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The Wonder Girls meet Vanessa Hudgens!

Wonder Girls: “We met Vanessa Hudgens at Anna Sui’s show! She is such a sweetheart!”

Korea’s pop princesses met American starlet Vanessa Hudgens at one of the two fashion shows(during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, New York) they attended on February 16th.

Nobody” attended any “High School Musicals” yesterday! The stars all appeared at Jeremy Scott and Anna Sui’s shows.

What did Hae-rim do with her hair? Check out some of their show-stopping ensembles and hair styles below:

I know you want to see more! My POP-intuition is never wrong.

You can view all of the photos from the events here

How was the virtual show?

Source: @followWG


46 Comments on “The Wonder Girls meet Vanessa Hudgens!”

  1. Orange_Fun says:

    Are they still promoting “Nobody”?

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Hanguk News and Kristy, BIL. BIL said: The Wonder Girls meet Vanessa Hudgens!: Wonder Girls: “We met Vanessa Hudgens at Anna Sui’s show! She is such a… […]

  3. Klein says:

    Oh, these flops… Just do the world a pleasure and go away. Oh, and take Justin Bieber with you.

  4. ara says:

    Anna Sui herself !! XD
    love her writings and colors and packaging taste.

    who is the blond one? her sinister looks is … just wow.

  5. dolphin says:

    vanessa hudgens is half-filipino.

  6. OOOOOKAY!!! says:

    none really cares about vanessa hudgens in america until she stars in somethin good.

    • Toast says:

      No one cares about the wonderless girls either… so it’s something they both have in common.

      No one cares about them in korea either to be fair.

    • snooki says:

      Well they care more about vanessa than about the wonder girls. At least vanessa has some naughty pictures floating around the internet.

      • OOOOOKAY!!! says:

        omg i 4got about those. wow disney keeps producing these sluts so there is nothing we can do about those.

        • Toast says:

          That’s Disney’s business plan… seems to work quite well for unrestrained capitalism and unreasonable marketing to children.

          Shrek 10: Shrek has an affair.

  7. johyn says:

    lol at the creeper in the middle

    “you gonna get raped!”

  8. nikiiLOVE♥ says:

    Yu-bin is the onlyy one i like. 😛
    she’s neat. ^______^

  9. kay says:

    Jeremy Scott is such a tool

  10. Y says:

    mmm.. i like wondergirls but why???? those pictures looks like a fashion SHEET??? Oo WHY???!!!!!! specific.. bed sheet??? or cortins?? oO hul!!!!

  11. Toast says:

    I think the last lady designs the clothes my grandmother used to wear… same shape.. same patterns.

  12. Kasey says:

    What the hell is Vanessa wearing…sorry for my french…that’s great for them..

  13. Wonderbang says:

    Oh Gosh! What the heck are they wearing esp. Hudgen.
    Don’t get me wrong i like them and stuff, But their dresses are just
    ugh! messed up. They MAY be expensive but come on those are something
    i would not wear. Suprise Fashion police did not give them any ticket.

    • Toast says:

      The fashion SWAT would have taken these folks down, they look like they’re dressed in curtains.

    • Orange_Fun says:

      I think they are having like a 60s concept, but your right there is no excuse for wearing such hideous garments, no matter how awesome you may be.

  14. well..... says:

    they’re all like who the hell are these asian wannabes?!

  15. Wonder-Blunders says:

    Do these girls ever sing anymore, or do they just show up to events for photo ops?
    What a joke, they’re has beens but still on the JYP payroll.

  16. amy says:

    I love wondergirls im glad there still in America they r gnna be a hit here why are u guys all haters u make us look bad so shut up with the rude comments.

    • Orange_Fun says:

      Don’t bother getting mad, they’re just trolls. They say random stuff just for attention, most of the time they don’t mean what they say, just bored people who are trying to get an emotional response from others.

    • Toast says:

      When are they going to be a hit? After their tour with the Jonas brothers?

      They’ve failed, and that’s a big ol’ FACT.

    • jamie says:

      3 years…..and what hit have the produced? their promotions have been a joke. Buy a bag of rice and get a free wondergirls cd. geewizz.

  17. ohana says:

    what happened to WONDER GIRLS in the US anyway?? KPOP are not that successful when promoting in the US… just my observation… they should just stay in KOREA…

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