here laughing at indovietmalaypinays worshipping their k-gods.

          It’s funny. nearly as funny as watching Koreans worshipping their american-gods or trying to swim to USA.

          • Yunhee says:

            I have given up on trying to reason with a person below me. Just read my post below this one, for I will refer everyone to my previous post and the post below this from now on.

      • Yunhee says:

        This is getting redundant and boring. I’ve assessed that you’re moderately intelligent, but you’re not impressing me. Please think of something cunning in your next reply, and don’t say that I proved your point about explaining oneself. I don’t think my interest in you will stay much longer because of your amazingly simplistic replies. If you really are the attention-craving person I think you are, I think you will be impelled to reply to this, for your ego will not stand to have this. If you don’t reply, my ultimate goal has been fulfilled.

        Is this a lose-lose scenario for you? I’m disappointed, but I don’t like redundancy. Please don’t comment on this using other names -you see me using one account, so don’t use others. If you do, you have lost all respect I have for your moderate intelligence.

        • Toast says:

          You don’t like redundancy and yet you like the comments which mindlessly state ‘I love bing bag’.. ‘i love park sandara’ repeat ad nauseum. The fact is you speak nonsense and lies.

          • Yunhee says:

            Succumbing to the ego, I see. Please don’t put words in my mouth, for I never expressed any bias towards Korean idols; also, don’t assume that just because one may oppose something, he or she is a follower of the other side. I don’t like repeating the fact that I’m mostly impartial here. Sir or madam, I believe you have not experienced true debate before. Since you’ve sunk to this petty level of insults, I really must wash my hands of you for good. Unless you have something amazing up your sleeve, this battle is not worth enough for me to keep fighting.

  11. miera says:

    i can see that both of the empire j-tune and JYP will have a great success along with the great singer in the future

  12. guest says:

    J.Tune Corp comprises 2 subsidiaries: J.Tune Entertainment (Rain, Miss A, actor Yun Jung Hoon) & J.Tune Camp (MBLAQ). See their official Korean website.

    MBLAQ’s management has clarified that only J.Tune Entertainment is merging with JYPE, & that they are not involved.

  13. Nara says:

    @ AngelDelight: Are you saying that only Koreans can like Kpop etc.??

    • Orange_Fun says:

      No he is saying that he is jealouse of Koreans and wishes he was one, which is sad because you should love who you are and be proud of your own race.

  14. Lorni says:

    Yep, JYP knows how to pick his stars well.

  15. Popi says:

    Now MBLAQ is gonna say JYP everytime they beging to sings!

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  17. Orange_Fun says:

    I think this is great news, I am excited to see what JYP can do with Mblaq.

  18. snooki says:

    It’s funny how people are talking about rising stocks and shit. We are talking about a company which probably isn’t in the korean stock index or whatever it’s called. They have a turnover of like 30-40 million dollars a year, with profits of what like a couple of millions. And you guys talk about it as if it something big, like a real company that’s in the top 10 of the index. Koreans always like to profiles themselves like they’re some big thing. Everyone in korea is a CEO, probably in your one man company yeah. Well maybe 2, if you include the cleaning lady.
    Seriously, a lot of people can make a couple of millions a year just by themselves.

    • Toast says:

      You Sir, are likely to be correct. JYPE is likely to be a private company, owned by one man, JYP who owns 100% of the shares. In one of the other posts, you had KARA claiming that the company had made $400’000 in album sales in 4 months. So for each group they make about $100’000 a month, or $1’200’000 a year. If you have 4 okay groups, then you’re only making £4’800’000 a year, excluding all their costs.

      So the owner is probably only making a £1’000’000 a year before taxes.

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