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f(x) is coming back…

… this spring!

f(x) is expected to come back this spring, possibly even early as March. Fans are excited because recently with Amber‘s injury, there has been a lot of rumors of disbandment. Their comeback as a five member group will disprove such rumors.

A representative from SM Entertainment recently stated, “Amber is a member of f(x), so f(x)‘s comeback as a five member group should not be a surprise.”

Are you excited for f(x)‘s comeback?


23 Comments on “f(x) is coming back…”

  1. Orange_Fun says:

    This is awesome!

  2. pooja says:

    wow im so excited ^_^

  3. Orange_Fun says:

    At first I was getting a little worried that Amber wasn’t coming back, but now I am at peace…..well with f(x) at least.

    • Toast says:

      You’re at peace with the universe simply because one of your K-gods has returned to Mt YongsanGu Gosh

      • Orange_Fun says:

        Stop calling them gods they are not gods. I am done playing with you, you were really fun in the beginning, but you just keep repeating the same stuff over and over. You are so boring. Reply all you want, but i’m done reading boring comments.

  4. liezl says:


  5. ara says:

    should not be a surprise, indeed.
    good luck, f(x).

  6. Nigar says:

    i love f(x) sooo much they are my idol i love them Amber i miss you so much i am so happy that you’ll come

  7. zahara power says:

    i dont like then that much i have see better then them but i begin to like them so much i love there song so much so that is why i am so happy that they come back i hope that made beautiful songs again

  8. guest says:

    Why do they all look so sad in this picture? They look as though they don’t even want to be together at all. I’ve never heard their music so it’s nothing to me if one member stays or goes but if they stay together shouldn’t they at least look like they are happy to be together at least?

    • Toast says:

      Would you be happy if you were paid $140 for 4 months work, like most of these people are apparently.

    • cdnpoint says:

      It is one of the early group photos after they debuted in 2008. Luna is hard to recognize in the photo.

      Let’s hope the group features again in KSwiss ads or new photo spreads.

  9. OOOOOKAY!!! says:

    f(x)!!!!! they r coming back with amber thank god they would have never made it without her! love f(x)!!!

  10. snooki says:

    Seriously these k-pop people have at least 3 comebacks a year.

  11. cdnpoint says:

    How hard is it for SM to get a new group photo out from this year of the group?? One ought to have been released in January…well it is only two months to go before f(x) will be doing more SM Town concerts in Asia. Hopefully Amber will be there to perform also.

  12. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Yaaayyy~!! f(x) is making a comeback!! Aaahhh! I can’t wait^^

  13. shygirl says:

    it gonna be huge again……

  14. theZEUSluv13 says:

    they look more sophiticated

  15. Toast says:

    5 vapid expressions? such enjoyment.

  16. Kasey says:

    Don’t really no much of the group, but wish them luck…I am sure they are awesome for their fans out there.

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