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Korean Phrase of the Week #3

If you missed the 2nd KPOTW, go to this link

Today’s KPOTW is from partially every single Korean drama out there. It is mostly used in Dream High, Paradise Ranch, My Princess, etc

There is many ways to say this phrase, so I am going to give you 3 ways to say it.

The phrase of the week is press on/good luck/Fighting. In my opnion, this phrase is one of the most important phrases to know in Korean because you can encourage people with it. Who doesn’t need an encouragement?

1)    Korean writing: 행운을 빈다 (formal)

Romaji: haeng uneul binda

Meaning: Good Luck/ finger crossed for you

2)    Korean writing: 행운  (informal)

Romaji: haeng un

Meaning: Good Luck

3)    Korean writing: 화이팅 (informal)

Romaji: hwaiting

Meaning: Fighting

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P.S if you guys want a certain drama, comment on the section below.


28 Comments on “Korean Phrase of the Week #3”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Do something from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!!
    I love that drama~!!
    이승기 & 신민아 화이팅!!^^ ㅋㅋㅋ

    By the way, when you write hwaiting (화이팅), it can also be written as paiting (파이팅)
    doesn’t really matter. When there are words that have an F sound to it, koreans pronounce it as an H sound or P sound because they don’t have an F sound.

    • prettykimtaehee says:

      i love playful kiss and gumiho………

    • TurkishDelight says:

      You don’t have to try that hard actually, give yourself a break instead of being too compelling to convince us that you are a native Korean when you are obviously not.

      Just by specifying some details here and there about their language isn’t substantial enough for anyone here to fall for your trick of, “I am a Korean”, “I know Korean” and “I am born in Korea”.

      Do you know what consonants are graphical representations of the speech organs used to pronounce them in the first place?

      Prove to us your hangulization tendencies.

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        I was just saying something… Do you have a problem with that?
        Am I not allowed to say stuff about how to write and pronounce it? Is it really that wrong for me to say something?

        Jeez… I was just giving the people of POPSEOUL! a helpful tip.
        Gosh… When was it bad to help others?!? Helping is good!!
        Unlike you with your rude attitude….

        • TurkishDelight says:

          It’s not wrong to help others, but it is when you are deceiving others and living in self-denial.

          Now tell me (since you CLAIM you are a Korean), what consonants are graphical representations in the native Korean language of the speech organs used to pronounce them?

          • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

            What do you mean by graphical representation???

            • Guava says:

              Apparently, you a NOT a korean.

              In “Girls’ Generation do Domino’s Pizza” post two over months back, you asked what is a “pizza school” when Seoul is the actual country (aside from Italy) where it originated. Any koreans regardless of whatever age are they should know, like how the Americans would know what is ‘Wal-Mart’, Britishs would know what is ‘Tesco’.

              You would have known these facts if you are a genuine korean.

              Many loop-holes were made along the way, just so you’re aware.

              The next time, should there be any specific nationality that you idolize so much to the extent you hallucinate yourself to be of that nationality, please do some thorough check instead of just Google Translating.

              That wouldn’t serve as a good help in your fake ethnicity, but would only result as an: EPIC FAILURE.


          • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

            By the way, I’m not being deceiving to others

            • Guava says:

              You are.

              • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

                You are saying things that are NOT TRUE! You guys are really rude, what did i do wrong? I was helping others with the ways to pronounce..

                • AngelDelight says:

                  You’re expecting people to lie to themselves by saying that you’re a korean, when in their perception you’re an american.

                  You then continuously go around demanding that people call you korean when in their perception you’re not.

                  You seem to have a very immature way of dealing with the world, considering you live in USA, your family abandoned Korea and you’re an american.

                • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

                  that wasn’t me talking.

                  whoever is doing this, please stop

          • evcim says:

            why do you always change your nickname and insult people?especially this girl/boy ? sometimes i come to this site and read your comments and never leave a comment but today i felt to say something to you because your nickname but i don’t think you are from Turkey because Turks really like Koreans(fyi not because of Korean popular culture).so please don’t use any nickname related to Turks or Turkey if you wish to hurt people…

        • AngelDelight says:

          do we have a section called “american trying to be korean gives out tips using google translate”? I didn’t know that new section existed.

  2. JW says:

    DREAM HIGH, please ! (=

  3. I love ? says:

    You should do one from Sign. Thats a big drama going on these days! and i LOVE that drama!! ❤

  4. AngelDelight says:

    Why don’t you do “I’m a k-pop idol, which means I don’t have to do anything useful during my not-military service, I just have to sit behind a desk a few days a week smoking and drinking american coffee. Sometimes I have to wear my uniform and stand in front of cameras” ?

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Joey Wong, BIL. BIL said: Korean Phrase of the Week #3: If you missed the 2nd KPOTW, go to this link Today’s KPOT… […]

  6. Voltaire says:

    Hey TurkishDelight, Guava and AngelDelight –
    If you have a problem with something that is said, why not express your view about the topic instead of attacking the person who said it???

  7. blanznist says:

    Funny who wants to claim they are korean huh lol.. or like those Japanese otakus wanting to fit in with Japanese, oh well each their own. I’m still trying my best to learn both languages but appreciate being who I am, but for this post, would be nice to see different words instead of those typical words that people should know already and don’t take any lessons or courses yet.

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