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2pm’s Woo-young portrays a cameraman….

behind the scenes of his current drama “Dream High“!

The Official Twitter account for the KBS hit “Dream High” is loaded with all the latest photos from the filming set. They may only tweet in Hangul, but a picture is worth a thousands words.

Find your language in the official “Dream High” photos below:

You can view all theĀ Dreamy photos here

KBS’s Dream High airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55pm (KST)

Source: @2011DreamHigh


12 Comments on “2pm’s Woo-young portrays a cameraman….”

  1. jasmine says:

    first !! they look awesome!

  2. dee;) says:

    IU!! she’s so cute!

  3. cdnpoint says:

    Thank you for the Twitter photo link! ^_^ The drama cast continues to give strong performances with scripts that zigzag between serious, romantic and comic scenes.

    I hope President Ma gets more screen time in an episode soon and his sidekick too!

    • Toast says:

      You’d say anything with Koreans in is good. But that’s because you worship koreans like gods. I guess you couldn’t type a comment with anything negative about your korean idols in it, right?

      That would be against your idolatry.

      • cdnpoint says:

        Why bother posting here if Korean programs don’t interest you? What’s your agenda, Toast?

        I comment on the ones I watch and not all programs get my time. Unlike you, I don’t idolize the performers on stage and in shows. Performances are work for them and they are humans outside of work too.

  4. Wonderbang says:

    Korean version of Hitler in uniform, and the girl is Cute.

    • Toast says:

      Just go to Korea, claim to be from USA, and you can have your choice of 50 girls like her running at you like a Benny Hill show.

  5. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    i wanna go to korea and pinch wooyoungs cheeks! aww!!! security might throw me out but it will be totally worth it.

  6. ToTo says:

    I hope my khun will film a drama like Woo young. I can’t wait to see u………

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