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How Will After School Make Their Japanese Debut?

What better way to enter with a “Bang!”, than with a collaboration!

With K-pop currently experiencing a flight of idols heading to Japan, its no secret that everyone and anyone wants in on the success, groups like TVXQ and KARA have had.

After announcing their debut in the Japanese market, After School looks to be latest female group to join in on the fun.

They have officially opened their Japanese website,  and rumors state they have signed a deal with AVEX, the same company SM Entertainment’s BoA & TVXQ as well as YG Entertainment‘s 2NE1 is under.

To kick off things off, After School will be collaborating with Japanese artist Namie Amuro, in her upcoming album “Checkmate!” with a song titled “Make It Happen.”

Namie Amuro is one of Japan’s most popular female artists, who has sold over 30,000,000 copies of her albums/singles, and holds a record for having all her singles debut in the Top 10 chart since 1995.

Namie Amuro also happens to be under AVEX, so many speculate After School may indeed have signed a deal with the label.

When asked about their collaboration Namie Amuro stated “I’ve been keeping my eye on the Korean music scene for a while now.”

With the results of last year’s Oricon Yearly Charts, we can see why!

Checkmate!” will be released on March 23rd, but don’t be surprised if the music video gets released earlier.

Check out the short version of After School + Namie Amuro’s MV “Make It Happen” below

Are you excited for After School’s collaboration?


14 Comments on “How Will After School Make Their Japanese Debut?”

  1. yuki says:

    sounds excited…

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  3. ara says:

    truly excited.
    that pic of their site’s front page is cool.

  4. Lauren says:

    Was Bekah in that music video? no right?
    -.- WHERE IS SHE?!

  5. OOOOOKAY!!! says:

    debuting with the queen of hip pop?yay!!! i love namie amuro! and i heart after school!

  6. blanznist says:

    Namie baby yea!

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  8. Anh says:

    OMFGG LOVE NAMIE! ❤ she makes all of the other members look so inferior Fwahaha!

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