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Daniel Henney for “Cosmo Men”

Daniel Henney, most recently seen in the KBS drama “The Fugitive: Plan B“, shot a photo spread for “Cosmo Men” magazine.

For this photo shoot, Daniel Henney transformed his look completely. He dyed his hair to a light brown color and showcased his newly grown mustache. He wore things like suits, jackets, dress shirts, and leather bombers that highlighted his masculinity. The photo shoot took place in Hawaii.

If you want to see more of Daniel Henney‘s new look, make sure to get a look at the March issue of “Cosmo Men” magazine!


46 Comments on “Daniel Henney for “Cosmo Men””

  1. heejin says:

    he look so old with that mustache >.< hahaaa but he's still so handsome:O

  2. FrootLoops says:

    The moustache makes him look like a sleazy, dirty old man…. just sayin’…

  3. Orange_Fun says:

    Haha his mustache looks like it was scribbled on with pen, he looks way hotter with out it.

  4. apdy says:

    Is he sporting this new look for a porno flick or something? =D

  5. bdean says:

    Definitely not a good look for DH.

  6. Dovey says:

    He looks good in the pictures, but it would have been better without the mustache.

  7. hale luana says:

    I don’t know where “angel delight” comes from, but why should he do army duty? He’s an american!!! You mean he should give up his US citizenship just so he can serve in the korean armed forces? AND, I WILL BET YOU A WHOLE LOT OF $$ THAT IF SERVING IN THE KOREAN ARMED SERVICES WERE A VOLUNTARY CHOICE…….ALMOST NONE OF THE ENTERTAINERS WOULD VOLUNTEER TO GO!! Their future after they get out of the service is very questionable….they don’t know if they’ll be out of the service at the same level of popularity as when they went in. In that sense, actors have more of an assurance of coming back to successful careers than those guys who are strictly singers……I mean, can you imagine a 30+ boy band member?

    I think the cosmo cover looks more like “sleeze man”!!!! But, take away the sleeze factor and he still looks good…..better than most!!

    • Orange_Fun says:

      Don’t bother with angel delight, he is just a troll he doesn’t mean what he said. Angel D is just some bored person trying to get emotional responses from people for attention. Replying to him would be like replying to an automated voice message, but yeah totally agree with you about Daniel Henny.

      • AngelDelight says:

        Predictable Korean ladies wanting to go to USA and marry an american who just settle with just staring at Daniel Henny.

        Same story all the time.

        • Orange_Fun says:

          See this is what I mean, I know he doesn’t mean anything he sais, so I don’t get mad, because I know Angel D is just joking. lol trolls are funny sometimes.

          • Toast says:

            You do get angry, every night when you’re saying your prayers and you know that you and your idolater friends remember you were deifying koreans.

            • Orange_Fun says:

              Hey Toast! you think Daniel Henny’s hot too? but your a dude,thats kind of gay, but what every i have nothing against gay people, I think it’s cool for you to admite your homosexuality even though it’s just on a blog.

              • Toast says:

                I don’t think he’s hot. I think he’s an american guy who didn’t make it in USA, and rather than going to Korea, the american breeding colony for GI brides and teaching american english, like most unemployable americans do, he decided to use the aspirations of Korean women against them and become a model. Just because someone cannot make it in USA doesn’t mean i think they’re hot or makes me a big gay.

  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    …ummm…. the mustache has got to go….

    • Toast says:

      Moustaches are all the rage in USA, so are mullets and being exceptionally fat and divorced. The lying around clothed in water is just a side effect of the Prozac and Ritalin that they’re all given in order to stop them asking why they’re all poor.

  9. dan says:

    loser FAILED in US so he goes crawling to korea.

    • dwilliams says:

      lol too true i mean hines ward the black/korean superstar of the pittsburgh steelers was born in seoul south korea and was treated really badly but you have this half white boy who comes to korea and can’t speak the language get treated like a god and I am like screw Daniel and the hypocritical koreans. Anyway hines ass is balling whey more than daniel ever will.

  10. cdnpoint says:

    Some of the outfits and photos look really well. Not feeling that cover though (the smirk).

  11. Orange_Fun says:

    You know maybe his mustache wouldn’t looks so creepy if hit matched his hair color……I emphasise maybe.

  12. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    dude wuts up with the stash?

  13. Jj says:

    hes still hot, but i dont like the beard

  14. abundanttempest says:

    OH NO! not another attack of the killer Asian mustache!

    • Toast says:

      Don’t pretend you don’t like those wispy sparse pubescent moustaches that asian guys try to grow, because you have yellow fever and you’d love one kissing you.

  15. o junks says:

    Oh my…I do not like the mustache.

  16. Feck_U says:

    Dude he looks like such a creeper with that mustache…He could fit in the Jersey scene rather easily lol XD

  17. Kasey says:

    Whats with the mustache, that got to go….

  18. OH NO!!! says:

    OMO!!! WTH??? My eyes are bleedding!!! UGLY!!! UGLY!!! UGLY!!! He looks like GUNTHER with that stupid mustache!!!

  19. Momo says:

    What’s up with him????? I almost have a heartache!!!!! He looks so HORRIBLE with mustache!!!!!

  20. Meg says:

    he reminds me of that guy monica dated in FRIENDS. lol

  21. Sweetsmilez says:

    I don’t get what this ish about?!..tell me more of this…so understandable!!!…

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