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Lee Hyo-ri vs. Jun Ji-hyun vs. Park Min-young

Who looks the best in jeans?Recently, Lee Hyo-ri, Jun Ji-hyun, and Park Min-young all shot photo spreads for different jean brands.

Lee Hyo-ri shot a photo spread in “High Cut” magazine for Calvin Klein Jeans 2011 Spring Collection titled “Gradation Denim”. On an international survey for the top 100 sexiest women in the world, Lee Hyo-ri ranked 9th place, beating out Kate Moss (93rd), Beyonce (12th), and Jun Ji-hyun (65th).

Jun Ji-hyun shot a photo spread for Guess jeans. After the photo spread was revealed to the public, Jun Ji-hyun rose to number 1 on various Korean search engines.

Park Min-young shot a photo spread for premium jean brand Buckaroo. She showed off her sexy figure, which she had to keep hidden during the KBS drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal“, playing a woman in disguise as a male.

Who do you think looks the best in a pair of jeans?




64 Comments on “Lee Hyo-ri vs. Jun Ji-hyun vs. Park Min-young”

  1. justmega says:

    You mean, ‘Who has the best photoshopped ass & unusually long legs?’. All 3 are hot but I know they don’t look anything like that in jeans.

  2. Gs23 says:

    Haha that’s funny. She beat Beyonce? Faulty ass survey. She’s pretty but she is no beyonce. Better looking than Kate Moss though. Oh and Park Min Young looks the best 🙂

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  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I think…Park Min Young…
    Well, all 3 of them are awesome!

  5. dan says:

    all nasty bitches especially Hyo-slut-i

    • bdean says:

      So says the guy/loser in his parent’s basement… lol!

      • Toast says:

        You’re a loser in your parents basement? Cool. You should move out and stop spending all your rent and education money on k-poop and crystal meth.

        • bdean says:

          Don’t make me laugh.

          LOSERS are the ones who spend their time TROLLING on sites in which their only purpose is to TROLL – which makes you one of the biggest losers out there (So what happened? A Korean kid called you ugly or stupid back in the day? I know the truth hurts, but this is so pathetic/sad.)

          • Toast says:

            I live in Europe, we don’t have korean people here so how could one call me ugly? I’m just laughing at the koreans trying desperately to be black americans and the south east asian k-slaves trying very hard to prevent their k-gods from being denigrated.

  6. Lesley says:

    I prefer Min-young…

  7. cbcnamja says:

    I like them all, so I can’t choose..

    • Toast says:

      I don’t like any of them. They’re all cheap-ass koreans who whine about money in american accents. Why not add a chinese girl or a french girl and then we normal males can vote for them instead?!

      • kingka says:

        you hate everything, don’t you?

      • bdean says:

        Haven’t you heard?

        It’s the Chinese girls that are cheap and money grubbing – well, according to Russell Peters.

        • Toast says:

          Russell Peters is an Indian, and Indians aren’t cheap or money grabbing in any way, that’s why female infanticide is so common there because no one likes spending money on female babies.

          He’s also got a massive yellow fetish, he’s so desperate for chinese poontang, I can only imagine he calls them cheap in a playground ‘you smell’ fashion when he really likes a girl.

          He probably wants a chinese girl desperately.

  8. Nikki says:

    For sure PMY.

    The other two are just too overly photoshopped, it’s ridiculous. One more than the other (guess who lol).

  9. Mikaela says:

    anyone BUT whori will do for me ..every photoshoot that woman does is so overly hyped and exaggerated..its ridiculous. Yeah, I know most photoshoots are PS’d, but she claims to be what she is shown as in photoshoots.

    We all know she is flat back down there as well as up top, but yet everyone keeps insisting she has these curves that don’t exist on that woman. BTW, she IS looking her age. She so does not look like she’s in her early to mid 20s like so many of her gullible fans says she is.

  10. Dona A. says:

    100 sexiest if photoshopped, maybe she’d look the sexiest but she don’t have an hour glass body, pretty face and the talent like Beyonce. Can’t be sexier than Beyonce at all. Jun Ji-hyun looks good than the rest IMO.

  11. Jun Ji Hyun is the most attractive among korean actress. Hope she doesn’t do any plastic surgery like Hyori and the other model.

