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Big Bang Reveals 2nd Teaser For “Tonight”

Make way for the “Strong Baby“.

With only 4 days left till the release of Big Bang‘s 4th mini albumTonight“, today member Seung-Ri updated his me2day with a teaser of the main track.

YG Entertainment’s website has also been updated with an official countdown.

And all of the members are clearly anxious for their big comeback updating their me2days saying the same thing.

So that’s G-Dragon and now Seung-Ri, which member will tease us tomorrow?


11 Comments on “Big Bang Reveals 2nd Teaser For “Tonight””

  1. Toast says:

    It didn’t occur to you that the same person is updating all of their me2days (whatever that is) with the same copypasta? It’s the same person within the entertainment company who does all of their updating you naive fools.

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Ahhh!! I want to see the dang MV~!!
    I cannot wait for their comeback!!

  3. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    omg! u r killing me here!!!

    • Toast says:

      If you look at the times on the second picture, they were all successively submitted a few minutes apart, implying that one person had access to all their accounts and within minutes submitted the account one after the other… click click click.

      And you people will still think these talentless pop-stars put their own material into twitter and me2day (what is that?). But that’s fine because you’re mainly ignorant.

  4. o junks says:


  5. vip says:

    infinitely replay 2/25-27 it`s bigshow time^^

  6. danufukup says:

    for once u might b right

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Super Junior-M’s new MV for 太完美 (Perfection) is out! Finally!
    Make sure to check Sment Channel so that it can get lots of views!!

  8. dan says:

    what is the hype over a group of guys who can’t sing and run around acting black?

  9. […] G-Dragon, Seung-Ri, Taeyang, and now Daesung, stay tune for T.O.P’s teaser! […]

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