  12. Jj says:

    Lee Hyori looks the best on jeans… then Park Min Young wears the best jeans

  13. bdean says:

    Shin Min ah beats them all.

    Next would be Jeon Ji hyun since she has unusally long legs.

    Hyori’s legs aren’t as long, but unlike a lot of Korean female celebs, she has nicely shaped legs w/ good muscle definition (instead of merely being sticks).

    No opinion on Park Min young.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      I agree that Shin Min ah is the best!! She’s sooo pretty!

      • Toast says:

        Even the chinese chick out of f(x) would do, but she’s probably been soiled by some CEO ajussi. The french girl out of ‘the beach’ with leonardo d’caprio would do, I’d vote for her.

        • bdean says:

          What’s your preoccupation w/ French girls?

          Not like you would ever get any – lol.

          • Aubergine says:

            You want to bet? But I think I’d win.

            Well Chinese and French women don’t look cheap, they know how to dress and they’re interesting and cultured. They’re well educated and good conversationalists too.

            That’s why it’s better to leave these korean women to americans et al.

  14. annE says:


  15. heejin says:

    fuck of, 😡 , they all look good in jeans OK ;L -.- I’m soooo jealous

  16. incognito says:

    They r all hot!!

  17. Maggie says:

    I agree Shin MinAh looks great in jeans. No K- female celeb can beat her in that nor in looks.
    Out of the three choices I’d have to say PMY then JJH.

  18. huh says:

    1st and 3rd one!

  19. yuna says:

    definitely JUN JI HYUN


    I choose hyori. She works hard for her body to look that way, even if she’s not the tallest compared to the other two actress’s it’s okay. Because it’s not all about looks, personality counts for me. But Jun ji-hyun doesn’t look so bad either, I lover her in dresses better some how. But not comment on Park min-young I don’t know much about her to actually begin with so I’m going to pass.

    But on a side note! Who’s this “toast” person going around bad mouthing the girls when they don’t know nothing about them! It’s like if you don’t like them why waste your time to go on a thread to comment on every single thing positive about them. It’s really sad to see someone so low ranting on about chinese girls and french girls on covers on magazines saying they look better compared to all three of these ladies when we all know that professionals use a tool called PHOTOSHOP on every model/celebrity in the world so why is it any different for these three BEAUTIFUL, HARDWORKING, GORGEOUS women who’s at the top of there lifes! It makes no sense! It’s sad very sad and if you do intend on replying to my comment too it just show’s you truely do live in your mother’s basement with nothing better to do with your time then go reading threads and leaving SAD comments on everything positive that you don’t have in your life! But I’m going to leave it at that, since I got a life to enjoy and not sitting behind my computer screen.

    • Toast says:

      Beautiful is relative, hardworking is not something you would know. You’re just upset because you wish you were korean, and the fact is that they look cheap and Chinese or French women look more classy and generally better. You feel that your ‘aspirational self’ (a real korean) is under attack, when the fact is, in reality you’re just an indovietmalaypinay who hates being from SE Asia.

      My parents don’t have a basement, they’re not even american. That’s just how it is, deal with the reality.

  21. SJ says:

    Dude, Toast, what’s your problem?
    If you don’t have anything constructive or helpful to say, just stay out of it.

  22. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    looking at the pics wondering where is there butts to make the jeans stand out.

  23. dsas says:

    jeon ji hyun cuz she has the longest legs..

  24. Meg says:

    Jun Ji-hyun

  25. mit says:

    jun ji hyun your beatifuly…..and sexsi…….
    yunho dbsk like you and you ideal girl yunho dbsk……..
    wawwww……love you…like you,….forever…….

  26. Sweetsmilez says:

    They all look good on those brand of jeans..I had no idea of whose looks better…^~^

  27. Jedd says:

    I prefer that Jeon Ji Hyun is the best!!
    best in acting!!!

  28. sarina says:

    i’d prefer jun ji hyun all time no doubts.

  29. Kathleen says:


  30. norhan says:

    parkmin youngggggggg ❤ ❤ ❤

  31. Inkar says:

    Hello!My name is Inkar.I’am from Kazakhstan.I love Park Min Young.She is best of the best.

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